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Our dentists and oral surgeons offer you the best possible dental care in our Budapest office. You can meet our dentists here. No matter if you only need simple treatments or you want complex full mouth restoration you will have top quality dental treatment. On the pics below you can see lots of before – after images. These are the works of our cosmetic dentists and dental implant specialists. Some patients say it is dental magic that happened to them in the surgery and it was well worth traveling to Budapest for treatment. No matter how damaged, decayed or unsightly your teeth are we can restore your smile. It is guaranteed.

Smile gallery: some before – after photos dental care in Hungary:


If you need cosmetic dentistry, to brighten the overall aesthetic look of your smile we can treat you the way that Hollywood movie stars can dream of. If you have too big gaps between teeth, or you have a chipped or broken tooth or you want to have white aesthetic fillings or you just want to reshape your teeth our specialists will help you and recommend you the best treatment for improving your smile. You can read more here about crowns and veneers and bridges and can see some more before – after photos as a result of tooth work in Hungary. Smile makeover procedures are possible with veneers, crowns as well.

If you miss one or more teeth either you can have implants or bridges. Our specialists on the grounds of the general condition of your teeth and jaw bone will recommend you the most suitable treatment plan. For your health and security reasons implantation is performed in two steps. First you receive dental implants (screws) and after the proper healing time you get the abutment (artificial tooth) and crown.

Our oral surgeons work with three implant brands: Alpha-Bio Straumann and Nobel Biocare. Our clinic provides life-time warranty to both implants (only material). If you have missing teeth, in the long run implants are more comfortable, lasting and aesthetic, however are more costly than any other solutions like crowns, bridges or dentures. You can read everything you need to know about dental implants here.

If you are from the United States and planning on getting your teeth fixed in Hungary you can read tailored info for US patients on these pages.

Before dental work you will be given an exact quote as per a medical examination and a panoramic x-ray image. The panoramic x-ray in Budapest dentistry is free, just like the consultation appointment. As a result of the process you will have more treatment options that will make the appearance of your teeth better.

Our clinic provides long guarantee periods to all treatments and these conditions are undertaken in written form.

To set your mind at ease before you make a go ahead decision we are happy to provide you with more before – after photos showing treatment results. These pics were taken of our patients’ new teeth who had the same or similar dental treatment you need. Aesthetics and chewing capabilities were improved.

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