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Dental prices listed below are only for general information. To make an accurate treatment plan a panoramic x-ray is always needed, because all problems can not be seen by naked eyes. If you need some dental cosmetic treatment to front teeth some good quality pics also do.

In case of dental implantation a 3D scan is needed for an accurate quotation so that jaw bone density can be analyzed, but a preliminary quotation can be made on the basis of an x-ray.

If you need cosmetic treatment like veneers some well taken close-up pics will do for an estimation. As nearly all dental problems can be solved in several ways if you contact us, we can make you a tailor made treatment plan that is in line with your expectations, budget and dental needs. Your treatment plan will be transparent, with no hidden costs and you can make an informed decision.

Entry into Hungary is possible for dental care during the covid period. Our staff arranges all paperwork for you for the entry permit to Hungary.

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If you go with our Budapest dentists for dental treatment you will be treated by experienced top-rated dentists who improve your smile with attention, patience and precision. These are such features, that can not be „priced”. In our state-of-the-art clinic dentists use high-quality dental materials from leading manufacturers and our dental lab only uses ISO certified German materials.

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TreatmentsPrice in EUR
FREE dental services
Consultation/medical examination0
Digital x-ray0
Digital panoramic x-ray0
Local anaesthesia0
Pain killers and medication after treatment0
Routine 6 month/annual check-up0
Dental implants - with lifetime guarantee
Alpha Bio implant 525
Alpha Bio abutment235
Nobel Biocare Replace implant789
Nobel Biocare Replace abutment289
Straumann implant790
Straumann implant abutment320
All-on-4 (with 4 implants and a metal denture with ceramic cover)5640
3D scan120
Healing screw0
Dental crowns
Porcelain fused to metal crown250
Porcelain fused to metal crown on implant296
Zirconium crown360
Zirconium corwn on implant405
Full porcelain crown 465
Temporary crown - chair side35
Temporary crown - lab made, long term82
Crown removal22
Dental bridges (price per unit)
Porcelain fused to metal bridge unit250
Zirconium bridge unit360
Full porcelain bridge unit465
Cosmetic dentistry
Zirconia veneer347
E-max porcelain veneer465
White composite filling105-145
Dental hygienic treatment115
Professional teeth whitening - BEYOND© Whitening Accelerator225
Inlay/onlay (gradia)249
Ceramic Inlay/onlay (porcelain)319
Root canal treatment and filling 210-410
Post and core78
Night guard splint99
Oral surgery
Tooth extraction simple110-135
Surgical and wisdom tooth extraction135-175
Sinus lift per quadrant415
Bone augmentation (0,5gr)210
Temporary denture625
Removable denture650
Fixed metal denture with ceramic cover on 4 implants (without implants)2600
Fixed zircon denture with ceramic cover on 4 implants (without implants)2770


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We, here in Budapest always strive for long term dental solutions, knowing, that it is not so easy to return to Budapest for treatment or aftercare. In other words, our dentists only apply such solutions that certainly will be stable and long-lasting they never recommend such dental treatments where results are doubtful and/or that can not be carried out in the proposed time frame.

Dental fee’s subject to change without any prior notification. All rates include dental lab costs.