Where can you save the most on dental implants and other dental treatments?

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Lots of dental tourism patients go abroad for treatments. They do it because they can save up to 40-70% on treatment costs compared to their home prices. Lots of them look for low cost dental tourism with high quality treatment.

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In Hungay they can find whet they are looking for as quality is first class and prices are competitive.

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Sue SmothersSue Smothers
06:39 10 Oct 23
I am very happy with the dental care I received. I was a bit apprehensive about having it done in a foreign country, but everyone was very professional and helpful.Would not hesitate to return!
Tatiana AkoevTatiana Akoev
21:24 09 Oct 23
I am very happy and satisfied with the results of my treatment so far. Dr. Bodnár has done an amazing job. I would definitely recommend this clinic. Thank you for your service.
Monica LuisaMonica Luisa
18:57 06 Jul 23
had several crowns done (six total) and everything went well. communication with Janos in the office was excellent, prices are worth the trip to Hungary, work was well done, and I had a lovely doctor. I will be back.
Michael O'ConnorMichael O'Connor
12:34 01 Jun 23
We had extremely great experience with our trip to BudapestThe team were fantastic. We had lots of work done with implants and crowns.Great value and a wonderful city to visit for a great holiday.Lots of love for Dr Adam and the team for their patients and care.Just book itRegards Michael and Yvonne from Dublin
Yvonne OconnorYvonne Oconnor
12:29 01 Jun 23
Brilliant service couldn't have asked for better care Dr Adam was amazing looked after me so well and the end result is fabulous I am so happy thank you so much for all your help and treatment will highly recommend your service from picked up at airport and dropped back thank you again regards Yvonne

Hungary is considered the best country for dental tourism by many due to its top quality dental services and affordable prices. At our clinic, Budapest Top Dental, all patients get state-of-the-art technology offered by expert dentists.

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Here you can check the dental services you can save the most on:

Most patients come for implants since it is the most expensive dental intervention in other countries, however it is not so complicated. Some dentists say, it is simpler to insert an implant in the jaw than to fill a decaying tooth.

Some people think placement of a dental screw is a real surgery and you have to spend a few days at the clinic without returning to your home or hotel. Thanks to cutting-edge dental technologies and our experienced dentists, placement of implants is a simple treatment and after the intervention you can leave the dental office and can do your daily activity.

OPG before and after smile makeover
OPG before and after smile makeover

Let’s see the average dental implant prices in Europe. Please, note, prices may vary due to implant types, location of the office and warranty conditions. The prices below exclude sinus lift or bone grafting – they only include the dental implant/screw itself and surgical fee.

Our dental clinic in Budapest undertakes lifetime warranty to all implants. Hungary/Budapest price refers to our clinic’s fee.


Price of a single dental implant




2100 EUR




















The placement of a single implant does not solve the problem of a tooth gap as additional items are needed to restore chew and speech ability. A total tooth replacement includes a dental implant, abutment, healing screw and porcelain fused to metal crown. This is what the majority of our clients ask for at our clinic and very rarely only the placement of a single implant.

Let’s see price comparison of a total tooth replacement:



Price of implant & crown
























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You can see there are significant differences between Western European and Eastern European countries on dental rates, however, the quality of treatment is the same.

The more treatment you need, the more you can save with dentists in Budapest.

Lots of people come from the UK or Ireland even for one implant so treatment costs with flights and accommodation is still cheaper than treatment in the UK or Ireland. Budapest is located in the heart of Europe, so it can be reached with one- or two-and-a-half hour flights from nearly any part of Europe. Affordable accommodation is possible to book at a rate of 15-25EUR/night.

Dental rates and treatment quality are so attractive in Budapest that there are lot of medical tourism patients who fly here from USA or Canada. Savings on treatment can be increased by tax relief and insurance refund, as Hungary is part of the European Union.

a dental tourism patient from USA
a dental tourism patient from USA

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Why is treatment cheaper in Budapest than in your home?

Costs of living are also much cheaper in Hungary, so wages, salaries, rental fees of premises are also cheaper. This low price rate is reflected in dental rates.

Hungary is the best country for dental veneers. Apart from that, the quality of dental implants are of world class excellence. You can read everything you need to know about dental implants here. You can see here our full dental treatment price list in Budapest.

If you feel like combining your dental treatment with a holiday in Budapest, do not hesitate to contact us, we will assist you in organizing your treatment and holiday. If you want to know how much you can save on dental care in Hungary, please contact us at smile@dentaltreatment.eu

Sunset at he chain bridge in Budapest
Sunset at he chain bridge in Budapest

Low cost dental treatment in Hungary (Budapest)

By the year of 2008, in the field of dental tourism Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has become the number one destination.

This respected position reflects the hard work of roughly 3000 dentists and dental implant specialist of 300 dental clinics in Hungary whose vast majority is in Budapest. As a result of their high quality dental work, 60-70,000 thousand foreign dental patients travel to Budapest annually to get their teeth fixed.

The annual spending of these patients is over 250 million EUR. Medical tourism experts say this amount of money is around 90% of total spending of medical tourism in Hungary.

A new industry – Dental tourism Hungary

In recent years, it seems that the way people think about dental health care service they use has changed.

“Is it really true that the most expensive treatment is the best one?” This is the question that thousands of English, French, Irish and Swiss people ask themselves every day in Europe. The answer is provided by a new medical service industry which is specialized in making high quality but affordable dental services for those who either can not afford to pay the dental expenses of their home country or recognize the fact that at a fraction of the costs of their home dentists they can get top quality dental treatments from well-trained dentists and implant experts in Budapest.

More and more patients seek dental treatment in Hungary‘s capital, Budapest – thanks to its affordable dental treatment costs, full and high-quality dental care, cutting-edge dental clinics, low cost flights, the spas and thermal hotels and many more tourist attractions.

However, low costs seem to be the most attractive factor as treatments are 40-70% cheaper than treatments in most UK, French, Irish and Swiss dental clinics.

Budapest the Hungarian parlaiment and Buda mountains

Dental tourism plays an increasingly important role these days.

But who is a dental tourist? A dental tourist is a person who travels to another country with the intention of getting dental treatment abroad, outside the normal health care system of his country. There are various reasons behind. In most cases, the dental tourist for some reason – whether it is a long waiting period, or treatment is too expensive – is not satisfied with the dental services available in his home country and seeks a solution in a foreign country these days mainly in Hungary.

The main motivation for such trips is the affordability of treatment in Hungary, but the high quality is also increasingly important.

In countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland and France, the costs of dental treatments became extremely high, and the quality of treatments supported by social security fell to low level. So patients consider: either they take treatments of social security that is cheap but there are extremely long waiting lists, or they take treatments of private dental clinics where treatments are of high quality but extremely expensive.

Now there’s a third option. Get dental treatment in a country where the cost of treatment is much lower, mainly due to much lower wages. In such cases, the patient is looking for a destination with conditions roughly similar to that of his or her country.

Dental tourism patients suppose that in that country there is a serious professional, technical and educational background and the quality of treatment will not be of lower quality than they receive home.

Hungary, particularly Budapest matches these expectations.

Earlier, it was natural that people saw their own dentists, and they did not even think of other city – not another country – to travel to and get dental treatments there. However, nowadays more and more people come to Hungary for treatment. They are called dental tourism patients.

Why dental tourists come to Hungary for dental treatments?

a dental tourism patient from the UK
a dental tourism patient from the UK

1. Costs
In many Western European countries dental treatments are very expensive, so many people not only seek dental treatment in their home countries but they try to find other low cost dental services abroad. Budapest and other cities in Hungary are one of the top destinations for dental tourism patients.

2. Availability
In some cases, it also happens that the treatment you want to receive is simply not available in your home country. It might happen with some more complicated dental implant treatments.

3. Long-period

After the cost benefits long waiting period is the second most common reason of dental tourists. In some countries, there are long waiting times at cheap state-funded surgeries, but at private dental practices there are no waiting lists. However, their prices are prohibitively expensive, so patients look for more affordable dental solutions abroad.

4. Quality

There are places where the quality of more affordable local dental services are known to be not the best, so many people set off to get higher standard treatments abroad.

5. Loneliness
The oral health is a sensitive area, in a sense it is part of the intimate sphere. We do not want to talk about it, and rather keep it as a secret if we have problems with our teeth.

Therefore, there are people who prefer to spend the time alone until they reach the end of a major dental treatment. The easiest way to be alone, and guaranteed not to meet friends and acquaintances,  is when you fly to a distant but still easily accessible country and get your teeth fixed there.

Due to low cost airlines, Budapest and some other cities of Hungary can be reached easily. So many people travel for this reason, and only friends can see the new, shining teeth.

6. If you travel for some other reason.
There are many who link business or holiday travel with their dental treatment if they travel to a country or city that is a popular dental tourism destination.

Budapest, the Danube and Margaret island

Preparations for dental treatment in Budapest

The dental surgery of Budapest Top Dental is equipped with all necessary dental instruments, in order to provide dental tourists with the highest quality dental services in Hungary.

Our qualified dentists and experts  are specialized in oral surgery and placement of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, including all types of dental treatments like bridges, crowns and veneers etc.

The costs of dental treatment for foreign patients are so much lower in Hungary than, say, in the United Kingdom or Ireland (on average 60-70%), that patients can combine summer holiday and treatments.

There are a lot of interesting events and attractions in Budapest that are worth looking while you are staying here for dental care.

Before and after veneer treatment
Before and after veneer treatment

What you need to do:

1., Get a panoramic x-ray taken and send it to us in e-mail.

Our dentists make you one or more quotes and the detailed treatment plans are sent to you. It includes prices, treatments, length and number of visits to Budapest. It also contains warranty conditions and dental materials used. If you want it, the dentist will call you and explain everything in detail.

Ask for a quote today so you can enjoy your perfect smile again


2., If you like the quote and want to go ahead with the treatment, we specify the dates of treatment with you. We book your accommodation at our partner hotels a bit below retail rates that are all in the heart of Budapest just like the clinic of Budapest Top Dental.

3., Your only task is to book a flight to Budapest. We will provide you with booking airport – hotel transfers upon arrival and departure.

4., During your stay we carry out treatments that we’ve discussed with you. We also recommend you enjoyable activities to have a pleasant time in Hungary.

5., After completing your dental treatment you return to your home country with a sparkling white smile. Any time you come for the free annual check-up, we also book your accommodation and provide you free airport – hotel transfers.

Previously, health and dental health could not be part of a deal. Many people believed that it is not fair to make a business out of other people’s dental problems.

Dentists also thought that, it’s not a business, so market laws can not prevail here, because the mission of dentists is healing. So, generally speaking, it was thought it is not a business that you could or should advertise.

However, the spontaneous expansion of dental tourism and the financial success and ongoing promotional activities of non-dental-owned dental clinics fundamentally changed this situation. The spread of internet made big changes in dental tourism.

Today, dentists and dental clinics in Hungary can make use of the possibilities of the Internet. Internet marketing is not considered advertising but rather some kind of public awareness campaigns. This way of information provisioning was not against dentists’ general mission.


Budapest and bridges on the Danube

Budapest involvement in dental tourism

The low-cost airlines were of great importance for the spread of dental tourism nationwide in Hungary. By the time low cost airlines appeared, many dentist-owned dental clinics were established mainly in Budapest.

Because of the long distance from the western border of Hungary, Budapest missed the benefits of dental tourism. So dental clinics in Budapest only competed for domestic patients. This competition for domestic dental patients, however, inadvertently has also prepared the development of the market for dental tourism, since the latest innovations required intensive investments and asset management of the clinics.

But clinics having one or two dental chairs could only afford a few of these investments. In order to manage these latest dental investments economically, you needed to have at least 4 or 5 dental chairs.

Since dentistry is divided into several disciplines, a dentist, no matter how well he is trained in his own field, can not provide patients with all treatments to the highest extent they need. So, if you want to provide overall treatments to your patients, you need a team of highly qualified dentists in each walks of dentistry.

The co-operation of these dentists is necessary for successful dental works. In addition ISO quality insurance is also present.

a dental tourism patient from Ireland
a dental tourism patient from Ireland

The dental tourism patient

The point of the business is to get dental tourism patients.

Who has the patient relationship, that also has the economic potential as well. However, it is not only the price difference that makes the patient get treated in Hungary. Dental tourism patients also take into account additional costs such as travel expenses, accommodation costs, lost earnings, lost off days and possible future risks.

The patient’s position is difficult for several reasons. The patient is likely to travel to an unfamiliar country and it is also required to take a few days off work. Moreover, you do not receive treatment in your well known environment. It is identified as a high risk by many. Therefore, the patient should be supported and make sure that they do not need to be afraid of anything.

The surgeries provide all possible assistance to patients so that they could feel safe. After all, the interest of clinics is that patients should not consider dental tourism such a dental treatment but an investment into health.

Before and after veneer treatment
Before and after veneer treatment

Hungary – the best country for dental tourism

For a big clinic, dental tourism patients are more beneficial than domestic patients for several reasons. These patients want to get more dental work done, they do not travel abroad for a few fillings. It is only worth traveling one-two thousand kilometers for complex dental works. Complex works are more beneficial for clinics in Budapest, since larger works make greater profits.

On the other hand, the price difference between the average Hungarian treatment price level and dental tourism price level makes more profit for the clinics even if marketing and any other advertisement costs are added.

Some Hungarian clinics already have clinics abroad. In these cases, dental work is divided, so consultation and “aftercare” is provided abroad and the main treatment is carried out in Hungary.

These surgeries slowly begin to provide the whole treatment abroad at a higher price than in Hungary, but at a lower price than the average local rates. So patients can decide whether they want to have treatment at the local Hungarian dental clinic or would travel to Hungary for even cheaper treatment rates.

It is worth mentioning that the quality of dental treatments are extremely high in Hungary. High quality helps maintain the high reputation of Hungarian dental clinics. As treatments are of very high quality warranty periods are also very long, not rarely life time in case of dental implants.

The dentist in Budapest – low cost dental tourism

Hungarian dentists have to take many things into consideration in case of treatments of dental tourism patients.

This way of treatments is called “defensive dental planning”. This means that you have to prepare a different treatment plan for a dental tourism patient than a domestic patient. It is because foreign patients can not get back to Hungary any time to see the dentist, and certain treatments should be finished within the specified, very short period of time.

So dentists cannot initiate treatments where results can be uncertain and cannot modify treatment in the meantime. So foreigners often receive different treatments than local patients.

Will I see the same dentist during treatment?

If you need cosmetic treatment, like placement of crowns, bridges or veneers in Budapest, then yes, one single dentist will carry out your whole treatment. Also, if you need orthodontic treatment because your front teeth are crowded then the same orthodontist will do your treatment.

But if you happen to need complex treatments that begin with oral surgery like extractions, sinus lift, bone grafting and placement of implants and continues with fitting bridges, crowns or All-on-4 solutions, then you will see more than one dentist.

The logic behind is that at each stage of treatment, the intervention is carried out by the specialist of the dental work you are in need of. Therefore, in case of complex treatments, you will see oral surgeons and at the final stage you will see cosmetic dentists.

This is how our clinic makes sure you receive the best possible dental care.

View on roofs in Budapest from Basilica.
View on roofs in Budapest from Basilica.

Hungary dental tourism – How long dental tourism patients stay in Hungary

Patients usually stay 3-8 workdays in Hungary during a visit.

They do not have appointments every day as dental lab works are also needed between treatments.

Patients have appointments every second day on average and spend about 10 hours in the clinic during a visit.

Budapest and Hungary has many attractions to visit and leisure time activities for the days with no treatment. However, it might happen that patients’ teeth are sensitive so they are reluctant to participate in any event.

Generally, patients know how they want to spend their free time, but upon patient requests most of the dental clinics assist in organizing free time activities. Some clinics also give presents to dental tourism patients such as entrance tickets to spas, tickets to the opera house, or sightseeing tours.


Dental tourism patients in Hungary generally receive a guarantee of three years to lifetime, depending on the treatment received. If within the warranty period any problems occur, the patient contacts the dental clinic or agency and discusses what to do to solve the problem.

It is important to point out that to maintain warranty, patients have to take part in the annual check-up which is free.

The problem will be assessed and the patient receives a proposal to solve the problem. If the nature of the problem makes it necessary to get warranty treatment in Hungary, then the clinic of Budapest Top Dental carries it out for free, and travel and accommodation costs are also covered by the clinic.

When dental treatments are finished in Hungary, before leaving the country dental tourism patients get a so-called “Passport.”

This is a small booklet that contains the details about what treatment the patient received. If they received dental implants, then it is called „implant passport” that describes the exact type and size of dental implants that were placed in the patient’s jaw. It also includes warranty period of dental implants.

A night view on Budapest.
A night view on Budapest.

Why dental care is cheaper in Hungary if treatment is high quality?

Lots of people wonder how dental treatment in Hungary can be cheaper than in the UK, Ireland or the US if it is high quality and top dental brands are used by dentists.

Well, Hungary is a post communist country, so general price level is much lower there. As everyone makes less money in Hungary than in Western Europe with the same service, job or work, prices are also lower. Engineers, teachers, lawyers all make less money, consequently all costs (rental fees, taxes…etc.)  to run a business are lower.

The same logic applies to dental treatments. Dental rates are lower because higher prices could not be paid by citizens, but in Hungary these dental fees are still profitable, because additional costs are also low. This is why top dental brands can be used that makes treatment attractive in Hungary.

Moreover, dentist training and education in Hungary is no. 1 worldwide, so if you are coming to Budapest for treatment, you can be treated by first class dentists in state-of-the-art clinics.

It is not only lower prices that make Budapest dental care attractive, but patients from abroad can get tax relief from their government or reimbursements from private insurance companies after dental care in Budapest. These also increase your saving possibilities if you get your teeth fixed in Hungary.

Is dental consultation possible abroad?

New would-be patients often ask if there is a possibility to consult in the UK or Ireland. For such consultation possibilities Budapest based clinics usually lease a surgery for a day abroad.

Although this solution is convenient for new patients, we do not support it.

Such abroad consultations do not provide the necessary things that are needed for a more complicated case, such as specialist dental experts in the particular field, appropriate clinical examination possibilities, 3d scan analysis, etc. In the absence of these things, it is not possible to make a complete and accurate treatment plan and it could lead to misunderstandings.

Our clinic provides free consultation at the Budapest office, where all medical examination methods with specialists and panoramic X-rays are available. If a 3D scan is required, its fee must be paid. Our clinic offers free accommodation for one night and a free airport shuttle upon arrival and departure in the frame of free consultation package.

If there is no way for a Budapest consultation, then if you send us a good quality panoramic x-ray via email at smile@dentaltreatment.eu, we will make a preliminary cost estimate for you.