All-on-4  vs.  All-on-6

If you are looking for a tooth replacement solution for a toothless jaw or you only have a couple of teeth in one jaw, you have probably come across the “All-on” dental treatment concept. In “All-on” solutions, a complete bridge or denture is placed on a certain number of implants, typically 4 or 6 or rarely 2 and 8.

With „All-on” solutions, the more implants support the complete bridge / denture, the stronger and more stable it will be. And the more implants are placed the pressure is more evenly dispersed on teeth while chewing. So, the more implants you have the better the whole solution resembles the function of your natural teeth.

Still there is no such thing, that this or that is a better solution, as each case will be judged individually by the dentist on the basis of a CT scan and a medical examination, and the most appropriate solution will be proposed, taking into account your budget as well.

What Do All-On-Procedures Have in Common?

– Both provide a permanent full arch solution for a toothless arch

Implant supported bridge/denture solution with a complete set of teeth

– Both solutions stimulate jaw bone growth that helps improve your facial appearance

Differences in between All-on-4 and All-on-6

In case of All-on-4 solution

–        The dentist will place the denture over 4 implants in one jaw. Neither bone grafting nor sinus lift is required.

–        You get a denture that can be removed by your dentist using screws.

–        Healing time is short because no bone replacement is required.

–        Dentist can remove the denture for cleaning and repair purposes.

You can read more about the All-on-4 concept on this page.

In case of All-on-6 solution

–        The dentist places 6 implants in one arch. In this case you may have a sinus lift and bone grafting.

–        It is possible that the complete bridge is retained by 4-5 implants and 1-2 remaining teeth of your own, meaning that the jaw does not need to be completely toothless, but that the complete bridge must be supported by 6 pillars.

–        There is a completely fixed solution where the bridge is glued to the implants and cannot be removed even by the dentist, or it is possible to fix a denture with screws to the implants. This screw solution can be removed by the dentist if necessary.

–        All-on-6 requires longer healing time if bone replacement is performed.

The treatment procedure of All-on-6 is the same as All-on-4, unless a sinus lift or bone replacement is required. If these oral surgery procedures are needed, it is possible that you will need one more visit to Budapest, as bone grafting and implant placement may not always be possible at the same session

If bone replacement is carried out during All-on-6, the healing time is longer.

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