All-on-4 in Hungary – The perfect solution for a toothless mouth

An implant retained denture on 4 screws

If you wear partial or complete dentures, you probably have some or lots of difficulties while eating or speaking.

Removable dentures are very often unstable, uncomfortable and less aesthetic as time goes by.

However, there is a method that provides an aesthetic and perfect solution to such problems with a 4 implant retained denture, known as the All-on-4 technology.

The All-on-4 solution can be used to replace both upper and lower removable dentures if the jaw is toothless. It is particularly cost-effective method because it requires neither bone grafting nor sinus lift. As a result, costs are kept low and recovery times are short.

Benefits of All-on-4 technology:

  • A denture supported by 4 specially inserted implants replaces 12 teeth on the upper and / or lower teeth
  • Permanent fixed denture in up to 4 months
  • Significantly shorter treatment and recovery times
  • It can be done without bone grafting
  • Extremely cost effective implantation procedure
  • It is very similar in appearance and function to real teeth

How the treatment is performed for foreign patients

If the patient can send a panoramic x-ray by email, a treatment plan (estimate) is prepared in a couple of days. The estimation includes all relevant information about treatment, like price, number and length of visits, materials used and guarantee conditions.

If the quotation is accepted by the patient, we will arrange the date of the first visit, typically 2-3 business days for implantation.

Prior to implantation, a 3D scan is always necessary so that the dentist could be aware of the jaw bone condition. The result of the  3D scan analyzes allows the dentist to place the implants in the thickest part of the jawbone to ensure that no bone grafting and sinus lift is required. Based on the 3D scan and consultation, the treatment plan is finalized and the dentist inserts the screws into the jaw under local anesthesia.

The treatment is completely painless, but implantation can be done under general anesthesia if required.

If you have a couple of damaged teeth that can not be saved, then treatment begins with extractions.

On the day after implantation, a check-up is performed and the patient can fly home.

If necessary, the patient receives a temporary denture, but in that case one has to stay in Budapest for 4 days as it takes dental lab work.

During the appropriate healing time, the implants will ossify and will be able to hold the denture firmly attached to them.

After the healing time, the patient returns to Budapest for the second visit. The second visit lasts 8 to 10 business days, depending on whether the All-on-4 solution is for one or two jaws.

Implants are exposed and the impression is taken of the implants. Based on the imprints, the dental technician prepares the final denture, which after several tests is fitted and fixed by screws to the implants. The screw fixed solution is very practical because any repair and cleaning can easily be done on the denture. All-on-4 is a fixed denture because only a dentist can remove it from the patient’s mouth.

Benefits for you after completing All-on-4 treatment

– The denture attached to implants will have a natural appearance that will not be noticeable by your environment

– You can eat and drink without restriction, just like with your own teeth

– Rejuvenates your facial appearance (If you have no teeth, you do not chew and jawbone deteriorates on the toothless areas and the facial skin falls)

– Look younger as the wrinkles caused by missing teeth disappear

– No longer have to deal with denture adhesive

– No discomfort caused by removable dentures

– Easy cleaning without removing dentures

All foreign patients receive free airport-hotel shuttle service upon arrival and departure, and upon request we also book accommodation at partner hotels close to the clinic.

You can read more here about All-on-4 in Hungary.

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