Dental clinic in the city of Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is among the most popular tourism and dental tourism destinations in Europe. Some details about our affordable dental.

Clinic details and location

The dental clinic in Hungary is located in the heart of Budapest just a short walk from the West Railway Station and a metro station. The clinic is operating on 250 m2 of floor space on two floors with 8 dental chairs and a VIP waiting area for foreign patients.

The image of dental clinic building in Budapest
The image of dental clinic building in Budapest

High quality German materials and advanced equipment are used to offer you top quality services. The quality of dental is the same as they are in Western Europe but high quality care comes with affordable prices (great value for money). Dental implants come with lifetime guarantee. The clinic is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and awarded with the prizes of Best of Budapest and Business Superbrands. At the clinic the most up to date technologies are available for veneer, crowns and dental implant treatments.

Take a virtual 3D tour of our dental clinic in Hungary

Use your arrow keys or drag the mouse in the direction you want to move. You can explore the whole clinic including surgeries, waiting rooms, x-ray room and children’s play area. To start the tour, or enter rooms, surgeries, please click on the blue flashing sign.

Cosmetic dentists and dental impant specialists

Our hungarian medical team and assistant staff is highly experienced and motivated and took a lot of international trainings. They speak foreign languages like English, French, Germain, Russian and Italian and can meet all the requirements of foreign patients. Dential practicioners deliver treatment beyond your expectations. You can meet some of the hungarian dentists of the clinic.

You can see here some case studies of smile makeover with zirconium crowns.

You see the result of the dental restoration, smile makeover and cosmetic dental works of our specialits. Before after images of our dental practice in Budapest.


Surgeries are equipped with digitized systems for computer assisted surgery, digital radiograps and scans are available with the latest dental softwares. Full range of services are available in our clinic, thanks to our professional and experienced team in cosmetic dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, dentoalveolar surgery, endodontics and orthodontics.

Our dental clinic always have special offers and promotions feel free to ask for details. Free airport-hotel transfers are provided and we assist you in organizing your trip to Budapest including booking flight tickets and hotel rooms. Surgical procedures can be done under general anesthesia. If you send us an email with your treatment request our dentists in Budapest will make you a quotation soon.

Our inhouse dental laboratory is equipped with the most up to date Japan equipment using CAD-CAM technology. The lab is ISO 9001 certified just like the clinic and materials used for tooth replacement.

A dental surgery of our clinic in Budapest
A dental surgery of our clinic in Budapest
A waiting room of our clinic in Budapest
A waiting room of our clinic in Budapest
Surgery room
Surgery room
Waiting room
Waiting room

Consultation and treatment

Our Budapest clinic is open on workdays 8 am. – 8 pm. Entering the clinic you will feel like being in a 5 star hotel and so you will be treated. Please, always contact us in advance for an appointment. You can reach our dental staff via email or phone calls.

Upon arrival after check in, you can wait in the air conditioned friendly waiting area. While you are waiting free soft drinks and coffees are available. The dental assistant of your dental practicioner comes to the waiting room and calls you by your name and leads you to the scan room. The x-ray is done on the spot right away. 

By the time you walk to the surgery your scan is already projected on the screen of the dental chair. In the clinic each surgery is air-conditioned and equipped with the latest dental technology so that you can have the best quality dental care in comfort.

If you came for a consultation after the medical examination your dental clinician makes you one or more treatment plans including costs, number and length of visits, guarantee conditions and materials used and prints it for you. You can discuss with him your questions in person or later by email.

If you accept the quotation of your consultation and want to go ahead to replace your denture with implants or getting dental crowns we help you  make your dental travel in Hungary a memorable experince.

If you have a treatment plan that you accepted and if the period of your travel is finalized then you get all your appointments in advance so that you could plan your free time activity in Budapest. Upon arrival and departure hotel – airport transfers are provided but you have to organize and manage your travel to the clinic from the hotel to each appointment.

dental chair for oral surgery
dental chair for oral surgery

Pros of our clinic in Budapest

  • No matter which one of our dentists delivers your treatment they will make sure you will feel no pain and they are attentive to your needs so that they could meet your requirements.
  • You can save up to 70% on dental treatment with our clinic. You will receive high quality dental treatments at affordable prices.
  • You do not have to worry about communication problems as our dentists speak many foreign languages and our clinic provides a co-ordinator to every single dental tourism patient. The co-ordinator translates if it is needed and assists you in everything while you are in Budapest.
  • If you need documents filled out for tax relief and reimbursement we are happy to prepare it for you after your treatment is completed and paid.
  • During treatment radiograph and local anesthesia are free of charge. If you want treatment carried out under general anaesthesia it is also possible though you have to pay an extra charge.
  • Treatments at our clinic are completely carried out, so you do not have to see your local tooth doctor to complete any stage of treatment even for removal of stitches as absorbable ones are used.
  • You can save up to 70% on dental treatment with our clinic.
  • The clinic has inhouse dental lab to shorten dental trip in Budapest.
  • At Our high-quality dental dentists and oral surgoeons are patient focused and you will feel safe from the moment you sit in the dental chair. They answer all your questions and ensure thatyou receiced dental care you need.

To maintain guarantee and your dental health our clinic offers you annual check-ups. The first check-up is free.

Check-ups are really important for everyone. It is not only needed when you have dental problems or you are in pain, just the opposite it is needed to prevent emergency treatments. Check-ups are needed 6-12 months depending on the health of your teeth or the treatment you went through. A check-up is about 30 minutes at our clinic. The dentist examines your teeth one by one and does a panoramic x-ray. It is needed because it helps find possible underlying problems of roots and jaw bone. The medical examination of an annual check-up might help you solve a problem with simple fillings but if your dental health is neglected it is possible, that it can only be solved in the long run by crowns or implants. It is good news, that due to our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Budapest and our highly qualified dentists all dental problems can be treated but it is always recommended to keep your adult teeth as long as possible.

Waiting room of the dental
Waiting room of the dental
Budapest Top Dental Clinic Hungary - Clinic outside and Eiffel square
Outside the dental clinic, the Eiffel square