What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement of the tooth root, which dentists implant in the place of a lost tooth. The dental implant fixed in the jaw holds the elements of the dental replacement:

The dental implant provides a solution to all problems that occurs when using a prosthesis. You no longer have to feel uncomfortable. This modern dental treatment helps restore the beauty and function of your teeth so that you no longer have problems.

When is dental implantation necessary?

You may need dental implants if:

  • you want a more stable solution instead of removable dentures
  • you do not want to grind down the healthy teeth for the replacement
  • you want to enjoy the benefits of full dentures again
  • you wish restore lost function so that eating would not cause more difficulty

What happens if you choose not to have a dental implant?

Failure to replace teeth poses a health risk affecting the entire body. The lesions first develop in the oral cavity, but they worsen over time and may even be present as nodules in the body.

You can expect the following changes in the oral cavity if the dental restoration is not performed in time:

  • without load, the bone stock under the gums decreases, that is, gum recession may occur
  • in the absence of support, the existing teeth can fall or move
  • masticatory joint pain may appear, as chewing is concentrated only in certain areas
  • problems in the oral cavity can cause regular headaches and joint pain in other areas of the body
  • missing teeth can make your face look much older than your age

Read our articles regarding dental implants to have more information about this popular dental treatment.

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