Would you like to improve your smile and have a positive change in your life with the help of cosmetic dentistry? Consult our dentists in Budapest, Hungary and book an appointment for our most popular cosmetic dental treatments:

Our cosmetic dental treatments utilize the most up to date methods and the latest materials.

We know that the perfect smile boosts confidence and shows overall health. It is key for a pleasant appearance. Therefore we provide a comprehensive range of services to correct any imperfections with your teeth and give you a beautiful smile you deserve.

Cosmetic dentistry does not simply mean making the teeth more beautiful. It is a complex approach, the goal of which is to develop a functionally good chewing ability that also meets aesthetic expectations.

Our dentists in Hungary are well aware of all these criteria.

When it comes to dental treatments, we want a dentist that we can trust, who also sees the patient behind the dental problem.

For us, trust is just as important as expertise and experience. Even today, many patients are afraid of dental treatments, and as a result, most of them put off the necessary treatments for this reason.

However, an empathetic dentist can help a person overcome their fears and have a positive attitude towards regular check-ups, necessary or cosmetic treatments.

Our clinic is one of the leading dental clinics in Budapest, Hungary. Our specialists with up-to-date expertise will help you create your most beautiful smile.

Read our articles regarding all the dental treatments that will make your smile pleasing and contact us if you have any questions or would like us to help you arrange your next dental treatment in Hungary.

Front teeth replacement – What are the best options for missing teeth?

A missing front tooth can affect a person’s aesthetics, speech, ability to chew, and the health of the jawbone. It can also lead to psychological and emotional distress, affecting a person’s self-esteem and confidence. As a result, front teeth replacement is very important. Whether it’s caused by trauma, tooth decay, gum disease, congenital conditions, or…

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Average cost of dental veneers – Hungary vs the United Kingdom

Knowing and understanding how much veneers cost is important. Based on the average cost of dental veneers in the United Kingdom and Hungary, you will be able to make an informed decision about where to get this dental treatment and how to find the most-effective solution. Average cost of dental veneers in the United Kingdom…

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Why the English come to Hungary for cosmetic and dental implant treatments

Main reasons for UK dental tourism in Hungary In England, like other Western European countries, the cost of dental treatment is very high. The NHS supports certain dental treatments, but not all. That is, extensive dental treatments have to be paid for. NHS support is only available for treatments that are medically justifiable. These treatments,…

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All-on-6 in Hungary – the story of my smile makeover in Budapest

This is the story of my All-on-6 in Hungary for my top and bottom teeth to restore perfectly my chewing and speaking abilities. Review of a satisfied Belgian dental tourism patient who had her new teeth in Hungary. My review in detail: “First, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the clinic specifically…

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