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All-on-4 in Hungary – The review of US dental tourism patient about dental care in Hungary

I started an earnest search for the best All-on-4 treatment and found some were cheaper than what they want in the USA.  Comparing the quality of education and training of various dentists, with their success rates and experience with implants, I found the best prices were for All-on-4 in Hungary.   I had a panoramic x-ray taken and I emailed copies to a number of Budapest dental offices for quotes.  I got offers for All-on-4 dentures ranging from $6,500 to $26,000.  The cheapest offers were dentists who used cheaper materials.  The quality of the material that is used is important to last a lifetime and if repairs are needed, the dentists in the USA don’t use that cheap material.  I learned the best implants are made by Nobel-bio, and Straumann, who is in second place for overall sales and they are striving for first place, so they are offering sizable discounts on their products.   I choose Straumann.

When choosing a Budapest dentist, I was templated to go with the dentist who had the best reviews from their patients, but I’m aware some of that is from marketing.  So, I chose this one, because they have experience with thousands of implant procedures, a 96% success ratio, modern equipment, and highly trained professionals, and they offered 15% discounts, plus they are located in a major hospital, just in case.

I exchanged numerous emails with the coordinator, János who deals with dental tourism patients (DentalTreatment.EU – Budapest Top Dental smile@dentaltreatment.eu).   János always gave me prompt and accurate responses.  János sent me a quote for All-on-4, 5, and 6.  This all occurred during the coronavirus pandemic so travel was even more complicated, nevertheless, János, put together a good working plan.  I got vaccinated a month before I flew out and was ready to go.  János coordinated with the authorities controlling the quarantine, border authority, transportation, and three weeks before departing János sent me a schedule for all my dental appointments.  János did a wonderful job.

When I arrived at the clinic I was so anxious and nervous that my breathing was rapid, my forehead was sweating and my pulse had increased.  Dr. Bodnar put me at ease and reassured me that everything was going to be fine.  After getting a new set of x-rays, Dr. Bodnar explained to me that my jaw bone would have no problem with All-on-4 but my back jaw bone would not support additional implants very well.  Also, he convinced me that I would do best with ceramic-covered metal dentures instead of Zirconia because of my strong bite and because of my jaw bone structure.  Then, Dr. Bodnar looked at my temporary dentures then advised me that they would work just fine and didn’t need to get a new set.  So, I saved all the extra costs of getting a new set of temporary dentures, not getting extra implants, and not using Zirconia for my dentures.  Dr. Bodnar was more concerned about doing the right thing than he was in making money!  It became obvious to me that the clinic was willing to forsake thousands of dollars by selling me things I didn’t need but instead made a personalized plan that fit my needs.

After the consolation, Dr. Bodnar then gave me four injections to numb my lower jaw, so I felt no pain during my entire procedure.  I could still feel the pressure, see his movements and hear his tools, so I was very aware of the cutting, grinding, drilling, and other scary things that I imagined he was doing in my mouth, but I didn’t feel it.  He then proceeded to grind and chip away at my jaw bone to make it flat and straight and remove that knuckle appearance.  He then drilled a hole in my jaw and screwed in the long implant screws. four times!   It took about 90 minutes from start to finish, nothing went wrong, he was very confident, very efficient, and quick.   I received some pain medication, antibiotics, and an ice pack and I felt just fine.  Day two was the same things for the upper jaw.  The third day my mouth felt fine and after Dr. Bodnar gave me a check-up he gave me an Implant Passport, and I was done.  As I walk out, I realized I didn’t even have cotton in my mouth.

I was home for two weeks when I made my flight reservations and reserved another apartment for my second trip to Budapest.  I sent János a copy of each reservation and about 30 days before my scheduled time of arrival he sent me another list of dental appointments.  I needed 10 days for dental work, but I scheduled 17 days to cover any possible COVID restrictions, quarantine, or complications, plus I wanted to tour all the Budapest museums and tourist events that were closed during my first visit.  I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed Budapest and I did everything I wanted to do or see, and more.

My second visit to Budapest started with cutting open my gums to expose the implants and then attach the abutments to them.  I received four injections on each jaw, otherwise, it was painless.  This took about 90 minutes and then I was turned over to the Prosthodontists, Andrea Racz.  The Prosthodontists proceeded to remove (unscrew) the abutments to make impressions for my dentures, and then she screwed in the healing caps.  During the following appointments, they made additional modes to alight the bit angles, select the color and shape of my teeth, trim my gums around the healing caps and remove my stitches.  My final appointment was the installation of my new teeth, which fit like a glove, and they made a mode for the manufacture of a nightguard.   I was told to take my teeth for a test ride, to eat dinner, and return with any problems with the way the teeth felt or worked.  When I returned for my 7:30 pm appointment I was so satisfied with my new teeth all they had to do was seal up the exposed screws and instruct me on how to wear the night guards.

I won’t lie and say the whole experience was painless because each implant area was injected twice with a needle, my gums were sore, and every time they screwed and unscrewed the abutments and healing caps it was “difficult” for me.  My gums were tender and continued to be sore for another 7 days after they installed my final dentures.  Nevertheless, it was short-term pain for long-term gain, and having new strong permanent teeth makes this whole experience worthwhile.  The four Straumann implants cost me $7,887, this included the 15% discount, of which my insurance refunded $2,500!  My second dental costs were $4,869 for the abutments and dentures.  So, I invested $12,756 in my teeth and I got top and bottom All-on-4 in Hungary with Straumann implants that come with lifetime guarantee.  The cost of airfare, apartments, food and entertainment came to about half of what I spent on the teeth.  So, I was able to enjoy two vacations to the most beautiful European capital cities and it’s still is half the price for just one set of the cheapest All-on-4 dentures done in the US.  I’m completely satisfied with my new teeth, which look and feel great, and they work just fine.  I highly recommend them for all your dental implant needs.  You may contact me with any questions at Chiesm7@yahoo.com

P.S. Thank you János for a professional job well done.

Paul Thomas


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