Free, no-obligation dental consultation package in Hungary, Budapest

We are more than happy to provide you with a quotation in a couple of ways.

But the best way of all is to make you an accurate quotation on the grounds of a medical examination in Budapest. So we recommend you a free, no-obligation dental consultation package in Hungary, Budapest that includes:

a digital panoramic x-ray

medical examination by the specialist of your dental needs

one or more treatment plans

booking hotel-airport transport service upon arrival and departure (upon request) and it is charged 2*35EUR, but if your treatment value is over 4000EUR and begin treatment in 3 months then deducted from the cost of the 1st visit)

Please, note, in some cases, especially if you need implants you will need a 3D scan to get an accurate treatment plan. Preparation of a 3D scan makes an additional cost.

Dental consultation package in Hungary. Treatment plan is made on the basis of a panoramic x-ray.
Dental consultation package in Hungary. Treatment plan is made on the basis of a panoramic x-ray.

Free consultation is also available if you happen to spend your holiday in Budapest and you just want to drop in for 45-60 mins. It is advised to book your appointment a couple of days in advance so that you could be fit in and see the specialist of your needs. If you are in Budapest you can book your free, no-obligation consultation here.

If it is not possible to book you an appointment while you are in Budapest as an emergency solution we take a digital panoramic x-ray of your teeth free of charge and then a treatment plan will be forwarded by email.

If you intentionally fly to Budapest for a dental consultation we are pleased to assist you in organizing your dental travel.

Why is it beneficial for you to get a personal consultation in Budapest

1., This way all dental tools and instruments and specialists are available on site to perform a thorough medical examination. No matter how difficult and complex your dental problem is a treatment plan can be worked out to restore your smile.

2., You can get one or more 100% accurate written treatment plans so you can plan dental costs with no surprises.

3., You can meet your Hungarian would-be dentist in person and you can discuss all questions regarding your treatment. You learn about all options first-hand before making a decision.

4., You can see our state-of-the art clinic and meet all the staff in addition to your dentist.

5., It is the easiest and most convenient way to get to know the work style of our staff and dentists before you make a final decision about dental care abroad.

If you can not attend a free Budapest consultation these are your options to get a quote:

– send us the treatment plan with no prices  of your local dentist by email. OR

– send us some good quality pics of your teeth. It is an option, it would rather work in case of cosmetic treatments like veneers and/or crowns. OR

– send us a 3D scan or a panoramic x-ray of good quality as an email attachment. If you need a referral to get it taken at an imaging centre, we are happy to prepare it for you.

If we receive any of the above information of your teeth we can make you a treatment plan in 1-2 workdays. If none of those available we are happy to provide you with general information about treatment possibilities in Budapest.