Dental promotions and free services in Budapest

  • Preparation of quotations in 1 workday if you send us a panoramic x-ray in email. If you have an x-ray but not digitally, then, please stick the x-ray on a window with some back light (lamp or sun) and take a pic of it. If you have no panoramic x-ray but have a quote from your local dentist, please, send it over in email with no prices so that we could make you our treatment plan on the grounds of that quotation. If you have no x-ray, please, take some good quality pics of your teeth for a rough estimation. If you need aesthetic treatment for the front area, then pics will be needed in addition to the x-ray.  Please, see details at the bottom of the page about picture requirements.
  • Free consultation package in Budapest. If you already are in Budapest, contact us and we will book a free and no-obligation consultation for you at our clinic. It is also possible to book a free appointment for a consultation weeks in advance. The result of consultation is one or more treatment plans that are in line with your dental needs. We take a digital panoramic x-ray in the course of consultation so that an accurate quote can be made. Please, note, if you need implants, then a 3D  scan will also be needed to make a 100% accurate quotation. The 3d scan will be charged. Transport service is also charged for consultation if you do not begin treatment, but if you do later – within 3 months – , then the cost of it is reduced from treatment costs.
  • Consultation possibilities with your would be dentist on the phone about your treatment and options. It is only possible after you sent us an x-ray and a quotation was prepared.
  • Free clinical consultation with a panoramic x-ray at the Budapest clinic.
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Assistance in organizing free time activity and sightseeing in Budapest.
  • Booking transfer service upon arrival airport->hotel and departure hotel->airport. It is free if you come for treatment and the total treatment value is over 4,000EUR.
  • Medication before, during (local anesthesia) and after treatment (medication pack after oral surgeries.)
  • We make you a referral for a panoramic x-ray or a 3D scan to your local imaging centre if it is needed so that we could make you a quote on the basis of it.

We help you in some way to reduce your costs regarding treatment in Budapest

  • We always have special offers ask for the details.
  • We have partnerships with some hotels in Budapest where we can reserve your accommodation at company rates that is below normal retail prices

Why seek a dental surgery in Budapest with ISO 9001 quality assurance certification

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for the quality management of all kind of processes and services. If a healthcare provider is certified to ISO 9001, then every dental  service must meet the same high quality standards and requirements, there can not be discrepancies.

Why is it important for you to be treated in in ISO certified dental clinic, as a patient?

While being treated at our clinic you will receive the same high quality service that was provided to the thousands of patients having great experience with us  before you. To top it all, not only you, but your dentist back home will also be convinced of the highest quality treatment you received at the Budapest Top Dental.

It is not only the clinic that is ISO 9001 certified, but the dental lab as well. Raw materials that are used in the lab for crowns and veneers are also certified and they are made in Germany under the highest quality control.

Pictures the dentist needs from a patient for a quotation in case of a cosmetic treatment

These are the 5 photo samples (in different views ) that show what pictures a dentists needs from you for a quotation in case of cosmetic treatment.

We need one picture of the upper and one picture of the lower teeth.

We need 3 pictures with your teeth closed. One from left, one from right and one from the front.

You can simply take the photos with your phone by yourself or with a little help from a family member, just make sure that you completely bite with your back teeth when shooting. Thanks for your efforts.

Pictures the dentist needs from a patient in case of a cosmetic treatment