Veneers or crowns

Lots of people want a nice and shiny smile. Not only are we more attractive, but we also look younger with a white smile. As good looks are especially important nowadays, a lot of people want a perfect smile so they often turn to their dentists for aesthetic treatment.

Nice Smile – without losing tooth material?

Basically, with the help of veneers or crowns, it is possible to create a beautiful Hollywood smile.

Many people think that when veneers are applied, the tooth is not prepared, that is no any tooth material is lost. Unfortunately, this is not the case, even before the veneers are glued, the dentist shaves away the enamel, though only a few tens of millimeters from the front surface of the tooth.

For crowns, the dentist prepares not only the front area but the entire tooth, approx. 1mm in thickness, which means there is less loss of tooth material in the case of veneers. It is important that veneers are glued to the enamel and therefore the layer to be removed from the front area of the tooth is very thin.

It would be very difficult to bond the veneers to the dentin, so it’s important that the layer shaved away from the  tooth surface is really thin so that dentists could glue veneers to the enamel. As only the veneers can be used with very little tooth material loss, the application areas are also limited. So if the teeth stick out or are clogged or twisted, then only crowns can be used, because a lot of the teeth material must be shaved away in order to achieve a perfect look.

E-max veneers provide the most aesthetic results, which provide the best resemblance to real teeth. Veneers are preferred when bleaching does not correct discoloration, or there are minor chips, or small gaps.

Veneers are very thin, fine tools, very similar to contact lens, but they are very durable, resistant to breakage and, when properly prepared, fit perfectly to the enamel.

Many people are afraid of using crowns because they are afraid of root canal treatment.

In cases where a crown is used for aesthetic purposes, root canal treatment is almost never necessary as it is true that tooth material is removed from the entire tooth surface, but this does not endanger the tooth’s survival.

For root canal treated teeth veneers are not recommended as these teeth discolour, which may become visible through veneers over time as they are of thin material.

When does the dentist recommend a veneer or crown?

In all cases, a dental examination is needed to find the right solution, but in simpler cases, your dentist can suggest tretament on the basis of some high-quality photos:


Your dentist will advise you these, if:

– teeth are aligned, only small gaps need to be closed

– bleaching does not eliminate discoloration

– you have chipped off a small piece of the tooth

– there are tiny fillings on the tooth

– no root canal treatment

– previously there was no crown on the tooth, only a veneer


Your dentist will advise you these, if:

– teeth are in poor condition, wider gaps should be closed

– tooth is broken or cracked,

– larger fillings are in the tooth

– grind your teeth

– teeth are not aligned but crowded

– there is a crown on the tooth already

– in case of rotated teeth it is likely your dentist will recommend you orthodontic treatment

Both solutions are durable and can be used for many years. Crowns and veneers do not discolor when smoking, drinking coffee or tea. If you do not have a crown or veneer on every front tooth, then over the years, discoloration of the natural tooth may cause a color difference in between the natural tooth and the crown or veneer, so it is worth treating any visible tooth when considering aesthetic treatment.

Smile improvement in Budapest

Whatever treatment your dentist recommends, it will be completely painless as local anasthesia is applied. Either veneers or crowns are applied, after the initial preparation temporary crowns or veneers will be placed. This is because prepared teeth must be protected until definitive crowns or veneers are made and fitted as the enamel is shaved away teeth could be sensitive to hot or cold.

Before the definitive crowns or veneers are fitted there are some trials until the perfect shape and colour is set. So, there is a very hard manual work in the dental lab until venreers and crowns are made.

Treatment up to 10-12 pieces of veneers or crowns can be performed in Budapest in the frame of a 5 working day visit. If you need more than 12 pieces, treatment may last up to 7-8 workdays.


If you are so lucky, you do not need aesthetic dental care to improve your smile, it is advised to refrain from smoking, and drinking red wine and tea, and regularly have dental check-ups along with dental hygienic treatment and air flow polishing.

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