How much you can save on dental care in Hungary

One of the most popular destinations for dental tourism is Hungary. Not only from Europe, but from all over the world, where dental treatment prices are high, patients travel here for treatment.

With the low cost airlines Hungary can be reached within hours easily by plane from anywhere in Europe. Lots of patients from the US also come to Hungary for treatment due to very competitive prices. From almost every major US city, you can get to Budapest by plane in 11-14hours and with one stop, and even from New York and Chicago there are direct flights to Budapest. So even longer distances are no obstacle any more.

Why foreigners come to Budapest for dental treatment?

If we look for the causes, we can identify three main ones.

Affordable dental rates – reason number 1.

Of the three main reasons, competitive price, is probably the most important. Lots of seniors or people live on fixed income simply can’t afford expensive dental care like full mouth restoration with implants or smile makeover with zirconium veneers or porcelain crowns. If they want to have their teeth repaired, they have no choice but to take a flight and look abroad for a solution to their dental problems.

Short treatment times – reason number 2.

These patients are worth traveling abroad because the treatments are very fast in Hungary, practically this is the factor that makes dental tourism viable. An American employee, for example, has 10 days off in a year so he thinks it over carefully how he uses that 10 days. But if you can completely get your teeth fixed in Hungary over these 10 days while only spending up to 30% of your US treatment cost, including travel and accommodation costs, then Budapest treatment is a realistic option. Especially considering the fact that a longer treatment at a local dentist can last for weeks or even a month or two, the short duration in Hungary is attractive. However, it is true that length of an appointment can take up to 1.5-2.5 hours.

High quality dental care – reason number 3.

The treatments are performed not only at a good price and quickly, but also in good quality. In Budapest, dental clinics specilaized in dental tourism are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology and employ trained dentists. It is in the clinics’ own interest to meet all treatment needs with state-of-the-art equipment, so that they can provide comprehensive treatment to all those who seek them. Clinics specializing in foreign patients are generally ISO certified and use high quality dental materials. These clinics always work with experienced dentists so they can provide much longer than average warranty periods.

Let’s look at some examples of how much a foreign patient can save on a particular type of treatment. The saving options associated with the treatments listed are only the result of the difference in price of dental care. Of course, there are additional charges that reduce savings, which is the cost of accommodation and travel. On the other side of the equation, however, there are options to further increase savings. French patients, similarly to getting treatments in France, receive reimbursement from the French state. Irish patients can get a tax credit for dental treatments in Budapest. Patients with private health insurance receive partial or full reimbursement, depending on what coverage their insurance provides.

The French, English and US dental prices shown in the tables are average amounts. The price determined by each clinic may depend on

– if the clinic is located in the city center or in the suburbs,

– what guarantees it provides after each treatment,

– what dental materials are used

How much US patients can save on dental care in Budapest

In our Budapest clinic patients are charged either in EUR or GBP. USD prices are calculated based on EUR/USD conversion rate. As dental rates seem on average the highest in the US, so, US patents can save the most on dental care in Hungary, however in the other hand travel costs are the highest for them. But if treatment is not urgent and they can book flight some months in advance, then travel costs to Hungary are reasonable.

Treatment typePrice in USD of our Budapest clincPrice range in USD in the USSavings in USD in Budapest compared to US dental rates
dental implant Alpha Bio5251.000 - 2.000475 - 1.475
dental implant Nobel7892.500 - 3.5001.711 - 2.711
one complete tooth replacement (implant screw+abutment+healing screw+PFM crown)10143.000 - 4.5001.986 - 3.486
porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown2191.000 - 1.300781 - 1.081
zirconium crown3621.800 - 2.4001.438 - 2.038
Full porcelain crown4671.500 - 3.0001.033 - 2.533
zirconia veneer3041.600 - 2.2001.296 - 1.896
E-max veneer3621.100 - 3.500738 - 3.138
All-on-4 complete solution (4 implants, 4 abutments and an implant retained denture)515614.000 - 23.0008.844 - 17.844
All-on-6 complete solution (6 implants, 6 abutments and a 12 unit complete bridge)739823.000 - 45.00015.602 - 37.602
PFM bridge unit2191.000 - 1.300781 - 1.081
Zirconium bridge unit3621.800 - 2.4001.438 - 2.038

How much French patients can save on dental care in Budapest

treatment typePrice in EUR of our Budapest clincPrice range in EUR in FranceSavings in EUR in Budapest compared to French rates
dental implant Alpha Bio478700 - 900222 - 422
dental implant Nobel7181.400 - 1.700682 - 982
one complete tooth replacement (implant screw+abutment+healing screw+PFM crown)9231.900 - 2.300977 - 1.377
porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown199500 - 650301 - 451
zirconium crown329700 - 900371 - 571
Full porcelain crown425800 - 1000375 - 575
zirconia veneer277600 - 800323 - 523
E-max veneer329700 - 900371 - 571
All-on-4 complete solution (4 implants, 4 abutments and an implant retained denture)4.6929.500 - 12.0004.808 - 7.308
All-on-6 complete solution (6 implants, 6 abutments and a 12 unit complete bridge)673212.500 - 17.0005.768 - 10.268
PFM bridge unit199500 - 650301 - 451
Zirconium bridge unit329700 - 900371 - 571

How much UK patients can save on dental care in Budapest

Treatment typePrice in GBP of our Budapest clinicPrice range in GBP in UKSavings in GBP in Budapest compared to UK dental rates
dental implant Alpha Bio362800 - 1.000438 - 638
dental implant Nobel5581.250 - 1.500692 - 942
one complete tooth replacement (implant screw+abutment+healing screw+PFM crown)7271.650-2.500923 - 1.775
porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown153450 - 600297 - 447
zirconium crown256550 - 800297 - 547
Full porcelain crown295850 - 1.050555 -755
zirconia veneer256650 - 850394 - 594
E-max veneer256850 - 1.050594 - 794
All-on-4 complete solution (4 implants, 4 abutments and an implant retained denture)3.94410.000 - 14.0006.056 - 10.056
All-on-6 complete solution (6 implants, 6 abutments and a 12 unit complete bridge)5.08817.000 - 21.00011.912 - 15.912
PFM bridge unit153450 - 600297 - 447
Zirconium bridge unit256550 - 800297 - 547

The above savings options are only informative. If you would like to know exactly how much your dental treatment in Hungary will cost, please send us a panoramic x-ray and we will prepare a treatment plan for you.

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