Dental treatment in Budapest at an affordable rate

We help you get 70% off your dental costs in Budapest in our state-of-the art ISO 9001 certified dental clinic. Our dental implant specialists and cosmetic dentists improve your smile in a way that you did not even dream of before. All treatments are carried out using the latest dental technologies with the highest quality standards. Our dentists already improved thousands of smiles and we can do it for you. It is 100% guaranteed.

Happy patient at our dental clinic in Budapest who received dental implants - Save 70% on dental treatment in Hungary
Happy patient at our dental clinic in Budapest who received dental implants – Save 70% on dental treatment in Hungary

Dental implant rates in Budapest 

Let us see the dental rate of a 4 item bridge (a bridge of 4 crowns) on two implants with our Budapest clinic. Please, note, the prices below does not include sinus lift and bone grafting. This treatment in your own country costs between 2,300 – 3,100 GBP depending on the implant brand, region and clinic. Our clinic undertakes lifetime warranty to all implants.

Cost of a 4 item bridge (4 crowns) on two implants
Dental treatmentpiecescost in EUR
Dental consultation1Free
Panoramic x-ray1Free
3D scan1120
Dental screw – Alpha Bio2525
Alpha Bio abutment2235
Porcelain crown on implant2255
Porcelain crown2250
Total2,650 EUR

3 simple steps to save 70% on dental treatment in Hungary

If you wish dental treatment with us, please, follow the 3 simple steps below:

1.Contact our team in any form you like:

email: or

you can call us at +36-30-248-7861 or

use the quick quote form.

2. If you let us know what treatment you are after or you have questions, our team is happy to inform you.

If you send us a panoramic x-ray, then we can make a quotation for you including all the information about treatments, visits and costs so that an informed decision could be made. If you are happy with the quotation and treatment after discussing all important details we will harmonize the period of the first visit with you. The only thing you have to do about your dental travel to Budapest is to book your flight tickets and the rest is on us. We provide you with all information you need to organize your dental travel to Budapest.

3. Your treatment is delivered in our first class Budapest dental by the schedule of appointments you are given prior to travel. Our dental team ensures that your travel to Budapest be as pleasant as possible and you can return home proudly with your brand new smile. You can read more about it here!

Budapest lights by night.
Budapest lights by night.

Increase your savings by refund for dental care in Budapest

Budapest is a very attractive destination for those who seek dental treatment at reasonable rates.  It is worth comparing these prices with the rates of your local dentist. On the one hand lower rates are a well known and a very attractive factor for treatment in Hungary, on the other hand there is one more factor that can reduce your costs of treatment which is refund in your country. There are some countries where refund is regulated by government if your dental care is done in a country of the European Union. There are other countries and they are a lot more, where there is no such refund, but other kind of reimbursement is available from private health insurance companies. Let us see options country by country.

In Ireland in addition to save 70% on dental treatment in Hungary it is possible to get a 20% refund after dental care in Budapest. If your dentist fills in the MED 2 form for you after treatment, you are entitled for the 20% refund. Upon request our clinic prepares this document for you. You can claim that tax relief online as long as 4 years at the latest after the year of treatment took place. Refund is available for all major treatments, like placement of implants, or fitting crowns and bridges or veneers, but minor treatments, such as fillings, check-ups or dental hygienic treatments are not part of it. You can read in detail about 20% tax relief in Ireland after Budapest dental care on this website.

In France in addition to save 70% on dental treatment in Hungary with the help of Social Security you can also get refund after dental care in Hungary. The system is different from the Irish one. In France for each treatment that is part of reimbursement a certain amount is defined that is refunded. It means no matter where your treatment is carried out in the EU you get the same amount of reimbursement for treatment types that are refunded. You can read about social security reimbursement in France  after Budapest dental treatment in detail here.  In order to get reimbursement you must submit the original document of „Soins reçus à l’étranger” to Social Security along with panoramic x-rays taken before and after treatment. All these documents are provided by our clinic if you request it. If you need a preliminary estimation about the amount of your reimbursement so that you can plan, our clinic prepares your treatment plan with CCAM codes and on the basis of this information you get an estimation from Social Security.

Buda fortress in the heart of Budapest.We do not know about other countries where reimbursement after Budapest dental care would be government-controlled, but there are lots of countries where private health insurance companies provide coverage for dental care.

Insurance companies work with different rules, there are some examples that we experienced.

They are common in the following: Insurance companies always ask for a medical status report that explains why that particular treatment a patient needs. Also they ask for x-rays taken before and after care and a detailed treatment record along with invoice of paid amount. After treatment is completed a special form of the insurance company must be filled in by the clinic. In addition insurances companies usually do not cover the cost of cosmetic dental treatments, like placement of veneers or crowns on front teeth or teeth whitening. You can only get coverage for treatments with medical reasons.

Ask for a quote today

Before concluding a health contract insurance service providers may ask you to undergo a dental examination of the insurance dentist. Those treatments that are already needed when examination took place will not be covered by insurance that is you have to meet its expenses in the future.

Other insurance companies do not ask for a dental examination prior to concluding a contract, they say that only a certain amount of treatment will be covered annually. The amount of reimbursement depends on the annual fee you pay for the insurance.

There are other companies that need a preliminary treatment plan with costs from your dentist and they decide about the amount of reimbursement on the basis of this information. On average the maximum amount of refund is 40-70% of the value of care but it depends on the policy you hold. As dental costs can be very high in case of complex treatments even in Budapest it is advised to chose a policy that meets your needs to the fullest possible extent.