Which is the best dental implant brand?

For those who have lost their teeth and want a replacement, one of the most up-to-date alternatives is the implant. If a single tooth is replaced, the tooth replacement is made up of 3 components. Dental screw (implant) placed in the jawbone and acts as an artifical root. There is a connetcting part, abutmet in between the screw and the crown. And the last item is the crown fitted on the abutment. The implants are made of titanium. This material has been used in human health care for decades and is perfectly adapted to the human body, with minimal, 1-2% implant failure rate.

If you have decided to get one or more implants placed, there are many brands to choose from.

There are premium categories that are very expensive, such as: Straumann or Nobel Biocare, or mid-range implants such as Alpha-Bio or DIO.

In addition to the price of the implant, there are lots of factors to consider before deciding.

Such factors are, for example, the brand of implants dentists work with in the clinic where treatment is planed. It is a factor because each implant brand has its own set of medical tools, special knowledge is needed to apply them. That’s why at a given clinic, you can usually choose from two to three implant brands because they have appropriate tools, knowledge, and routine to work with those.

How much money we spend on the implant, as there can be huge price differences.

It is good to know that an expensive, branded implant in itself does not mean that we get the best quality tooth replacement. A complete tooth replacement is the result of a very complex process. A high-quality implant requires an experienced dental implant dentist to place the screw properly. After the healing time, the implant is exposed and the impression must be taken in a good quality so  the dental laboratory could make a good, perfectly fitting crown. And finally you have to have a skilled restorative dentist who fits your crown.

Based on the information above it can be seen that a high qulaity tooth replacement is the result of a complex teamwork is, it is also worth considering how long guarantee period the clinic provides with the implant.

In addition, it is also worth considering if we need an individual tooth replacement or an implant retained complete bridge for the whole arch, known as an All-on-4 denture. It can also be a factor if you need to place an implant in a tight space, or if there is little jaw bone in the area of sinus after the sinus lift. Different implant brands may be recommended for every particular case.

If you travel a lot and spend much time abroad, it is advised to choose an implant brand that is well known and used by dentists around the world, such as Nobel Biocare. In this case, wherever you are and you need an abutment or crown replacement, it is easy to get it done by the local dentist.

The price of dental implants is very high in Western Europe. Prices vary depending on clinics, dental brand, guarantee…etc. so this kind of tooth replacement is very often out of reach for those on fixed income or seniors. But if they are willing to travel to Budapest they can close the gaps in their smile for the fraction of the UK, Irish and US dental prices.

Our clinic works with top and middle class dental implants like Nobel Biocare, Straumann and Alpha-Bio. All implant brands come with life-time guarantee.

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