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Dental tourists from the US and other countries travel to Hungary, and Budapest in particular, for dental treatment.  In this article we will talk about the main reasons of dental travel from the US to Hungary and some of the factors contributing to this thriving trend. We will discuss the most preferred treatments and general dental price levels in Hungary, too.

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The vast majority of US patients fly to Hungary for dental implant treatments. This is a kind of treatment which takes at least two visits in Hungary, but the prices are so affordable and the quality is so high in Budapest, that patients do not mind flying twice or sometimes even three times to Budapest if it is necessary to complete an extensive care with oral surgery.

What is a dental implant? – the most sought-after dental treatment in Hungary

A dental implant is a post made of titanium that is surgically inserted into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. It serves as a strong base that enables the affixing of dental crowns or prosthetic teeth. Dental implants offer patients a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing solution because they are made to closely resemble the natural look, feel, and functionality of real teeth.

Possible tooth replacement types with dental implants include:

Dental implant solutions which are used at our Budapest based clinic to replace missing teeth.

Single tooth implant

This option involves securing an implant and a dental crown to restore your smile, making it ideal for replacing a single missing tooth.

A bridge supported by implants

It may be used when several adjacent teeth are missing. It is secured to dental implants, so supporting natural teeth next to it are not necessary.

Implant-retained dentures

These prosthetic teeth provide the best option for patients who are missing all of their teeth in one or two jaws. A full denture is stabilized and supported by dental implants, which improves comfort, performance and self-assurance. The number of supporting implants may be in between 2 – 6 screws per jaw. The most popular one is when 4 screw retains a complete bridge, known as All-on-4.

Dental travel from the US to Hungary

a dental tourism patient from USA - dental travel from the US to Hungary
a dental tourism patient from USA – dental travel from the US to Hungary

Saving options for US patients in Hungary if you need implant treatment

For full mouth restorations patients can save up to 70% on dental care in Hungary from the US. If we add travel and accommodation costs, then savings are around 50%. Just imagine how much you can save if your US dentist quotes you around 40,000USD you get it at half price in Europe, Hungary plus you visit one of the most beautiful and historical European city, Budapest.
Budapest is known for being a center of dental knowledge, with many knowledgeable dentists and contemporary clinics.

Just as an example an All-on-4 solution with Straumann implant screws, and zirconium complete bridge including a temporary bridge which can be used until the finalized denture is fitted available at our Budapest clinic at a rate of 7,700EUR.

The same All-on-4 solution with 4 pieces of mid-class Neo-dent implants and porcelain-fused-to-metal complete bridge is available from 5,800EUR.

The Budapest implant prices are so competitive that it is worth traveling from the US as well.

Who needs dental implants?

People who are missing one or more teeth for a variety of reasons, such as due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or trauma, are ideal candidates for dental implants because they are the best solution. Dental implants are a particularly attractive option for people who are unable or unwilling to wear removable dentures or who do not wish to do so, as well as for people who cannot have a bridge. People who are self-conscious about their missing teeth can regain their confidence by getting dental implants because the screws function and look just like natural teeth.

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Why is it necessary to get implants and what are their benefits?

Dental implants offer a plethora of advantages to their recipients. Aesthetically speaking, they restore the appearance of a full set of teeth, which in turn boosts the individual’s confidence as well as their sense of self-worth. Dental implants can improve a patient’s ability to speak clearly and chew their food, while also providing the stability that dentures sometimes lack. In addition to this, they help to maintain the structure of the face by preventing the bone loss that happens when teeth are lost. Dental implants, in contrast to bridges, do not require the modification of the teeth that are adjacent to the gap, which helps to preserve the overall dental health.

When it comes to the implant placement procedure, how long it takes

The time it takes to place dental implants varies, primarily as a result of factors such as the number of implants, the location of those implants, and the patient’s general state of health. The surgical procedure to place a single dental implant typically takes between 30mins and 90mins to complete. In the event that bone grafts or any other additional procedures are required then the appointment of surgery is longer. The whole process may take several months to complete in order to allow for adequate healing.

It is important to know, that implant treatment for foreign patients in Hungary takes at least two visits. The jawbone should grow around the screw to stabilize them so they can act like real teeth roots. After the healing period is over crowns, bridges or complete bridges like all-on-4 or all-on-6 can be fitted on the screws.

In general the first visit is 2-3 workdays in Budapest and the healing period is 3-6 months. Then the last visit is 5-10 days depending on the number of crowns need to be fitted. So dental travel from the US to Hungary can be a lengthy project but it is really worth it.

What other types of treatments do American dental tourism patients prefer in Hungary?

In addition to implant-based treatments, dental travel from the US to Hungary is preferred for cosmetic dental treatments. Typically we are talking about a smile makeover, which is performed in Budapest with zirconium or E-max full porcelain veneers or implemented by zirconium crowns if teeth have major aesthetic problems.

These treatments are more favorable from the point of view of dental tourism because it is usually enough to travel to Budapest once for them. For cosmetic dental care you generally need to stay in Budapest for eight to ten workdays and then the patients can travel home to the US with a completely new Hollywood Smile.

In the case of these types of treatments, similar cost savings of at least fifty 60% can be achieved in Hungary, even if we add the price of travel and accommodation to the total costs.

Quality dental care in Hungary

On the other hand, this isn’t just about cutting costs. Dentistry in Hungary is held to very high standards. The nation’s dental clinics are some of the most advanced in the world, and its healthcare policies are among the most stringent in the world. In addition, dentists in Hungary are well-known for their proficiency in dental implantology, and the majority of them have received training and accreditation at an international level.

Budapest as a dental tourism destination for American patients

What else makes Hungary attractive in addition to price and quality

The chance to combine dental care with a trip to a lovely, culturally diverse city, which elevates Hungary to the top of the list for dental tourism.

Budapest is a city that is steeped in history and culture, giving patients the opportunity to combine their dental treatment with a relaxing vacation in a city that is rich in both.

There are many world-famous attractions in Budapest that tourists like to see, such as the panorama of the Danube and the parliament in Buda Castle, or the Citadel on Gellert Hill and the Statue of Liberty. The more famous places on the Pest side, such as the Opera house or Hősök tere, or even the new Puskás Aréna.

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There are lots of restaurants and theaters, as well as the much-loved spas among the favorites of tourists. So there are lots of extra reasons of dental travel from the US to Hungary in addition to quality and affordable price.

It is simple to fly form the US to Hungary. The flying time is in between 12 – 18 hours and from most of the places it can be completed with one change-over.


It is no coincidence that Budapest is one of the world centers of dental tourism. Here, patients receive excellent treatment at an affordable price. If you would like to know how much your dental treatment would cost in Budapest feel free to contact us.

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