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A 100% satisfied patient at our dental clinic in Hungary
Mohamed went through a thorough treatment in Budapest with us. Some of his teeth were extracted and then to replace lost jaw bone sinus lift was carried out. The next step was the placement of teeth implants and finally he received crowns to restore his smile. He left our clinic 100% satisfied.
Elena, our happy patient who received zirconium crowns at our dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary
Elena received a full set of CAD/CAM zirconium crowns for her top and bottom teeth. Zirconium crowns are the best solution for smile makeover because they are made with CAD/CAM technology and they perfectly match the color and shape of your natural teeth. It is nearly impossible to distinguish them from natural teeth. Elena was very grateful to her dentist for her perfect work.
Lovely couple got full ceramic bridge on implants at Budapest Top Dental
The Danards are a lovely couple who visited many times Budapest Top Dental to restore their smile. They are leaving the clinic smiling as the aesthetic result of their treatments is very beautiful. They received a full ceramic bridge on implants. They are glad that they teeth are not only aesthetic but the chewing ability is perfectly restored.
Happy patient at our dental clinic in Budapest who received dental implants
Mr. Mingault was determined to restore his smile in spite of his age. During his visits to Budapest, he received 11 teeth implants and a 12 unit bridge to top and bottom jaw. He is very happy with his new smile and says it was well worth it. To organize his dental travel to Budapest for him was simple. He is very satisfied with treatment received in Budapest.
Manual, a happy client at our dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary
Manuel has two more visits to our clinic for completing his treatment. During the first visit Dr. Bodnár did sinus lift and bone grafting in order to have enough bone to receive teeth implants. After a half year of healing time he will be back for getting teeth implants and after a 3 – 6 month period he will be back for crowns. Healing time is very important after placement of implants, because this way bone can grow around screws and they can get 100% stable providing perfect chew ability.
A very happy patient at our Dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary
Astrit came to Budapest for getting some dental implants. His treatment began with extractions and getting partial temporary dentures. Once the healing time is over he will receive implants and crowns to fully restore his chewing ability. In some cases it is possible to place dental screws right after extractions but it can only be decided as per a medical examination and an x-ray.
Roland, a satisfied patient at Top Dental Budapest
Roland received new CAD/CAM zirconium crowns to his front and top teeth and porcelain fused to metal crowns to the molars. Now he can smile with confidence again as before. Just like other patients he really liked to be treated by Dr. Manolakis. For front teeth usually zirconium or full porcelain crowns are recommended for aesthetic reasons and porcelain fused to metal crowns for the molar region.
Our patient at Budapest Top Dental
Jason chose Budapest Top Dental services after a long investigation as he wanted to make sure he receives the best dental treatment. He needed to come to Budapest twice, as some of his molars were replaced by  implants and in the second visit he received zirconium crowns on all of his teeth. His crowns are made of the best German materials giving a perfect look to his teeth. Hollywood movie stars can not have better smile than this. Jason is so satisfied with the result of his treatment that many of his friends and relatives came to our clinic for treatment on the basis of his referral.

Dentist and satisfied patient Budapest Hungary Erica spent a week in Budapest to get zirconium crowns fitted to her top jaw and an implant to replace a lost tooth. It was her first visit to Hungary and after the proper healing time she will be back to get a crowns fitted on her tooth implant. As you can see per the picture, she is extremely happy with the result of work!

Dentist and satisfied patient Budapest Hungary It was Nicole’s second visit to the Budapest Top Dental for treatment. In her first visit she received 4 dental implants to her bottom jaw, and now in the course of the second visit she had an All-on-4 solution to the implants and 6 porcelain fused to metal crowns on the top jaw to improve her chewing ability.

Nadine Dr Bodnar Budapest Top Dental Hungary Nadine needed to come two times to Budapest Top Dental for treatment. In the first visit teeth that could not be saved were extracted and replaced by a partial temporary denture. When a patient receives a temporary denture or teeth after extractions it is to help her/him speak, eat and drink as normal in the healing period. After the healing time was over she received her new zirconium crowns in the second visit. Zirconium crowns for perfect and natural look are prepared by the latest CAD-CAM technology. Now, she smiles confidentally again.

Dentist and satisfied patient Budapest Hungary Harry is more than satisfied with the result of his treatment. His upper and lower arch was treated at the Budapest Top Dental clinic. During treatments he received porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges. With his new teeth he is ready to smile again. We are glad that we could help him smile again confidentally.

Harry is more than satisfied with the result of his treatment. His upper and lower arch was treated at the Budapest Top Dental clinic. During treatments he received porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges. With his new teeth he is ready to smile again. We are glad that we could help him smile again confidentally.

Alison, our patient at our dental clinic in Budapest, with new crowns

You can read a short interview with Alison, who had new crowns with us:

– Why did you choose Hungary?

– I was looking for a package, where I can come for consultation and would not be pressured. The process was great, the website is brilliant and I thought why not? I tried a lot of dentists before, but was not happy so I came here.

– Why did you choose Budapest Top Dental clinic in Hungary for your treatment?

– When I came for consultation dr. Bodnár was very informative he explained everything and gave me a quotation of the work I needed. I did not need to have it all done at the same time. For years I had a phobia from the dentist because I had a lot of treatment when I was younger but dr. Bodnár was so fantastic that it disappeared. I was so happy with it.

– What are your experiences regarding personal contact and organization?

– Fantastic. Each time I emailed asking questions it has been very quick in response. All my questions were answered and everything was as it was planned it has been really helpful.

– How did you like our clinic and the medical service?

– Really professional, really helpful and everyone speaks English.

– Are you satisfied with the final result?

– More than satisfied, really happy.

– Why would you recommend our clinic to others?

Because of the whole package. I am really happy with my teeth. The service, the dentist, the assistants, the management and the clinic are all great in Budapest. I had a great service from the beginning to the end. Thank you!

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In this section patients wrote longer reviews about dental care in Hungary.

You can read these dental tourism patients’ detailed reviews in the blog posts. You can see the same images at the blog as you can see here for identification.

image of a dental tourism patient from Ireland

Mr. McGill had All-on-6 treatment for the top jaw. He visited Budapest twice to complete this treatment. His detailed review can be read in the blog section under the photo of Mr. McGill.


a healthy smile with zirconium crowns

Jocelle had a smile makeover in Hungary. She had implants for the molars and zirconium crowns for the front teeth. Her detailed review can be read in the blog section under the photo of Jocelle’s new smile.



Mr. Sokoloff had a whole mouth restoration with implants in Hungary. He visited Hungary three times for this treatment. His detailed review can be read in the blog section under the photo of Mr. Sokoloff.

Teeth after smile makeover with zirconium crowns in Hungary with Budapest Top DentalEmma had smile makeover and some molars were replaced by implants. She visited Hungary two times for this treatment. Both visits were in the covid pandemic period but everything could be managed as it is possible to enter Hungary in spite of the closed borders if you need dental care. Her detailed review can be read in the blog section under the photos of Emma’s new smile.

A belgian dental tourism patient who had All-on-6 in Budapest

Belina had All-on-6 for top and bottom. Her treatment was carried out in two visits in Budapest. She had 6 implants placed to bottom jaw. She had sinus lift along with placement of 6 implant screws to the top jaw. Over the 2nd visit two complete bridges were placed on the implants. You can read here review in detail in the blog section.

Teeth before and after CAD/CAM zirconium crown treatment in Budapest
Teeth before and after CAD/CAM zirconium crown treatment in Budapest

„We had a very good experience with the whole procedure and myself and Daniel are so happy with the outcome.

We thought the whole process was very smooth, especially as we were organising the appointments from a different country but you made it very easy and stress free. It was also very helpful that the airport transfers were arranged for us as that was one less thing to worry about.

We thought everyone in the clinic was very nice and Dr. Franciska was very professional and kind. The clinic itself is very impressive, clean and easy to find. I would recommend your clinic to anyone looking for dental work. Daniel’s new teeth are beautiful and exactly what he wanted.”

Mei L. & Daniel T.


The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your review. Mei and Daniel is a couple who seeked dental care in Budapest. Mei only needed some minor treatment but Daniel needed a complete smile makeover and he wanted the whole treatment in general anaesthesia. His new smile is on the pic.

When treatment is carried out under general anaesthesia patients need to take blood tests some days prior to treatment in order to make sure their body is in good condition. Also an anamnesis questionnaire must be filled out in the preparatotry stage. If everything is fine, then treatment goes ahead.

When treatment is under anaesthesia an anaestheologist and his assistant is also present in addition to the dentist and his assistant. After treatment is completed, patients spend some hours in the recovery room until full consciousness is retrieved.

In the first visit some teeth were extracted and implants were placed to replace lost teeth. This was carried out in general anaesthesia as requested. In the second visit after the recovery time Daniel received full porcelain crowns on all his teeth, so he returned to Ireland with a real hollywood smile.

A satisfied dental tourism patient from the US
Paul Thomas – A satisfied dental tourism patient from the US

“I started an earnest search for the best All-on-4 treatment and found some were cheaper than what they want in the USA.  Comparing the quality of education and training of various dentists, with their success rates and experience with implants, I found the best prices were for All-on-4 in Hungary.   I had a panoramic x-ray taken and I emailed copies to a number of Budapest dental offices for quotes.  I got offers for All-on-4 dentures ranging from $6,500 to $26,000.  The cheapest offers were dentists who used cheaper materials.  The quality of the material that is used is important to last a lifetime and if repairs are needed, the dentists in the USA don’t use that cheap material.  I learned the best implants are made by Nobel-bio, and Straumann, who is in second place for overall sales and they are striving for first place, so they are offering sizable discounts on their products.   I choose Straumann.

When choosing a Budapest dentist, I was templated to go with the dentist who had the best reviews from their patients, but I’m aware some of that is from marketing.  So, I chose this one, because they have experience with thousands of implant procedures, a 96% success ratio, modern equipment, and highly trained professionals, and they offered 15% discounts, plus they are located in a major hospital, just in case.

I exchanged numerous emails with the coordinator, János who deals with dental tourism patients (DentalTreatment.EU – Budapest Top Dental   János always gave me prompt and accurate responses.  János sent me a quote for All-on-4, 5, and 6.  This all occurred during the coronavirus pandemic so travel was even more complicated, nevertheless, János, put together a good working plan.  I got vaccinated a month before I flew out and was ready to go.  János coordinated with the authorities controlling the quarantine, border authority, transportation, and three weeks before departing János sent me a schedule for all my dental appointments.  János did a wonderful job.

When I arrived at the clinic I was so anxious and nervous that my breathing was rapid, my forehead was sweating and my pulse had increased.  Dr. Bodnar put me at ease and reassured me that everything was going to be fine.  After getting a new set of x-rays, Dr. Bodnar explained to me that my jaw bone would have no problem with All-on-4 but my back jaw bone would not support additional implants very well.  Also, he convinced me that I would do best with ceramic-covered metal dentures instead of Zirconia because of my strong bite and because of my jaw bone structure.  Then, Dr. Bodnar looked at my temporary dentures then advised me that they would work just fine and didn’t need to get a new set.  So, I saved all the extra costs of getting a new set of temporary dentures, not getting extra implants, and not using Zirconia for my dentures.  Dr. Bodnar was more concerned about doing the right thing than he was in making money!  It became obvious to me that the clinic was willing to forsake thousands of dollars by selling me things I didn’t need but instead made a personalized plan that fit my needs.

After the consolation, Dr. Bodnar then gave me four injections to numb my lower jaw, so I felt no pain during my entire procedure.  I could still feel the pressure, see his movements and hear his tools, so I was very aware of the cutting, grinding, drilling, and other scary things that I imagined he was doing in my mouth, but I didn’t feel it.  He then proceeded to grind and chip away at my jaw bone to make it flat and straight and remove that knuckle appearance.  He then drilled a hole in my jaw and screwed in the long implant screws. four times!   It took about 90 minutes from start to finish, nothing went wrong, he was very confident, very efficient, and quick.   I received some pain medication, antibiotics, and an ice pack and I felt just fine.  Day two was the same things for the upper jaw.  The third day my mouth felt fine and after Dr. Bodnar gave me a check-up he gave me an Implant Passport, and I was done.  As I walk out, I realized I didn’t even have cotton in my mouth.

I was home for two weeks when I made my flight reservations and reserved another apartment for my second trip to Budapest.  I sent János a copy of each reservation and about 30 days before my scheduled time of arrival he sent me another list of dental appointments.  I needed 10 days for dental work, but I scheduled 17 days to cover any possible COVID restrictions, quarantine, or complications, plus I wanted to tour all the Budapest museums and tourist events that were closed during my first visit.  I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed Budapest and I did everything I wanted to do or see, and more.

My second visit to Budapest started with cutting open my gums to expose the implants and then attach the abutments to them.  I received four injections on each jaw, otherwise, it was painless.  This took about 90 minutes and then I was turned over to the Prosthodontists, Andrea Racz.  The Prosthodontists proceeded to remove (unscrew) the abutments to make impressions for my dentures, and then she screwed in the healing caps.  During the following appointments, they made additional modes to alight the bit angles, select the color and shape of my teeth, trim my gums around the healing caps and remove my stitches.  My final appointment was the installation of my new teeth, which fit like a glove, and they made a mode for the manufacture of a nightguard.   I was told to take my teeth for a test ride, to eat dinner, and return with any problems with the way the teeth felt or worked.  When I returned for my 7:30 pm appointment I was so satisfied with my new teeth all they had to do was seal up the exposed screws and instruct me on how to wear the night guards.

I won’t lie and say the whole experience was painless because each implant area was injected twice with a needle, my gums were sore, and every time they screwed and unscrewed the abutments and healing caps it was “difficult” for me.  My gums were tender and continued to be sore for another 7 days after they installed my final dentures.  Nevertheless, it was short-term pain for long-term gain, and having new strong permanent teeth makes this whole experience worthwhile.  The four Straumann implants cost me $7,887, this included the 15% discount, of which my insurance refunded $2,500!  My second dental costs were $4,869 for the abutments and dentures.  So, I invested $12,756 in my teeth and I got top and bottom All-on-4 in Hungary with Straumann implants that come with lifetime guarantee.  The cost of airfare, apartments, food and entertainment came to about half of what I spent on the teeth.  So, I was able to enjoy two vacations to the most beautiful European capital cities and it’s still is half the price for just one set of the cheapest All-on-4 dentures done in the US.  I’m completely satisfied with my new teeth, which look and feel great, and they work just fine.  I highly recommend them for all your dental implant needs.  You may contact me with any questions at

P.S. Thank you János for a professional job well done”

Paul Thomas


The clinic’s answer: Well, thanks Paul. It was such a thorough review that there is nothing we can add apart from a big thank you.

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Reviews of dental tourism patients without photos

“I’m really happy with everything and will highly recommend to anyone. Organization, clinic, the dentist, treatment and price are all excellent. Thank you very much.”

Jason W.

The clinic’s answer:Jason needed two visits to Budapest for dental treatment as he had a smile makeover. During his first visit he received an implant to the molar region and 27 seven teeth were prepared for crowns. After the healing time was over he received 12 zirconium CAD/CAM crowns for the front teeth and 15 crowns for molar teeth and one more crown for the implant. He was so happy with treatment that next time when he came for free annual check-up one of his relatives came with him and was also treated. We are glad, that Jason was happy with treatment and recommended our clinic.

He wanted the new smile so much that he flew to Budapest in a couple of days after receiving the quote. There are 7 dental chairs operating 12 hours at the clinic so there are short waiting lists of patients. If there is any it is not longer than 10-14 days but we do our best to book your appointments for the period that suits you the most.

“So delighted with my veneer’s result!

I was planning to get veneers for a number of years and finally decided to get one this year. Out of some possible places I chose Budapest as it’s close to Ireland. I read great reviews about Budapest Top Dental so I gave it a go and asked for a quote. They offered me a promo package which includes accommodation and transportation (to and from) the airport so I grabbed it.

My experience since I arrived at the airport was great. Taxi was on time to pick me up and bring me to the accommodation.

Dr Farago Laszlo was superb. He was very professional and really knew what he was doing. My procedure went all perfectly fine, didn’t have any issue and all I asked and wished for in terms of a new smile were granted so I’m very pleased with the result!! So thank you Dr Laszlo!

Last but not the least, Janos did a fantastic job in all the coordination of my trip. He’s very helpful and responsive all the time for any queries I may have. The accommodation and taxi company hired were all great.

I definitely would recommend Budapest Top Dental if you want to have a superb smile, give them a go!!”

Chris Yao



The clinic’s answer: Thanks for the detailed review. Chris wanted a complete smilemakeover witha Hollywood smile. He sent over some pics of his teeth and the dentist made him a quote with 20 pieces of Porcelain E-max veneers. His treatment took one 9 workday visit in Budapest. As the full mouth smile makeover involves massive dental technician work it takes nearly two weeks to make the dental work in Budapest.

“Would just like to say thanks to everyone I saw in Budapest. The service provided was very good and better than I expected.”

James O.


The clinic’s answer:James had a simpler treatment in Budapest. In the course of the first visit an implant was placed in the jaw and 4 months later the crown was fitted. Both visits only needed two nights in Budapest. Placement of implants, usullay also takes 3 days in Budapest. If a patient only needs 1-2 crowns it is enough to stay 3 days in Budapest.

“I would definitely recommend Budapest Top Dental for all of your dental needs. They are very professional, high quality services at affordable prices, and have a great team of friendly dentists and staff. Overall, it was a great experience. I’ve already recommended my friends and family to visit them.”

Mike M.


The clinic’s answer:Mike needed only a one visit treatment as he only needed crowns. He received zirconium CAD/CAM crowns and porcelain fused to metal crowns. As he sometimes grind his teeth while sleeping he was also given a night guard to save his new teeth and make his new crowns last long. His insurance company needed a medical document about treatment to provide refund to Mike. It was certainly provided along with the invoice of treatment. Our clinic is happy to prepare all documents our patients need in their home countries for refund or tax relief.

“The staff was friendly and helpful, we are very happy with the organization and services provided. My Mom is especially grateful to Dr Adam Bodnár, he is an excellent dentist, really professional and calm, which helped the process to go much easier on my Mom throughout her treatment. Overall very pleased with our choice of your clinic, and we are recommending Budapest Top Dental to all our friends. :)”

Roxana I.


The clinic’s answer: Roxana brought her mom first to a free and no-obligation consultation in Budapest. During this visit they received free airport-hotel transfers and their hotel was booked at a partner hotel at discounted rates. Her mom was so happy with everything that they made a go ahead decision and treatment started soon. As no teeth replacement was needed her treatment could be carried out in 8 workdays in Budapest. Hotel-airport transfers and hotel bookings are free services for our valued patients, no matter if they come for treatment, annual check-up or just a free no-obligation consultation.

“Dr Poncz is an excellent dentist (possibly the best I ever have had) with remarkable attention to my comfort at all times. All dental procedures were completed with no infections and the highest standards of dental hygiene were noted – sterile instruments in packs etc. Facilities at the clinic are excellent with very modern equipment and English speaking staff. In general all travel was very easy and the arrangements made on my behalf were excellent. As Budapest is a lovely city well worth exploring in its own right, it is easy to make the dental trips into an enjoyable holiday. The price is approx 35% of UK prices. The dental plan was agreed on my first visit and, professionally executed with no surprise extra charges.”
Paul B.


The clinic’s answer: Before Paul made a final decision about dental treatment in Budapest there was a lengthy harmonization process with him. He visited his local dentist in England and received a quote there and he knew what treatment he needed, so he asked for the same quote of our clinic so that he could compare prices. He wanted to know all details of treatments, quality of materials and so on, which is totally understandable before making such a decision.

Since his questions were completely answered and that put his mind at peace he decided to come to Hungary for treatment. We called Paul’s attention to the fact that the quote is just a rough estimation as no panoramic x-ray was provided to establish a treatment plan. He visited Budapest twice as he needed implants. In the first visit his implants were installed and after the healing time was over he returned for crowns. We are happy that Paul could save up to 70% on treatment with the Budapest Top Dental.

“The patient is not only a set of teeth. The clinic is perfect if your dentist is perfect. The first part of my treatment is finished. The second part is coming soon.”

D. V.


The clinic’s answer:D. V. received a couple of treatment plans as per the panoramic x-ray he sent us in email. As treatment plans were complex and quite different he wanted a phone call with his dentist to discuss everything in detail and choose a treatment that best fits him. He was very satisfied, as after treatment was completed he could whistle, chew and taste flavours, again. Our clinic provides free phone call opportunity for patients with dentists to discuss questions about proposed treatments. If our would be patients send us a panoramic x-ray in email then we make them a quote in one workday. The quote includes all treatments needed, number and length of visits, materials used, warranty conditions and payment terms.

“In comparison with dental care in Belgium everything is as good in Hungary as it is there. The staff is competent, schedule and treatment is precise and everything met my high expectations.”



The clinic’s answer:M.S. had a three visit dental treatment in Budapest. In the first visit some of his teeth were extracted and replaced by a partial denture so that he can chew until crowns can be fitted to implants. In those cases when decayed teeth must be extracted before implantation it sometimes needs healing time until jaw bone recovers. In the second visit not only placement of implants, but bone grafting was also needed so the healing time was 6 months. In 6 months’ time the jaw bone can grow around implants and it provides stability so that you chew with your implants like real teeth. In the last visit he received porcelain fused to metal corwns to implants. M.S. was so happy with the result of dental treatment that he invited his dentist for a dinner in a 5 star restaurant.

“Very professional and friendly service”

Robert C.


The clinic’s answer:Robert only had a minor treatment such as teeth whitening but we are happy to carry out these kind of treatments to our valued patients not only complex ones like placement of dental implants or fitting crowns. We are happy that Robert found everything ok. during treatment.

 “Thank you so much for your help I’m really happy with everything the dentist was great I will highly recommend your company and the dentist.”
Jason W.


The clinic’s answer:Thanks Jason for your kind words and recommendation of our clinic. It is good to know that you are so happy with the result of dental care that you share your experiences with your friends.

“I was two times in Budapest for treatment. I was always afraid of the dentists especially if I am abroad. I was supported by Mrs. Novak before, during and after my treatment. Welcome was great, I got a lot of valuable advice. All dentists are very attentive. There was no pain at all which I was afraid of during the operation. I had the pleasure during my two visits to Budapest to combine dental care and tourism. The most important thing is that the price I had to pay made it possible for me a very significant saving compared to swiss dental rates. A BIG BRAVO TO BUDAPEST TOP DENTAL, a clinic that I highly recommend ”

N. Ch.


The clinic’s answer:N. missed some teeth that needed to be replaced. In spite of his young age he preferred partial dentures to implants. So after extractions in the first visit he received temporary dentures for restoring chewing ability. After the healing time was over he returned to Budapest to complete treatment.

Treatment was a perfect solution to my dental problem as it was fast, effective and painless (I could even sleep and snore during treatment). Dr. Gyorgyey made a perfect smile makeover for me in 2 ½ months (only 25 days spent in Budapest). I am able to taste again when eating. I am able to eat everything without worrying and I do not have to remove my denture over the night. I have no problem with speaking at all and it is incredible but I am able to whistle again. Thanks to Dr. Gyorgyey, Janos and Ferenc for their help.”

Didier V.


The clinic’s answer:Didier was so happy with his two phase treatment in Budapest that he recommended our clinic to his friends who also came for treatment. Thanks Didier! Didier mentioned, that he contacted a couple of Budapest clinics for a quotation on the basis of his panoramic x-ray. He was everywhere recommended implants, however he preferred a solution without implants, that our dentists could do. So he received bridges to top and bottom.

“Excellent value for money + Budapest is a lovely city”
Sifan M.


The clinic’s answer:Sifan came with her husband to Budapest for treatment. They sent us panoramic x-rays so quotations were simply to make. They needed crowns so in the five days they spent in Budapest they could make some time to explore the capital of dental tourism.

 “I have no regrets. Staff is very nice and professional. I received high quality care in a very clean and state-of-the art clinic. Everything was in top quality! I will return for further treatment.”
Catherine O.


The clinic’s answer:Catherine needed crowns to top and bottom jaw, so it was a 5 day treatment in Budapest. She was so happy with treatment, that after returning to France, she got a bunch of wonderful flowers sent to her dentist! Sometimes customer service agents of the clinic also get little presents of patients as they are very grateful for support services of the whole staff.

 “We would not hesitate to repeat the experience and would also recommend to others, the combination of results and cost cannot be matched anywhere in the UK.”
M. E.


The clinic’s answer:M.E. came to Budapest for treatment with his wife. He got a preliminary quote as per pics sent in email. He understood that it is just a rough estimation because a panoramic x-ray would be needed for a quote, but he was happy with unit prices. His treatment could be carried out in one 5 day visit as he needed porcelain fused to metal crowns and root canal treatments. After treatment he is happy to smile broadly again.

“The Budapest Top Dental provided me with a fast and clear service: I am happy with the treatment received and surely I come back again. I was also impressed by the cleanliness of the clinic, staff was gentle and available. On top of all, they sent me a taxi to pick me up and return to the airport which made me very glad.”

Rob Leo


The clinic’s answer:A friend who was a satisfied patient referred our clinic to Rob. He sent us a panoramic x-ray and explained what treatment he really wants. As a dental problem can be solved in different ways it always helps if a patient knows what treatment he would prefer as the quote can be made accordingly. Our dentists are happy to make more treatment plans to patients and revise them in order to accommodate to patients’ requests and budget. Rob needed porcelain fused to metal crowns and fillings so his treatment could be carried out in 5 workdays. Thanks for your kind words Rob.

“I had a very positive experience at your clinic in Budapest and that the way in which you undertook my dental treatment was indeed very professional. Thank you for that. I am already looking to plan the second phase of my treatment.”

Michael McGill


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The clinic’s answer: Michael needs three visits to Budapest for dental treatment because he wants an All-on-6 solution for his upper jaw. Before the first visit was finalized we asked him to fill in the medical questionnaire. It turned out that he takes a special medication that should be stopped a couple of days prior to treatment. This is why we ask all our would-be patients to fill in this form so that our dentists be aware of the health conditions of people they treat and can take care of them the best way. Michael did not prefer payment by bankcard or cash at the clinic so he transferred the cost of treatment before treatment began. Our patients can pay in cash, bankcard or bank transfer. Details of each type of payment are available in the quote.

 “I just want to express my thank to my dentist for the great work. It is amazing to see how professional he is and the staff around. You all guys did a fantastic job to my teeth! Thanks a lot.”
Paul T.


The clinic’s answer: Thanks Paul for your kind words. Paul had an initial quote as per a panoramic x-ray sent by email. He was proposed sinus lift and bone grafting and then implantation. He waited roughly for a year to begin treatment in Budapest because he wanted to link dental treatment with a holiday in Europe. When he arrived his treatment began with a medical examination and the preparation of a 3D scan. The initial quote could have been carried out, but it takes two visits to Budapest, so Paul decided to have a 3 item bridge rather then the implantation. This treatment could be carried out in 3 workdays and only took one visit.

“I would like to say that after my initial treatment I was very impressed with the clinic and my dentist Dr. Adam Bodnar. Once again many thanks ”

Jim C.


The clinic’s answer:Thank you for your kind words, Jim. We are happy, that you are satisfied with treatment. Jim had a preliminary quotation as per a panoramic x-ray sent by email. He received a quote for an All-on-4 solution to the top jaw as it was his wish. He was happy with the quotation so he made a go ahead decision about treatment in Budapest. Treatment began with the preparation of a 3D scan and a medical examination.

His jaw bone was in good condition so the dentist recommended a complete bridge fixed on six teeth implants. Jim preferred this solution to the removable implant based overdenture, so the first stage of this treatment was carried out. It is good to know, as it is stated in the quotation, that a treatment plan can only be finalized as per a 3D scan and a medical examination. This rule definitely applies in case of placement of implants.

Perfect service and perfect care. The value for money is excellent.”

S. B.


The clinic’s answer:Our staff is always happy if our valued patients are satisfied with treatment and their new smile. S.B. came to our clinic with his wife for treatment. He and his wife needed some porcelain fused to metal crowns, so this treatment could be carried out in one visit.

Very professional. Welcome and care is very good. The clinic is a state-of-the-art one and the staff is really competent.”



The clinic’s answer:J.D.V. came to Budapest for his new smile after a long research. After completing his treatment he told us he had contacted a lot of clinics in Budapest. All clinics only recommended him implants to replace his lost teeth, but for some reasons he did not prefer this solution. After a phone call discussion with our dentist he was recommended a denture with precision attachments instead of implants. J.D.V was happy with this quotation and this treatment was carried out for him. He is very satisfied with the result and chewing ability was completely restored.

“Great welcome and kindness and politeness throughout the stay from the entire staff.”



The clinic’s answer:It is good to hear that our patients are not only satisfied with treatment but they are happy with communication and patient support as well. Our clinic lays a great stress on effective patient support. There is a dedicated team at the clinic which assists patients in everything while they are in Hungary. They translate between patient and dentist if it is needed or they help sort out any kind of problems or difficulties that might occur while the patient is staying in Budapest. So our clinic’s main goal is to make dental treatments in Budapest a pleasant holiday.

Excellent dental care and competent staff.”

Dr. Michel S.


The clinic’s answer:Thanks Michel, it gives us great pleasure to receive your feedback about your experience with us. I was happy to share your testimonial with the entire Budapest Top Dental team.
We are looking forward to going on with your treatment. Michel has a very complex 3 visit treatment. In the first visit (4 days) some of his teeth were extracted and replaced by a partial denture to provide chewing ability. In the second visit (2 days) he received 7 Alpha Bio implants. After the healing time he is going to be back for care and will have 18 pieces of porcelain fused to metal crowns. With the last stage of his treatment he will have a complete smile makeover.

“Simple – Quick – Effective – Professional”

D. Curzon

The clinic’s answer:Thanks D. for your short testimonial. We are doing our best to make everything as clear and quick as possible regarding our dental services. We provide a quotation with all details (costs, visits, materials used, warranties, payment terms) a patient needs to know to make an informed decision about care in Budapest. We reply emails in a couple of hours. Our dentists are highly qualified and speak several languages so direct communication is possible between dentists and patients. We can carry out most treatments in a 5 workday or shorter visit.

“To date medical treatment has been excellent

Paul B.

The clinic’s answer:Thanks Paul for your acknowledgement. It is important to have feedback from our patients, because this is a way to improve our services and this is how other patients can have information about treatment in Budapest. Upon request we make it possible for our would be patients to get in touch with former patients and this is how they get first-hand information about their experiences.

“Very polite staff. I would definitely come back”

Leendert V. N.

The clinic’s answer:Thanks Leendert for your short testimonial. It is very important for us, that our patients have a great experience with us not only in terms of treatment but with all of our services. Our team is happy to book you your next appointment any time you are in Budapest again.

„I was very happy to choose your clinic. I was very satisfied with your services:

  • The communication is clear and precise.
  • The clinic is excellent and staff is very friendly and polite.
  • You never have to wait a lot. Dental care is very gentle and you are informed of every step of treatment.
  • My dentist, Dr. Ádám Bodnár is wonderful and an excellent dental implant expert who does a great job.

The assistants are great and always very caring. The whole clinic is a very well working team providing perfect dental care. I can assure you that I have already started to make good publicity around me about dental treatment in Budapest with you. Moreover, I will visit you in February or March 2018 with my wife and probably my daughter too. Please, pass my greetings to my Budapest dentist and his team.”

Jilali Daoudi


The clinic’s answer:We are pleased to read your satisfied testimonial, thank you. Mr. Daoudi chose our clinic after a long research. He received more treatment plans from our clinic and finally he chose the one with dental implants. In the first visit he received some dental implants  to top and bottom jaw, and in the second visit he received two complete bridges so he went through a complete smile makeover. As it was a complex treatment, he did not prefer bankcard payment so he bank transfered the cost of second treatment in advance. He was so happy with dental treatment after the first visit that her wife also came with him to start her own treatment when Mr. Daoudi came to finish his treatment. We are glad that we could improve his smile.

«I would like to thank Dr. Ádám Bodnár and all the staff for the excellent treatment I received.  The gums seem to be healing well after extraction and the new denture is fitting nicely.»

David W.


The clinic’s answer: Thanks for your kind words David. The first stage of his treatment, which is the first part of a 3 visit dental care in Budapest, was  teeth extraction. In the next visit he will have sinus lift, bone grafting and placement of dental implants. Placement of screws is not always possible in one visit with sinus lift. Before sinus lift and bone grafting a 3D scan is made and the dental implantologist decides if placement of implants will also be possible or it takes another visit. And in the last visit David will have crowns on implants.

“I am very happy with dental treatment in Budapest.”

Daniele Dumet


The clinic’s answer: Thank you for short review. It is good to know that you are happy with the treatment in Budapest. Daniele received a 3 visit treatment plan for the bottom jaw. After receiving the quotation she did not make a go ahead decision right away, she waited until a special offer was introduced. Our clinic always has special offers that make certain treatments discounted. It is worth subscribing to our newsletters because this way you will always be informed about all special offers.

”I live in France and it was impossible for me to fund my dental care here, so I looked into dental treatment possibilities abroad and saw that Hungary has high reputation for its quality care and reasonable tariffs.

I had 6 quotes done in Budapest and I chose Budapest Top Dental for its excellent communication, its very competitive rates and for the location of the clinic right in the city center.
Everything was very well organized including appointments, booking the apartment and the hotel-airport transfers.

The dentist who treated me was very friendly and punctual, she was once a delay of some minutes and had someone send to warn me and apologize, it surprised me because in France nobody is this polite.

She was also very competent and attentive, often asking me how I felt, I never suffered. The equipment used is very modern, the rules of hygiene are perfectly respected.
When I returned to France I had no problem to get reimbursed by health insurance then by my mutual as the clinic provided me with all the necessary documents.

I would definitely recommend Budapest Top Dental to anybody who has expensive treatments to make, especially since the city of Budapest is beautiful and has a lot af sights to view between. appointments.”

Hervé Finel


The clinic’s answer: We are pleased that Mr. Finel is happy with the outcome of the dentist’s work and the work of all staff. We do our best to provide the best possible service to our important patients. His treatment included root canal treatments, inlays, onlays and crowns. His treatment was done in 5 working days in Budapest. It is worth noting that he visited his dentist in France for an annual check-up after treatment and the French dentist confirmed that the treatment of our clinic was perfect. If our patients send us a panoramic x-ray in an e-mail, we send them an estimate within one working day. The estimate includes all necessary treatments, the number and duration of  visits, the materials used, and warranty conditions.

“After three consecutive weeks of care, I have been fully satisfied with dental treatment and team of the Budapest Top Dental. Indeed, the seriousness, the competence and the kindness of the staff is noteworthy. Their equipment and technique uses the latest dental technology, which is reassuring. Moreover, the organization of the appointments and the transfers to the airport were each time very punctual. A week may seem long but there is so much to do in Budapest that time passes quickly! Thanks again to the whole team.”

Jean S. P.


The clinic’s answer: Thank you for your kind words, Jean. Jean spent 14 full days in Budapest divided into three visits. During the first visit, a few molars were extracted. Some teeth were also treated and crowned with long-term temporary crowns. In the second visit, the implants were placed to replace the extracted or missing teeth. After the healing time of placement of the implants, on the last visit, he received the final crowns on normal teeth and implants. After three separate weeks in Budapest Jean’s smile was fully restored.

„Thank you for my care done in your clinic. I am very pleased with the result and recommend you for your perfect dental work, politeness and kindness. I will come back next year for the crowns once my teeth aligned after having dental braces in France as I agreed with the dentist. I thank all your staff for your kindness and support. Thank you for your care and hospitality. Thank you for everything !!”

Romain Oriez


The clinic’s answer: We are pleased to read your satisfied testimonial. Thank you! Mr Oriez came to our clinic for a smile makeover, because he was not satisfied with the appearance of his teeth. He wanted to receive CAD/CAM zirconium crowns for 19 teeth. After the medical examination in our clinic, the dentist recommended that only a few teeth should have crowns, the rest requires orthodontic treatment. Romain accepted the simplified treatment plan. It is important to know that finalized treatment plans can only be made after the medical examination and the preparation of a panoramic x-ray in Budapest. The preparation of a finalized treatment plan is free and no-obligation, including the panoramic x-ray and the medical examination.

Excellent service. I recommend Budapest Top Dental to everyone. Everything was perfect: dental treatment, booking the accommodation during the stay, arranging appointments and taxis from and to the airport! The clinic and the equipment are very modern and the whole team is very friendly and attentive. The dentists are all very competent! I have no regrets and saved almost 70% compared to the dental rates applied in France. Thanks to all Budapest Top Dental team, I will be back for my future dental care! Moreover, Budapest is a beautiful city!”

Catherine Ott


The clinic’s answer: We would like to express our thanks on behalf of the whole team for your kind words. Catherine needed crowns for the upper and lower jaw, so it was a 5 day visit. She was so happy with the result of treatment, that after she returned to France, she had a bunch of wonderful flowers send to her dentist.

„Thanks a lot to the team of Budapest Top Dental for having done a good job. This is what I requested. Treatment was very professional and I am very happy with the final result. Organization and treatment was perfect, moreover I could visit your very beautiful city of Budapest. Thank you.”

Hubert P.


The clinic’s answer: Thank you for your kind words. Hubert had a 5 day visit to Budapest because he needed 6 crowns on his upper teeth. Because he has a hard bite and sometimes he grinds his teeth, a night-guard was also provided to save his new crowns.

Very good clinic. Very polite staff. They respect their own quotations ie. they do not change it later.

Willie Raymondie


Ask for a quote today

The clinic’s answer: Mr. Raymondie initially booked an appointment for a single crown while he spent his summer break in Budapest. After the medical examination, it turned out that he needed a lot more than a crown. He was so pleased with everything after the free consultation that he wanted to have all the treatment he was recommended. He returned to our clinic for placement of three implants and after the healing time he came for the three crowns.

„What could I say? The welcome and customer service was very pleasant from beginning to end. Treatment was of a high quality, the French speaking dentist was very attentive and caring. There was no pain during treatment and I am very happy with my new smile. Apartment Opera is clean and has a very good location! I can only recommend the clinic!”

Kyrian C.


The clinic’s answer: In the initial quotation the dentist recommended implants to Kyrian to the molar region on the grounds of the panoramic x-ray sent by email. If you need implants, you should travel to our clinic at least twice. He was too busy to come to Budapest twice, so he asked for a treatment that can be managed in one visit. As his teeth were healthy next to the gaps, he was recommended a CAD/CAM zirconium bridge. He was happy with the treatment plan and flew over in a few weeks. Generally, there are very short waiting lists in our clinic, because 7 dental chairs (all in separated surgeries) operate 12 hours a day.

„Professionalism and equipment are all at the top. Treatment itself is excellent and the  dentists are perfect.”



The clinic’s answer:We are happy to read Jean’s satisfied testimonial. Thank you! Our dentists work in state-of-the-art surgeries with dental materials of top brands so that high quality treatment could be provided. Our number one priority is, that patients return home satisfied with their new smile.

„Customer care and dental care are very good. Exclusive clinic and competent staff.”



The clinic’s response: Thanks a lot, J.D.V. He was so pleased with his two-phase treatment that he recommended our clinic to his friends who also came for treatment. Our whole staff works hard in order to provide first quality treatment with our patients. We have a lot of patients, who came to our clinic as a result of a referral of a friend who also was treated by our clinic. But if you do not know anyone, who had treatment with Budapest Top Dental, then we are happy to get you in touch with our former patients who had similar treatment like you are proposed. This way you can have first-hand experience about our treatments.

”I am very satisfied with treatment and staff.”



The clinic’s answer: Thanks A. She came with her husband to the clinic. A only had an advanced zoom teeth whitening. This procedure has great impacts, so teeth get whiter by a couple of shades. Effects can be improved, if there is a dental hygienic treatment (tartar removal) before whitening. If it is possible we always recommend patients not to have tartar removal and whitening the same day since after tartar removal teeth can be a bit sensitive in the course of whitening. But if these treatments are done on different days, this discomfort can be prevented.

„Qualified staff, caring dentists, quick and effective organization. I really do not regret my choice, everything was perfect. I will recommend your clinic to my friends and colleagues.»

Hervé F.


The clinic’s answer: Thanks Hervé, we are pleased, that you found everything perfect about your treatment. Hervé had a 5 day visit in Budapest for a couple of porcelain fused to metal crowns. After returning to France Hervé had his annual check-up with his local dentist who examined and assured him that he received a first class treatment with us.

„If you are contemplating dental treatment with Budapest Top Dental do not hesitate to start it. The work is excellent and the staff is very friendly and professional.”

Lucie A.


The clinic’s answer: We are pleased that you are satisfied with the result of treatment. Lucie had a treatment of 3 visits. During the first visit, she had root canal treatments and extractions. Three months later, in the second visit, she received a sinus lift, bone grafting and finally implants were inserted in the jaw. During the last visit, 6 months later, she received crowns and inlays.

“Love this facility. Highly recommend it. Very clean and organized.”



The clinic’s answer: Thanks A. As our clinic is ISO certified each process is planned, documented and carried out by strict rules. This is how we can keep up high quality and patient satisfaction.

“I had a gap between my two front teeth and the job done by Dr Manolakis at Budapest Top Dental is more than satisfying. I can smile with open mouth and show my front teeth proud of the result. Thanks.”

Helene Ohayon


The clinic’s answer: It is our pleasure to read your satisfied testimonial, Helene. Thanks. Helene chose our clinic based on a friend’s recommendation. As Helene needed cosmetic dental treatment apart from the panoramic x-ray, we needed some good quality pics of her teeth concerned sent in email. As she was happy with the quote she flew over as soon as it was possible for her and returned to Ireland 5 days later with her new smile.

„Everything was perfect. The hotel was very comfortable. I would like to thank you from my heart for this excellent service. I highly recommend your dental clinic! I am very satisfied with dental care and result. Thanks the whole professional staff for everything.



The clinic’s answer: We  are pleased that C. is satisfied with all the additional services such as transfers and hotel booking in addition to  treatment itself. Our clinic has partner hotels and apartments that are all close to the clinic. In these partner hotels, we can book your accommodation a little below the retail prices. If you inform us about the details of your flight, we will provide you with free airport-hotel transfers. C. had a 5-day treatment visit to Budapest as she received 6 new porcelain fused to metal crowns.

„First of all we would like to thank you for everything from the very beginning. We are grateful for your hospitality and perfect dental care. Before making a decision we visited  different clinics in Budapest and I am convinced we chose the best possible Budapest Top Dental. Treatment was provided with perfect hygiene, attention and professionalism. The simplicity of clinic’s accessibility, its cleanliness, its reception, its security brought us a feeling of relaxation despite we both receive complex treatments …

Personally I love to discover Budapest and coming back does not cause me any problem. I simply make my dental care a holiday. We are back in November and I am looking forward to continuing my treatment and staying in Budapest in late autumn. In summer, it was so pleasant, the tranquility of Margueritte Island, the ease of public transport, the Danube, the city  are all wonderful.

I already recommended you to my friends … I look forward to seeing you again”

MP Otjacques


The clinic’s answer:Thanks MP for taking time to review. MP Otjacques had a free consultation at our clinic during his short holiday in Budapest. She received several treatment plans and finally chose the one that best met her budget and expectations. Her treatment requires two visits to our clinic. After the end of the first visit, she was very satisfied with the result. She is so happy with treatment so far, that for the second visit she will bring along her daughter and husband for dental treatment. Thanks MP for your trust our clinic.

„My experience at Budapest Top Dental was pretty good. The staff is professional and I was very happy with treatment. Of course not all dentists are equal and some seem more professional than others. I found my personal dentist great at the clinic with whom I would do my future care. I also thank the team for their reactivity regarding email correspondence. They always replied to my emails literally in hours. It is impressive to see how open this team is to your needs and always tries to find solutions the way you really need. Again, I really enjoyed this experience thanks for everything.”

Viven R.


The clinic’s answer: Vivien chose our clinic because we ensured that all the documents will be prepared that she needs to get a refund in France after dental treatment in Budapest. She works in Budapest, so her treatment could be done in small steps, as she requested and her budget allowed. Vivien is so satisfied with the result of the treatment that she recommended our clinic to her many friends who also came to us for treatment. Thanks Vivien for your kind words and referrals.

“Thank you for your super efficient organization of last week’s trip, from start to finish. I was nervous about the amount of work that needed to be done (a full upper reconstruction with a total of 14 replacements) but was put at ease from the outset by the skill and care of Dr Adam Bodnar. At no time in the 4 long sessions did I experience any pain, and was particularly impressed by the continual checking and rechecking of the fit and aesthetics of the final solution. The result is nothing short of perfect, and exceeded my expectations.”

Mike E.


The clinic’s answer:Thanks Mike for sharing the details of your treatment. Mike came to Budapest for treatment with his wife. His wife’s treatments were simpler because she only needed some porcelain E-max veneers to her front teeth. Mike needed a smile makeover as all his upper teeth needed new crowns. To carry out his treatment in the 5 day period was a real challenge as Mike was in Budapest for business only for a limited time. Thanks Dr. Bodnár and the dental lab all treatments including root canals and post and core build up could be performed in the time frame available in a 5 star quality. Good luck to you Mike with your new smile!


“I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the dental treatment I have received at the clinic over the last eight months.

I first visited Budapest for consultations at various clinics that I had researched on the internet. I have to say that I was most impressed with Budapest Top Dental, and therefore put my trust in you for my dental implants.

From the first consultation, to the final fitting, your staff could not have been more helpful. The organization was top class, you organized my flights, my accommodation and scheduled my appointments as necessary.

Dr Adam Bodnar , my dentist, was excellent. Kind, reassuring and an expert in his job. He explained what he was doing at every step and also, exactly why he was doing it.
The support of his assistants was also excellent. They were obviously well trained and Dr Adam Bodnar included them in the conversations obviously keen to increase their skills and knowledge also.

All the staff at the clinic are doing an excellent job, they all work well together and show great team spirit – from the doctors right through to the behind the scenes staff handling the administration, my communication with them all has been excellent.

I’m sure the clinic will continue to grow and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking to have dental treatments abroad.

Oh, and Budapest is a beautiful City to look around. We spent over three weeks there in total, but still did not get to see and do everything.

Many thanks once again.”



The clinic’s answer: Thank you so much Jenny for your kind words. We are glad you are happy with your treatment and results. Jenny contacted a lot of Budapest clinics for quotation in email. After receiving treatment plans from various dental offices, she picked the top three ones that she liked the most and then she flew over to Budapest for consultations. As a result of the consultations she chose our clinic for restoring her upper teeth. She needed a 3 visit treatment, for her new smile as implants were placed in her jaw.

Budapest Top Dental clinic is a fantastic dental provider. I traveled here from New York to get an implant done and 2 crowns because the price was about 1/3 the cost. Not only are they clean and efficient, the dentists are experts in what they do. I was nervous about getting an implant abroad but my dentist was extremely skilled. The complete implant process was done in less than 20 minutes. I was amazed! Not even the top dentists at NYC could compete with this. If I ever need dental work, this will be the place I come!



The clinic’s answer: Thank you so much Leonarda for your review. It was our pleasure to carry out your treatment. Leonarda had an implant placed in USA and she needed one more. It is quite general, that patients come to our clinic after they received a dental implant in their own country and they want abutments and crowns fitted along with placement of other implants with us in Budapest. Just an interesting fact about her treatment.

Due to weather conditions Leonarda missed her Budapest flight from London and she could only take a Monday morning flight to Budapest.  She gave us a worrying call Sunday night about this problem. As she was flying from New York, certainly we reorganized everything in order to be able to reschedule her appointments in Budapest and fit her in the shorter time frame, since she already booked the flight tickets back to NYC. Leonarda mentioned how much she could save on care with us. Check out our dental fees.

„I send you this email because I am very satisfied with the quality of care I received in your Budapest clinic. Everything went smoothly without any complications. I will recommend your dental clinic with no hesitation in the circle of my friend, because quality treatment is guaranteed here. Thank you!”

Etienne M.


The clinic’s answer: Your kind words are highly appreciated. Thanks. Etienne came to our clinic as a referral of another satisfied patient. He received a quote in Belgium and he sent it to us so that we can make our quotation based on that one. He received our quote and he was happy with it so he came to our clinic for treatment. After arriving in Budapest his treatment began with a consultation and his treatment plan was a bit modified as per the recommendation of the Budapest dentist.

Budapest Top Dental saved me thousands of £ and quality was first class! I had sticker shock when I found out how expensive 2 implants would be in the UK. I saw ads for Budapest dental work and by reading reviews built some trust. Once I spoke over Skype with Janos from Top Dental I felt confident that I was in good hands. My treatment over the next year was an excellent experience. The quote I was given was exactly what I paid. Airport transfers made the travel easier and the central location of the clinic made it easy to get to.

I had two different dentists and both spoke English perfectly and obviously were well-trained, experienced and confident practitioners. I felt safe in their hands. I checked with my American dentist about the materials used by Top Dental and was told that Alpha Bio implants are considered the best by dentists.

I’m only a month into my new teeth and loving them! Feels like natural teeth maybe even better. And if later I need more dental work (all root canals fail at some point) then the dentist said he can use these posts to hold more teeth or a bridge. Implants feels like a great solution to a very important part of my body.

Thanks Top Dental for making this solution (at this low cost) possible!”

Scott McGregor, PhD

Llandrindod Wells,


The clinic’s answer: Thanks Scott for your review in detail. After arriving in Budapest Scott’s treatment began with a medical examination. He was recommended two quotes, one with sinus lift and implants and the other one was only a bridge. After discussing pros and contras with the dentist he asked for one day to make a decision and his choice fell on the treatment plan with implants. It took him three visits. Our Budapest clinic uses top quality dental implants, as Scotts’s American dentist confirmed it, implants come with lifetime warranty (only material).

My husband Michael and I had some dental work done at your Budapest clinic in March.  When we returned to Canada we told many people about our excellent experience and now there are a number of them who are interested in also using your clinic.

Jane Mountford


Ask for a quote today

The clinic’s answer: We are very grateful for your kind words Jane, thank you. It is great that you are so satisfied that you speak about your experiences. We have so many patients who come to our clinic as a result of referrals and it proves the fact that our patients are satisfied with our dental services. Jane and his husband had two visits to Budapest from Canada as they received dental implants. Our Budapest dental prices are so competitive that it makes sense to fly here even from Canada for dental treatment. Our clinic provides world class dental treatment at an affordable rate, including accommodation and flights from Canada or US.

„I am very happy with everything. I really love all about this clinic, the service is great, and my questions were always clearly answered.  I was informed of appointments well in advance and upon request they were flexible. The transfer from the airport was for free and on time and they were really nice even the driver helped me find out how I can take the key for the apartment that I rented. The clinic was really really clean, which is very important for me and I think for all people not only in Switzerland.

The dentists are really nice and experienced. They explain all about the problem you have, they make sure you understand it and they also explain how they will treat you what is guaranteed and what not ……my dentist in Switzerland did not explain to me anything I did not know what the problem with my tooth was, and it was not clear for me what will happen to me and my tooth during treatment moreover I was not informed of how much I must pay … but in Budapest everything was the opposite, everything was clear to me before treatment including prices.

Dentists in Budapest speak lots of languages and you will not have a problem if you do not speak English. There is also an interpreter in the clinic for free and she helps you communicate with the dentist. Some of dental treatment prices was really half of Swiss rates.  Root canal treatment is 1,000EUR in Switzerland but in Budapest I only paid 440EUR. Dental implant is much cheaper in Budapest than in Switzerland and is of very good quality as it comes with lifetime guarantee what we do not have in Switzerland at all. The quality of treatment was perfect. Thanks for all again!”

Nasrin M.


The clinic’s answer:Thanks for your review Nasrin. It is our pleasure to read your testimonial in detail. It is good to know that our efforts increase customer satisfaction. Nasrin needed urgent treatment as she was in pain. She could not fly over to Budapest right away, because the clinic was fully booked, but after one week of waiting she could come. She needed two root canal treatments and two crowns and a dental implant. It could all have been carried out in a 5 day visit, but as Nasrin took a special medication so implantation was not possible. So, she would fly back to Hungary when placement of implants will be possible.

„Yes I am certainly happy with the treatment & you organising everything efficiently. Reason I always like to come back to Dr Bodnar is that he is very helpful & friendly & above all he is very skill full. Please pass on my regards to him & tell him that everything is fine.”


Mr. Chana

The clinic’s answer: Thanks Sir, for your testimonial. It is good to hear that our patients are satisfied with our dental services in the long run as well. Mr. Chana is a patient who always returns to Budapest for dental treatment since the Christmas of 2015. His treatment started with placement of two implants in the moral region and since then he is always back to Dr. Bodnár in addition to regular check-ups for treatments like change of old crowns or fitting new crowns. This proves the fact that our rates are so competitive that it is worth flying here for a single crown not only for complex treatments.

“I would like to thank Dr. Ádám Bodnár and all the staff for the excellent treatment I received.  The gums seem to be healing well after extraction and the new denture is fitting nicely.”

David W.


The clinic’s answer: Thanks for your kind words David. The first stage of his treatment, which is the first part of a 3 visit dental care in Budapest, was  teeth extraction. In the next visit he will have sinus lift, bone grafting and placement of dental implants. Placement of screws is not always possible in one visit along with sinus lift. Before sinus lift and bone grafting a 3D scan is made and the dental implantologist decides if placement of implants will also be possible or it takes another visit. And in the last visit David will have crowns on implants.

“I am very happy with dental treatment in Budapest.”

Daniele Dumet


The clinic’s answer: Thank you for short review. It is good to know that you are happy with the treatment in Budapest. Daniele received a 3 visit treatment plan for the bottom jaw. After receiving the quotation she did not make a go ahead decision right away, she waited until a special offer was introduced. Our clinic always has special offers that make certain treatments discounted. It is worth subscribing to our newsletters because this way you will always be informed about all special offers.

“I am very satisfied with reception and transport service at the airport and dental care I received in Budapest. Thank you!”



The clinic’s answer: We are very happy that you are satisfied with our transport services and dental care. Free transport services are provided upon departure and arrival in between hotel and airport. JPP had two visit in Budapest. He received a treatment plan in France to replace a 3 tooth gap with three indivudual implants. Here in Budapest our dentists recommended him a 3 unit implant supported bridge instead. Ha was satisfied with it and made a go ahead decision with treatment. The first visit took him 3 days and the second was 5 days long.

“Dr Bodnar is excellent !! I live in London & I had four implants done by him. The implants & crowns are fine, giving me comfortable & natural feeling!!”



The clinic’s answer: It is good to read your satisfied review. Our Budapest dentists only work with high quality dental implants that come with lifetime guarantee. There is a wide selectoins of crown material type fitted on implants. If you need your teeth capped  an economical and lasting solution for the moral region can be porcelain fused to metal crowns. Upon special request 100% metal allergy free gold crowns are also availabe. If you need crowns for molar and front teeth then zirconium crowns will be recommended by the dentist. If you want the most beautiful and natural looking solution for a perfcet smile for the visible teeth then you will be recommended full porcelain crowns. Our dentist will recommend you crown types that match your budget and dental needs.


“Me and Pierrette, my mother, thank the whole staff for the quality care. We would like to express our special thank  to Anna and Suzanne for their professionalism and kindness during treatment. Please, pass it on to them. I am so satisfied with your dental services that I already recommended your clinic to lots of people. Thanks again for everything and we wish you plenty of satisfied patients in the future.”

Christophe S.


The clinics answer: We are happy that you and your mother are 100% satisfied with the result of dental care. It is highly appreciated that you recommend our clinic to your friends and relatives. Christophe had a very complex three visit treatment in Budapest. In the first visit he received sinus lift and bone grafting so that 10 pieces of implants could be placed in the bottom and top jaw. In the third visit he received complete bridges to top and bottom. His 3 stage treatment could be carried out in 10 months. Pierrette accompanied his son to Budapest in the last visits. She needed zirconium crowns to top front teeth to improve her smile.  This cosmetic dentistry treatment could be carried out in 4 days.

“Dr Adam Bodnar was wonderful, Great work, and he always kept me informed about the process of repairing my teeth, he even did a bit extra, for which I’m grateful.”



The clinics answer:Thanks for your review. Ray was in Budapest when he called us to book an appointment. He needed a 4 unit bridge replacement which needs 4 days in a row. As he is busy he could not stay 4 days in Budapest so he came back twice to Budapest for two days to get treatment done. It is not always possible to split recommended treatment, but if there is a way we always accommodate to our valued patients’ schedule.

“I chose Budapest  for my dental care because I wanted to discover a new country and I knew that dental tourism to Budapest is very popular and rates are much lower here as compared to France. I chose your clinic by chance on the internet and do not regret it. I am very happy with result …. and the staff is very competent. Dental care is of very good quality, performed by a highly qualified dental team. Translators are very nice and helpful and replies came to my emails very swiftly. So I definitely will recommend your clinic. Thank you.”

Christophe S.


The clinic’s answer:Thanks Christophe for your review it is highly appreciated. We are happy that you recommend our clinic to the circle of your friends. Christophe had a very complex 3 stage treatment in Budapest including sinus lift and bone grafting before placement of implants and in the last visit crowns were fitted on implants. When he had the last visit he already brought his mom along for dental treatment and also some of his friends already booked appointment for future treatment. Thanks Christophe for sharing your great experiences with your friends.

“I am happy to write to you about my experience because I am 100% satisfied with dental care provided to me at the Budapest clinic. I would first like to congratulate your entire team for its sympathy and professionalism. From the first moment, I experienced professionalism and it made me calm.  Your dental clinic in Budapest is very clean and standards of all treatments and services were very high.

As far as my result is concerned, it was more than worthy of coming to Budapest for treatment. This is my opinion in a few words and believe me, I can only extol you and I will not fail to recommend you to my friends and relatives. I also add that this concept of tourism has a lot more to me and I really enjoyed visiting Budapest which is a wonderful city with a very interesting historical past.
Thank you for all and I wish you a very beautiful future which is already well based I am sure.”

Etienne Mazy,


The clinic’s answer:We are delighted to read your testimonial. We are pleased to pass the whole team on your kind words. He received a treatment plan from his local dentist that he 100% agreed with so he exactly knew what treatment he wanted. Etienne sent us his local quotation and a panoramic x-ray and our dental staff confirmed that  treatment can be carried out so he made a quick go ahead decision and commenced treatment very quickly.

Etienne had a complex 3 stage dental care in Budapest, because extractions, placement of implants and a complete full arch bridge was placed on the top teeth. He liked Budapest so much, that his parents also came with him for the last visit. Our clinic always provides free private hotel-airport transfers upon arrival and departure so not only Etienne, but his parents also received free transport services.

“I must recognize the extreme efficiency of your dental services as well as the team that received me in Budapest.
A neat work and a charming and efficient translator. His presence was very reassuring. I am very satisfied with the whole service I received at your Budapest dental clinic.
Thank you to all of you!”

Sergio D.


The clinics answer: Thanks Sergio for your testimonial. We are always striving for satisfying our patients’ dental needs 100%. If a patient is treated by a dentist who does not speak your mother tongue then we involve a translator at no cost to the patient. This is how we make sure communication is clear between dentists and patients. We also provide free transport services to patients upon arrival and departure. It is no matter if a patient comes to Budapest by train, bus or airplane free transport service is provided between hotel and the station/airport.

“We are delighted to give a review for the  treatment we had at the Budapest Top Dental Centre. Communication with us throughout the process was excellent from the start. We were kept informed of the available appointments, the treatment and any concerns via email and phone. We were very impressed by the transparency of the treatment and the costs. As we had never been to Hungary, we were so pleased that the clinic had booked our accommodation, had a pickup driver from the airport and back, and everyone was absolutely helpful in matters of staying in Budapest. We had three visits to Budapest  in total.

My husband had all his teeth replaced via transplants and a bridge.  He was  apprehensive about the long treatment. The doctors were very professional, kind and gentle .They took their time to ensure everything was aligned and perfect and suited the mouth. Never have we encountered such care, professionalism  and kindness in the U.K as we did in Hungary. They made sure all aspects of the treatment were explained and literally worked until the teeth were perfect.

Nothing was rushed and only absolute perfection was the goal of the two doctors involved, Dr Adam Bodnar   and Dr Judit Czene who  were extremely professional, kind and knowledgeable. My husband cannot stop smiling. The cost of all the treatment was a third of the price compared to the U.K and we were very appreciative of this. We would highly recommend the clinic as there is nothing like this in France or the U.K.

Harpal P.


The clinics answer:We are very happy to read your satisfied testimonial Harpal. Harpal also had minor treatment like teeth extractions and fillings. His husband had a full mouth restoration with a 3 stage treatment plan. He received implants and complete bridges for both jaws. There was a longer 2 year gap in between the 2nd and 3rd visit, but it is no problem, because healing times after placement of implants can be as long as you want it. However in case of long term temporary solutions it is advised to keep healing times that are advised by your dentist, because those kind of solutions last only for a limited period of time.

“Would just like to say that I’m exceptionally happy with the whole service and clinic, but especially with Adam (and the assistant he was working with on my latest visit). I started the treatment with no useable teeth, and now have the teeth of my dreams. The service has been smooth and flawless, and the workmanship has been very meticulous. I cried with joy when my teeth were fitted for the final time. It’s a big bonus that this entire package has cost me 1/3 of what it would cost in the UK, but I would honestly choose Hungary and Budapest Top Dental again any day, over the UK, regardless of price. I’m looking forward to my annual check-ups. Thanks. “

Joanne Shaw


The clinics answer:We are delighted to read your testimonial. Hungarian dental rates are significantly lower than other Western European dental prices this is why patients can save on dental care with us in between 40-70%, still they receive first class dental care using high quality dental materials in a state-of-the-art clinic. Joanne had a full mouth restoration with 3 visits to Budapest. She had implant retained dentures to top and bottom known as All-on-4.

“I am very happy with the results and cannot wait to come back for more dental work next year!”

Zineb B.


The clinic’s answer: Zineb has healthy teeth but still she was not happy with her smile, so she wanted to improve it. After the medical examination she was recommended zirconium crowns to top and bottom teeth. Treatment is completed for the top teeth so she would be back for crowns to bottom teeth. It is possible to improve your smile with veneers but it takes a medical examination to decide which solution fits to your smile the best.

“Thank you for the treatment it was a nice journey with I am glad that I selected your clinic to fix my teeth. The staff was super helpful and the result is perfect. Thank you.”

Hasib H.


The clinic’s answer:Thanks Hasib for your kind words. Hasib received two treatment plans for fixing his teeth gap in the front area. The first option was a bridge to cover the gap. The other was an implant supported bridge. Hasib chose the second option, because he did not want to get filed down his healthy teeth that would support the bridge. This is a meaningful advantage of implants, because with the support of them, teeth gaps can be treated without treating healthy adjacent teeth. So Hasib received implants at the ends of the gap and after the healing time a bridge was placed on the screws.

“I am extremely satisfied with the dental work that has been done. Now I will have to get used to having all my teeth and to be able to eat and speak properly. The clinic is in a beautiful state, the surgeons are super nice  and hyper professional. As for Anna and Ester the translators I am also very satisfied they explained everything and in addition they have a sense of humor I love them both The partner hotel is very close to the clinic.  The driver of the clinic taxi, Atilla is courteous, punctual and drives very well. I will recommend your establishment to everyone . I can not wait to get back for annual-check-up.”

David Arnal,


The clinic’s answer:It was our pleasure to read your review, David, thanks. David arrived for a free consultation. He was so happy with the quotation and the clinic and the was of our staff works that he made a quick decision and started treatment right after the consultation whilst he was in Budapest. David had a complex treatment. In the first visit he received dental implants and in the second visit crowns were fitted to restore his smile. As David explains it there are additional services to patients apart from treatment. Our clinic staff books accommodation at partner hotels upon request and provides free hotel-airport transports services upon arrival and departure. Translators are also provided free of charge in case the dentist and the patient does not speak the same languages. Our dentists speak English, German and French.

“I have nothing but positive to say about the whole process. I am extremely happy with the end result it makes me happy. There was no pain during treatment at all. From the beginning to the end everything went wonderfully. The skills of dentists are perfect, they work by the schedule without delays. The whole clinic team, the prices, the driver are also adorable. Thanks for these implants, I will see you every year. Big kisses to the whole team. ”

Marianne Leroy,


The answer from the clinic: Thanks for your kind words Marianne. We are pleased to read your review. It is good to know that you appreciate the work of our clinic and you are completely satisfied with the results. Marianne had two visits to Budapest. In the first visit she received two implants and after the healing time was over the crowns were fitted to the implants. She came to Budapest with her husband who also received extensive treatment in the clinic.

“I am super pleased with the dentist and would like to continue with him for the bridge. He was extremely considerate, very professional and that he made me very comfortable and did a great job,  so please convey this to him, if possible.”

Richard M.


The clinic’s answer: Thanks Richard for your kind words. We are happy to continue your treatment. Richard first came to Budapest and had a consultation and a dental hygienic treatment. He returned to Budapest for two days for some fillings which were urgent in order to avoid more serious problems.

„I just wanted to say thank you for your help with organizing our trip. Treatment went very well and was a huge success.

We were super happy with the clinic and the dentists.”

Daniel T.


The clinic’s answer: We are pleased to read your review, thanks. Daniel had a complex 2 stage treatment. In the first visit some of his molars were extracted and implants were inserted. This treatment was carried out under general anesthesia upon the request of Daniel. In the second visit, after the healing time he had a complete smile makeover as crowns were fitted on all of his teeth.

“I confirm by this email that I am very happy with your clinic including, interpreters, dentists and quality dental care.

Wherever I mention my dental care with you in Budapest, I tell people that you  provide a very high quality service.

Claude Saillet,


The answer of the clinic: Thanks Mr. Saillet for your kind words and trust. First, he traveled to Budapest for a one day consultation to meet the dentist and the whole clinic staff in person. He received a two stage treatment plan. In the first visit he received four implants and after the healing time in the second visit Mr. Saillet received crown on all his teeth.

„First of all I wanted to say thanks to you for your steadfast communication. It has been a pleasure to have you help me along the journey, you are very patient and came to my aid in the most important times.

Second of all I want to express my gratitude to the dentist for these amazing teeth, at first I was a little unsure but of course that is a natural reaction. I am very pleased with the results. It’s been emotional over the last 6 years and so my expectations were all over the place but now that it is finally completed, I feel like a new man. The team was very patient, I had a hard ‘Budapest’ weekend approaching my appointments and I am too old for that but it worked out!”

O. McCarthy


The answer of the clinic: Thanks Mr. McCarthy for your review, it is a pleasure to know that you are so happy with your new teeth. He had 6 implants placed earlier, and he came here for crowns fitted. As his front teeth were treated he had to stay 5 workdays in Budapest. Our clinic is able to complete your dental implant treatment if it was started at another clinic. The only thing we need is an implant passport with all the information (type, size and position in the mouth) about the implant that should have crowns fitted.

“I just had 2 implants from this great dentist. No one believed me that I never felt anything even after the intervention even no pain pills were taken.”

John Felice


The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your review. John came to Budapest for consultation right after his teeth were removed in his country. The dentist set-up a quotation for him and he was so enthusiastic about it that he wanted to begin treatment right away. However, there are cases when after extractions it is not possible to begin treatment right away only after the recovery time has passed. So, John 3 months after the consultation returned to Budapest for two days and two implants were inserted in the jaw. Treatment is always painless as local anaesthesia is applied. After oral surgery, like extractions, bone grafting or sinus lift and placement of implants patients receive a medical pack to reduce pain at home, however it is rarely needed. John remained very enthusiastic after receiving the implants, so he immediately booked flights and accommodation for the second visit.

„I am very satisfied with dentist’s work.  To reassure only French speaking patients it is important to say that a translator accompanies them all the time in the clinic including treatments. The translator helps them understand the dentist’s requests. It is very important because one of the things that block the most French people from coming to Budapest for dental care is the lack of knowledge of foreign languages like English or German. In France we do not speak English and French people know very little English. Thanks for your help!”

Annie Razafindrakoto


The clinic’s answer: Thanks Annie. She had a smile makeover with 17 crowns in Budapest. This treatment took an 8 day visit in Budapest. As she writes it, there is a translator service at the clinic for those foreign patients whose language is not spoken by the dentists. Translator service is free, it does not make any extra charge for our valued patients. Our dentists, speak English and German and for the rest of the languages our clinic provides translators.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the clinic for all my treatment.
I have recommended Budapest Top Dental to 2 people in uk.
Special thanks to Adam and László for their professional conduct and patience dealing  with me thank you both for a better quality of life.”

Jim Cragg


The answer of the clinic: Thanks Jim for the review. Jim had an extensive care, full mouth restoration. In the first visit his damaged teeth were extracted. In the second visit he had 10 dental implants palced in total to top and bottom jaws. In the last visit he received implant based dentures All-on-6 to top and All-on-4 to bottom jaws. The more stable the implant retained denture is the more implant it is placed on. This is why All-on-6 dental solutions provide a more stable solution than All-on-4. From perspective of chewing it is more important to have a more stable solution to the top jaw than to the bottom one.

„Excellent, first class professional service from start to finish. Price perfect.Well recommended !!!”

David Williams,


The answer of the clinic: David’s treatment began with emergency, because he was in pain when he arrived in Budapest. So, everything began with root canal treatment on one of his front teeth and then 2 implants were placed. After the recovery time has passed he received a bridge on the two implants to cover the tooth gap.

„A serious clinic providing quality dental care.”

J.P. Pondville


The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your kind words, it is good to know you are happy with treatment. M. Pondwille  had treatment years ago at our clinic. He received an implant supported bridge then and he always returned for annual check-up. Now, 3 of his molar teeth had to be removed, so he wants implants to replace his lost teeth. This treatment takes two visits. In the first one he received three implants and after the healing time he will be back to get the crowns fitted on implants.

“All I can say is that from start to the finish the overall rating was great! (5 stars).

It was such a warm, inviting, and everyone was welcoming, from administration to the dentist. From the first visit to the second visit.

I enjoyed the ease of the staff and the time taken to explain every step of the process, from the first visit to the second visit.

Communications and travel assistance provided prior to arrival during COVID-19 restriction and information contained in travel documents was very thorough and informative.

Both the pick-up and drop off at the airport were very comfortable and very punctual.

I felt safe and comfortable with their suburb level of cleanliness and caution, especially with the concerns of COVID-19 spread.  

Thank you so much!”

Khalid Shukur


The answer of the clinic: Thanks Khalid for your kind words. It is always our pleasure to read such positive opinions about our work. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience. Khalid had a two stage treatment. In the first visit he had some aesthetic treatment that is he received some veneers on the front teeth. A Straumann implant screw was also placed in the molar region. After the proper recovery time he was back for the 2nd visit. His 2nd visit was in the middle of the 2nd wave of Covid in Hungary.

During this period the Hungarian border was closed, however entry into Hungary was possible if you come for medical care. So we arranged that for Khalid, entry permission was granted by the police. After arrival he had to be in self-isolation until two negative Covid tests results were received. So we booked him two Covid tests. Negative test results were available in 4 days after arrival so the exemption from the quarantine was granted and treatment began. In this period he received a crown to the implant and a zirconium bridge in the molar region. This phase took 5 workdays in Hungary excluding the 4 days of self-isolation.

“Thank you for your amazing service.
I am happy with my new teeth.
Great job.”
Andreas Eckert
The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your short review Andreas. We especially appreciate your short feedback as it was a full mouth restoration. Based on the panoramic X-ray that was sent by email for an initial quotation, it seemed that the All-on-4 could be solved in two visits for the bottom and top teeth as well. It means right after the pulls, the implant screws could also be inserted.
However, after the extractions and based on the 3d scan, the dentist recommended that a healing time of 4 months should elapse  until the screws are implanted. Thus, the treatment plan has changed to three visits. Thus, in the second visit, 8 implants were implanted. A recovery period of 6 months was then required.
Unfortunately, in the meantime, the Covid epidemic became more powerful throughout Europe, so the Hungarian borders were closed. However, if someone comes to Hungary for dental treatment, a special entry permit can be requested. We did this for Andreas. Thus, after entering the country, he had to go into quarantine until he had 2 negative PCR tests performed in Budapest.
If you come from a Schengen country, a PCR test in Budapest would be enough to get the exemption from the quarantine if you also took a negative test in your home country. The last visit when the All-on-4 denture was  fitted was the longest – 9 working days – because the dentist had to take into account the patient’s bite, occlusion, and ideas about the shape and color of the teeth before finalizing the denture.
The All-on-4 denture always includes artificial gums and 12 teeth per denture. The denture can  not be removed by the patient only the dentist can remove it if necessary. All-on-4 denture is available in several designs at our clinic in Budapest. It can be a hybrid, which is a plastic design with plastic gums and teeth. It is also available with porcelain fused to metal and zircon teeth for which in both cases the artificial gum is made of pink porcelain. The zircon All-on-4 denture design is the most aesthetic and durable.
“Great service, Efficiency and reactivity. I would definitely recommend.”
Fabien Guyon
The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your short review Fabien. Fabien is an “old” patient, he visited Budapest for dental care a couple of times in between 2018 – 2020. At the beginning he needed minor treatments, like inlays. And some time later he wanted two implants. One of them was possible, so the implant screw was placed, but the other one was not possible even with sinus lift and bone grafting, so he was proposed a bridge to cover the tooth gap. And he returned for the third visit in the peak period of covid, December 2020. In this visit the crown was fitted on the implant and the bridge was made. Just like for other dental tourism patients arriving at the time of covid, we arranged the entry permit for Fabien along with PCR tests that are needed for the exemption from the quarantine. The Hungarian border is closed recently, but entry is possible for those who come for dental care. Our staff arranges all paper work and entry permit for those who come for dental care to our Budapest based clinic.

“Having literally just returned from Budapest after extensive dental work with Budapest Top Dental during a Covid lockdown I can honestly say the support and service you get is exceptional. I am a very demanding person and expect the very best, I wasn’t disappointed, every element of this trip was considered including PCR tests to get me home safely in time with my flight schedule. The dentists and teams at the clinic are incredible, dentistry for me isn’t something I look forward to but I’m happy to return in four months knowing I’m in safe professional hands.”

David Smith


The answer of the clinic: First of all, thanks for your kind words David. It is good to hear that you are satisfied with the dental treatment and additional services of our clinic. David wanted to come to Budapest for a full mouth restoration. In order to make him a quotation we needed a panoramic x-ray, but he did not have it. So, we made him a referral for a panoramic x-ray and he could get it done at a local London imaging centre. So he sent us a panoramic x-ray by email and he received a quote from our Budapest clinic. He was so excited about the quotation that he wanted to come right away. It was the period when no flights were allowed from the UK to Hungary due to the quick spreading new type of Covid19. David was so enthusiastic that it didn’t stop him either, he decided that he would fly via Amsterdam to Budapest. So, we arranged for him entry permit and PCR tests so he could get out of quarantine as quickly as possible and treatment could begin. During the first appointment he finalized the quotation with the implant specialist. As per the 3d scan, done in Budapest, it turned out that it is safer to do placement of implants in a separate visit, after a recovery time and not right after extractions as it was scheduled. It is important, that if patients need dental screws/implants a 3D scan is always needed for a 100% accurate treatment plan. The dentist analyzes the scan files and makes a decision about the implant position and bone replacement and sinus lift if needed.

“First of all, I would to thank you for your work and patience with me in the background and in the lead up to my recent visit to your clinic. I am sorry that I did not get a chance to meet, say hello and thank you in person.  Although I carried out my own research, there is no doubt that your communications and follow-ups over the past months were one of the key factors in my decision to choose your clinic.
It seems that the Stage 1 treatment went well on 28th September and there was no need to attend on day two (which I discussed with Dr. Sofiane).  In this regard, I cannot say enough in praise of Dr. Sofiane.  He immediately – and throughout the procedure – gave me the impression that I was in the hands of an able and skilled professional.  His quiet confidence and clear communication put me at ease from the outset.  The procedure was then painless and not in any way uncomfortable – either at the time or since – even though it involved a more complicated aspect with the bone implant and sinus lift.  At the time of writing, the only thing that I have to remind me of the procedure are the lingering sutures, which I understand will dissolve shortly.  In other words, the healing is going extremely well.  Please do pass my thanks and appreciation onto Dr Sofiane and his colleague who assisted during the procedure.
I look forward to hearing from you regarding Stage 2 dates for my return to Budapest.”
Brian Healy UK
The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your kind words Brian. We are glad you are happy with everything. Brian received a quotation as per a panoramic x-ray sent by email. It is a two stage treatment plan. During the 1st visit he had sinus lift and bone grafting along with placement of 3 implant screws. After a period of 6 months of recovery time he will be back for fitting the crowns on implants.
“Again I was very impressed with the service your dental department has done for me.
I cant find any fault.
Will definitely recommend your company.
Look forward to coming back the end of May 2022 for the final part of my treatment.
One year after treatment is completed:
Hope you are all well and fine.
Please by all means give my name and email address out to anyone at anytime.
Did have a lady contact me last year and I know she went over to Budapest. 
More than happy to help, as you know I’m very happy with the service I received and the after care is second to none.
A brilliant experience all round.
Will be in contact later this year as I plan on coming over for my annual check up in September. 
All the best.
A potter “

A. P.

The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your review Anthony, we are pleased to read  your kind words. We are glad you are happy with everything. Mr. Potter began treatment in the period of Covid, but we arranged everything for him to enter the country. Currently no entry permit is needed to enter the country, if you have the EU vaccinations passport. If you do not have it, then one PCR test is sufficient. Anthony did not have an x-ray, so we made him a referral so he can get it done in the UK. After having the x-ray, we made him a treatment plan. He was so happy with it, that he made travel arrangement right away and treatment began in a couple of weeks. Over the first visit teeth were extracted and replaced by temporary dentures. After the recovery period over the 2nd visit 8 implant screws were placed top and bottom in total. He will return for the last visit after the healing time and all-on-4 bridges will be fitted for top and bottom.
“Today I visited the dentist for my first appointment – and all looked good and I did not need any bone graft etc. So the estimate received as per the x-ray stays the same.
I am very pleased – firstly with your quick service, the car that takes you from the airport and leaves you at your hotel and also takes you to the airport on the day of departure. The dentist was also very good and I hope I’ll have him as well for my final appointments. “
Mikael Bjorn
The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your kind words Mikael. He had a quote for one implant as per the x-ray. It was very important for Mikael that the quote he received as per the x-ray does not change as it was within his budget. We told him, as per the x-ray is not possible to make a 100% accurate quote as the x-ray image shows in 2D his 3D teeth and jaws. So we recommended him to send a complete set of 3d scan files and then a 100% accurate quote will be made. As he could not get a 3D scan done in his country he accepted the quote and traveled to Budapest for treatment which  is a complete success as he described it.
“Thank you for best dentist Adam
I am so very happy with service and his best work”
Adam James
The answer of the clinic: It is good to know you are happy with everything Adam. Adam travelled from he US for extensive dental care. He needed some teeth replacement with implants and crowns. He preferred first class Straumann implants and CAD/CAM zirconium crowns. His treatment were completed in thre visits.
“Many thanks for your help.
I would also like to say, if any person from any country wants reassurance about your company,  please pass on my email address,  because I cant fault you or your practice in any way.
You have been superb.
Your aftercare is excellent. 
England could learn a lot from you. 
I am so pleased with the service I have received. “
Anthony Potter
The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your kind words Anthony. This review was written after the 1st annual check-up. Anthony had a full mouth restoration with 3 visits in Hungary that began in the period of Covid. He had extractions, and then placement of 12 implant screws in the 2nd visit. After the healing period, which is necessary for osseointegration complete bridges were fitted top and bottom. In order to maintain lifetime guarantee of implants annual check-up is necessary in Budapest. Anthony wrote his review after this checkup, so his opinion is about a period of 3 years with our clinic.
“We are very happy with the treatment.
Yvonne is recovering well and waiting for her last appointment in May sometime.”
Michael O’Connor
The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your review Michael.  Michael came to our Budapest clinic with her wife. We made them an estimation as per panormaic x-rays an they accepted it and treatment began soon. Both of them had extensive dental care with implants, crowns and bridges. They are so happy with the results, that now her daughter has a smile makeover cosmetic dental treatment at our clinic.
“I am very happy and satisfied with the results of my treatment so far. Dr. Bodnár has done an amazing job. If I have the chance, I would definitely recommend your clinic. Thank you for your service.”
Tatiana Akoev
The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your review Tatiana.  Michael came to our Budapest clinic for a full mouth restoration. She had got her teeth extracted in the US and after the healing period she come for the implants to Hungary. She had a 4 month healing period and then came for the All-on-4 complete bridge to Budapest again for 10 workdays.
“I’m happy with the results and the whole procedure, thank you very much
Santiago Juncos
The answer of the clinic: Thanks for your review Santiago.You came to our Budapest clinic for an implant based tooth replacement. You come for the implants to Hungary and after a 4 month healing period the crown was fitted in a 5 day visit.
 “Everything is fine, still getting used to my new teeth.  I saw my local dentist check routine two weeks ago and everything is ok.
The answer of the clinic: Thanks for sharing your experience Patricia. Patricia came to our Budapest clinic for implant based teeth replacements. Extractions were in Ireland so you travelled for the implants to Hungary. After the 4 month healing period the crowns were fitted in a 5 day visit. We are pleased by the confirmation from the local dentist about the quality of our work.

“I recently had the pleasure of undergoing dental treatments in Budapest, and it has been a truly outstanding experience from start to finish. Over the course of three visits, I witnessed a level of professionalism, expertise, and care that exceeded my expectations, leaving me with a radiant smile and a newfound appreciation for dental care in Hungary.

From the initial consultation to the final follow-up, each visit was marked by a commitment to excellence that permeated every aspect of the dental experience. The dentists and staff were not only highly skilled but also demonstrated a genuine concern for my well-being and comfort. Beyond the technical aspects of the treatments, the warmth and friendliness of the entire team contributed to a positive and comfortable atmosphere. The staff’s empathy and willingness to address any concerns or questions further underscored their dedication to patient satisfaction. In addition, the clinic itself was modern, clean, and well-equipped, creating an environment conducive to a positive dental experience.

One of the standout features of this dental practice was the proficiency of the English-speaking dentists and staff. Communication is paramount in any medical procedure, and the fact that they were fluent in English made the entire process seamless. I felt understood, well-informed, and confident in the treatment plan presented to me.

Overall, my experience with dental treatments in Budapest was nothing short of outstanding. The professionalism, proficiency, and friendliness of the dentists and staff made each visit a pleasure. If you are considering tourism dental treatments, I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic for a top-notch experience.”

Michael Bouma 
The answer of the clinic: Thanks for shraing your experience Michael. Special thanks for the details! Michael had a 3 visit full mouth restoration in Hungary. He received some implants and then crowns and bridges. 
“Words are simply not enough to describe the excellent customer service skills of Janos, who guided every step of my dental treatment from Australia to Hungary. Janos custom tailored the appointments to meet my schedule, replied to all emails promptly and in a detailed manner. His grip on the English language is perfect, he is solely responsible for the smooth dental treatments and appointments – he made it happen! I reecommend Janos and highly recommend him to anyone requiring an English speaking when doing business with Budapest Top Dental. And of course my new Hollywood smile is perfect”
Peter Magro
“I had extensive work due to an open bite: 27 crowns. Highly recommended, Dr. László Faragó was my dentist – the entire team is amazing.”
Madelaine Cave
“I am very happy with the dental care I received. I was a bit apprehensive about having it done in a foreign country, but everyone was very professional and helpful.
Would not hesitate to return!”
Sue Smothers
“I had several crowns done (six total) and everything went well. communication with Janos in the office was excellent, prices are worth the trip to Hungary, work was well done, and I had a lovely doctor. I will be back.”
Monica Luisa
“I had the whole works – tooth extractions, implants, bridges .. took 18 months due to Covid travel restrictions but it was absolutely fantastic. Everybody was super-professional and I felt very well taken care of. Truthfully, much better than the dental service I had in the US. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!”
Vera Borgwardt
“Excellent service. Excellent staff who are genuinely caring. Highly recommend this place.”
Harpal and Chris Pollard
“I had a good experience with the doctor and the staff.

The implant went and the treatment of the other teeth went well.”
“Everything is perfect.  
I’m very impressed and satisfied with the professional level of treatment I received at your clinic. I will highly recommend it anyone seeking medical treatment.
I’ve visited dentist in America and Germany, and the doctor and team at Budapest are by far the best. Very professional, and an extremely clean and modern clinic. I recommend it to anyone, regardless of what part of the world you’re in, and will return for all of my future dental needs.
Thank you 
Paul Horvath

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Why choose Budapest Top Dental

We know that it is not an easy decision to get dental treatment in Budapest.

So we chose our partner clinic with great care. The peace of your mind is as important to us as the peace of our mind.

Our dental clinic in Budapest (Hungary) provides the very best service, consultation and aftercare.

Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary, but it is also no. 1. destination of dental tourism.

At our clinic you are provided with:

  1. A warm and welcoming environment in which your comfort, quality care and convenience come first.
  2. Highly professional surgeries where you receive superlative treatment from our expert, caring and gentle English speaking staff.
  3. An environmentally conscious office in which your oral health will be enhanced by our state-of-the-art dental technology.
  4. An office that provides solutions to all of your dental needs: general, cosmetic, implants, bridges, crowns and veneers.
  5. All treatment is 100% painless. Our dentists make sure you experience no pain during treatment.

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At Budapest Top Dental you are guaranteed:

  1. The least hassle – we can take care of everything, including flights, chauffeurs and hotels.
  2. The highest standard of aftercare and ongoing support.
  3.  If it is about guarantee, we will meet the expenses of treatment.
  4. When you enter our clinic, you will feel as if you were in a hotel….and so you will be treated.
  5. The success rate of complex treatments is as high as 99.50% which is much higher than industry average. It means that guarantee treatment is needed in 1 case out of 200. (Industry average is 97%.)
  6. More than 300 highly satisfied foreign patients annually, coming to receive complex treatment. Most of the patients come for dental implants.
  7. High-quality dental care and highly qualified dentists.
  8. If you are right before decision making we will willingly put you in touch with some of our former patients so you can receive some first-hand experience.
  9. Affordable pricing, excellence.
  10. Long guarantee periods. Our specialists only work with best dental brands so for example tooth implant comes with lifetime guarantee (only material.)
  11. Out of 10 new patients 6 arrive as a result of referrals… which reflects on the fact that our patients are extremely satisfied with our dental services.

Why get your dental treatment in Hungary

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When it comes to any treatment more complex than an extraction or a simple filling, usually you would be given a heart stopping quote of several thousand euro by your dentist in Ireland or UK or in any other western European country. While the same treatment would cost up to 70% less in Hungary, the quality and efficiency of the service is the same if not of a higher standard than the one provided at your home country.

Hungary is known and respected  in the world as being one of the most advanced countries in dentistry and medicine in general.

Hungarian dentists are known for their professional skill, state of the art clinics and Hungarian dentistry. More than half of Austrians who need dental work have it done in Hungary. Citizens of Germany, Switzerland, Britain, France and Ireland visit by the hundreds every day.

Another fact worth noting is that Hungarian dentists have to accrue a number of points annually by attending seminars and lectures in order to retain their licences.

Now, you can have the same quality and reasonable price on dental procedures, while visiting a country with a 1,000-year history, fascinating culture and warmly welcoming people.