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Welcome to the forefront of dental excellence at our Implant Centre Budapest, where cutting-edge technology and world-class expertise converge to create a transformative dental experience.

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Nestled in the heart of Hungary’s capital, our state-of-the-art facility beckons patients from the United States, seeking unparalleled precision and innovation in dental implantology.

As a beacon of dental ingenuity, our Implant Centre stands as a testament to Budapest’s reputation as the dental tourism hub of Europe, drawing patients seeking top-tier care at a fraction of the cost compared to the USA.
The decision to embark on a dental journey with us transcends geographical boundaries, as we welcome individuals from the USA and beyond to partake in our unwavering commitment to oral health.
Our team of internationally acclaimed dental professionals boasts a wealth of experience in implantology, ensuring that every patient receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs.From routine dental implants to complex full-mouth restorations, our comprehensive range of services encompasses the entire spectrum of implant dentistry, providing solutions that redefine smiles and restore confidence.
At the Implant Centre Budapest, we leverage the latest advancements in dental technology, including digital imaging, 3D printing, and computer-aided design, to ensure unparalleled precision in diagnosis and treatment planning.
Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the surgical suite, encompassing a patient-centric approach that prioritizes comfort and communication.
For our American clientele, this means accessing world-class dental care in a welcoming environment.
Budapest, often referred to as the “Paris of the East,” serves as an idyllic backdrop for dental rejuvenation.
Patients from the USA find themselves immersed in the rich cultural tapestry of this European gem, complemented by the warmth and hospitality of our staff.
The city’s vibrant atmosphere provides a therapeutic backdrop for recovery and relaxation, making the journey to optimal oral health a seamless and enriching experience.
As advocates of affordability without compromising quality, we understand the financial considerations that accompany dental procedures.
Our transparent pricing structure, often significantly lower than comparable services in the USA, ensures that patients can access world-class implant dentistry without breaking the bank.
The Implant Centre Budapest is more than a dental destination; it’s a gateway to a radiant, confident smile that transcends borders.

The Implant Centre Budapest welcomes individuals from the USA and around the world to experience a new era in dental care.

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Elevate your oral health journey with us, where precision meets passion, and where Budapest’s allure merges seamlessly with cutting-edge dental expertise.

Discover the transformative power of a radiant smile at the Implant Centre Budapest, your gateway to unparalleled dental excellence.

The special offer of our clinic allows you to get quality dental implants at a rate of as low as 490USD with a lifetime guarantee.

Further discounts are available for new patients. Please,  contact us  for details.

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Sue SmothersSue Smothers
06:39 10 Oct 23
I am very happy with the dental care I received. I was a bit apprehensive about having it done in a foreign country, but everyone was very professional and helpful.Would not hesitate to return!
Tatiana AkoevTatiana Akoev
21:24 09 Oct 23
I am very happy and satisfied with the results of my treatment so far. Dr. Bodnár has done an amazing job. I would definitely recommend this clinic. Thank you for your service.
Monica LuisaMonica Luisa
18:57 06 Jul 23
had several crowns done (six total) and everything went well. communication with Janos in the office was excellent, prices are worth the trip to Hungary, work was well done, and I had a lovely doctor. I will be back.
Michael O'ConnorMichael O’Connor
12:34 01 Jun 23
We had extremely great experience with our trip to BudapestThe team were fantastic. We had lots of work done with implants and crowns.Great value and a wonderful city to visit for a great holiday.Lots of love for Dr Adam and the team for their patients and care.Just book itRegards Michael and Yvonne from Dublin
Yvonne OconnorYvonne Oconnor
12:29 01 Jun 23
Brilliant service couldn’t have asked for better care Dr Adam was amazing looked after me so well and the end result is fabulous I am so happy thank you so much for all your help and treatment will highly recommend your service from picked up at airport and dropped back thank you again regards Yvonne

Types of dental implants in Hungary
How long you have to stay in Hungary in case you need dental implant treatment
Briefly about dental implants
About All-on-4 and All-on-6 in a nutshell
Bridges or dental implants
What dental implant brands does our clinic apply?
Some interesting facts about dental implants

All-on-4 and All-on-6

At Budapest Top Dental, we believe in giving you a reason to smile! Our team of Implant Centre Budapest experienced and dedicated dental professionals is committed to providing top-notch dental care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive dental packages, considering a dental holiday, or exploring cost-effective solutions like dental bridges and implants, we’ve got you covered.

All-Inclusive Dental Packages:

At Budapest Top Dental, we understand that dental care is not just about fixing problems but also about enhancing your overall well-being. That’s why we offer all-inclusive dental packages that cater to your specific needs. Our packages cover a wide range of services, from routine cleanings and exams to advanced procedures, ensuring that you receive comprehensive care under one roof. With our all-inclusive packages at Implant Center Budapest, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dental health is in good hands.

Dental Holiday Packages:

Combine the joy of a holiday with the convenience of dental care by exploring our dental holiday packages. Budapest, known as the “City of Spas,” is not only a fantastic tourist destination but also a hub for world-class dental services. Our dental holiday packages allow you to experience the beauty of Budapest while taking care of your dental needs. Enjoy a relaxing vacation and return home with a rejuvenated smile – it’s the perfect blend of wellness and leisure!

Are Dental Bridges Cheaper Than Implants?

Choosing the right dental solution for your needs is crucial, and we’re here to help you make informed decisions. Many patients wonder whether dental bridges are a more cost-effective option than implants. Our experienced team can provide a thorough consultation to assess your dental health and discuss the advantages and cost considerations of both options. We believe in transparency, and our goal is to guide you towards the most suitable and affordable solution for your unique situation.

Veneers Hungary:

Transform your smile with high-quality veneers in Hungary. Our skilled cosmetic dentists specialize in creating natural-looking veneers that enhance the appearance of your teeth. Whether you’re looking to correct discoloration, chips, or misalignments, veneers can provide a beautiful and long-lasting solution. Discover the artistry of our dental team and achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of with veneers in Hungary.

All on 4 Dental Implants Hungary:

Regain confidence in your smile with our advanced All on 4 dental implants in Hungary. This innovative technique allows for the placement of a full set of teeth using just four strategically positioned implants. It’s a cost-effective and efficient solution for those seeking a permanent and natural-looking tooth replacement. Our experienced implant dentists in Budapest are ready to guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience.

Implant Dentaire Budapest:

Explore the world of teeth implants with our services in Budapest. Implants provide a durable and aesthetic solution for missing teeth, and our team specializes in implant dentistry. Whether you’re considering single-tooth implants or full-mouth reconstruction, our skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering top-notch implant dentistry in Budapest.

All on 4 Hungary – Dental Implant Centre Budapest:

Experience the convenience of All on 4 dental implants in the heart of Budapest. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and our experienced team is committed to providing a comfortable and efficient All on 4 experience. Rediscover the joy of a complete smile with All on 4 dental implants in Budapest.

At Implant Centre in Budapest, we prioritize your oral health and overall well-being. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more beautiful smile. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to being your partner in dental care.

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Hungary dental implants – Worthy reasons to travel to Hungary to receive dental implant treatments

Every year, lots of medical travelers visit Hungary especially to get dental treatments. On the list, dental implant schemes are being as the most sought ones for many people in addition to aesthetic dental care. Hungary is the place where you can find skilled dentistry infrastructure with highly qualified dentists at reasonable rates.

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Most of the dentists in Implant Centre Budapest are internationally accredited and qualified to perform top-quality treatments. Those patients who are afraid of dentists or have dental phobia can have dental care under general anesthesia.

Types of dental implants in Hungary

Hungary is becoming known as the queen of dental implants. Are you not sure about going abroad for dental implants? Take your time and read everything about dental implants in Budapest and study the price list of our clinic in Budapest.

Traditional, single implant (screw)

This treatment is done to replace one or more missing teeth with an artificial tooth (dental screw-dental implant), that is a dental implant providing the same function as a real tooth.

More options are available for this treatment like a crown on an individual implant, the implant-supported bridge on two or more screws or complete, full arch implant retained dentures.

This is a specialized treatment for those patients who miss all teeth in the arch. The method of this treatment is to replace only the 4 necessary teeth with implants instead of replacing every single missing tooth. You can go with the 4 implant method to save money on dental implant cost at Implant Centre Budapest. With this treatment placement of implants are possible without bone grafting and sinus lift, so costs can be kept low.

All-on complete bridge, porcelain-fused-to-metal teeth
All-on complete bridge, porcelain-fused-to-metal teeth

The All-on complete bridge can have either zirconium or porcelain-fused-to-metal teeth. If it is needed pink porcelain artificial gums are added for the aesthetic look. On the top of the teeth, there are the abutments that are the connecting items between the teeth and the implant screws. The number of abutments equals the number of implant screws in the jaw.

a dental tourism patient from USA
a dental tourism patient from USA

All-On-6 plan

The treatment procedure is to install the 6 implants in the toothless arch. The logic is the same as in case of All-on-4 but the denture is retained on 6 implants providing higher stability and durability. In this case bone grafting and sinus lift might be necessary.

Dental Implant Procedure - Two Stage  🦷  Award Winning Patient Education

Hungary teeth implants – How long you have to stay in Budapest in case you need dental implants

Our patients usually ask how many times they have to come to Budapest if they need teeth replacement treatments with implants.

To get dental implants placed, on average two visits are needed in Budapest. In the first visit 2 or 3 days must be spent in Hungary, when our dentists put in place the screws. After a period of 3-6 month healing time, you will come again to Budapest, and you will receive the abutments and crowns. This visit to Budapest requires 4-7 days, depending on the number of crowns and implants. If you need a bone graft or sinus lift, one can imagine that an additional visit is required prior to the placement of implants, so in this case, 3 visits are planned in Hungary.

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Our dental implant centre in Budapest will make you a quote that includes the price of treatment, and the number and duration of visits to Budapest.

As time passes, people begin to lose their permanent teeth. Statistics show that around the age of 40, at least one adult tooth is already lost due to an accident, sickness, or tooth decay. A tooth loss has a lot of impacts on your daily life.

Apart from aesthetics, it might cause bite and chew disorders and digestive problems in the long run. If a tooth is missing then teeth next to the gap will slowly but steadily move, lean towards the direction of the gap causing further problems in occlusion and your look.

By the time people turn 70 years old most of them lose so many teeth that it makes nearly impossible to bite and chew properly without any tooth replacement.

Decades ago they had no too many options to choose from. If some of the teeth remained in good condition then partial dentures could be fixed to these teeth.

With this solution quite good results were possible, but it was far from the chewing ability of natural teeth. However, this kind of solution made possible normal speaking, chewing, and tasting. Those who only had a couple of teeth left that were not suitable for attaching partial dentures were not so lucky.

They could only wear removable dentures, which are far from a good solution. Removable dentures always move in the mouth while eating and speaking it always slips causing a lot of discomfort and problem for elderly people.

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Hungary dental implants, the most up-to-date solutions if you are missing a single tooth or several teeth – Implant Centre Budapest

Implants are made of pure titanium as it suits best to the bone, thanks to its biological, chemical and physical characteristics, and is fully accepted by the human body, which is essential for successful and long term implantation.

The implant is practically an artificial tooth root (screw) that is surgically installed into the jaw, and then single crowns, bridges, dentures, overdentures fitted to it. High quality teeth implants that have medical records of at least 20 years are made of titanium.
Most implants are screw or cylindrical shaped and usually have a diameter of 3-6 mm and a length of 7 to 21 mm. Titanium implants do not cause any allergic reaction they are used for decades in human surgery not only in dentistry.
Screws perfectly fuse with your jawbone so they provide the best solution for tooth loss for decades or lifetime. Those implants that were inserted like 25 twenty years ago at the initial period of dental implantation are still in place and work at peak performance. If the right oral hygiene is applied the implants that are inserted these days may last lifetime. Our clinic only works with implants that have long medical records and are from top dental manufacturers so lifetime warranty is provided to them.

A tooth replacement with a dental implant has 3 main parts: A screw that is inserted in the jaw under your gums, an abutment that is placed in the screw and serves as a connecting item between the screw and the third item the crown.

Implantation is beneficial for all types of tooth loss. If you miss one or two teeth or a whole arch is toothless.

If you have no teeth: You not only lost your teeth but also the joy of real and natural smiling, talking and eating. Moreover toothless you look much older than your real age. It has a negative impact on all areas of your live. The implant based overdentures or complete bridges bring an indefinable positive turn in your life.

If you only miss a few teeth: You protect adjacent teeth with an implant placed in the tooth gap. It is a big advantage since other teeth does not need to be ground down, they can be healthy and intact. It is a very important fact for patients.

  • Extremely aesthetic prosthetics and teeth replacements can be made by this method.
  • There is no need to grind down adjacent teeth for replacement, there is no need to lose additional tooth material.
  • It is a durable, decades-old in many cases lifetime solution.
  • It helps restore the original function of the tooth, chewing will be natural again.
  • If there is a lack of back molar teeth, you can avoid wearing uncomfortable removable prosthesis with dental implantation.
  • Aesthetic teeth give back your confidence helping create and improve business and social relationships, and make everyday social interactions much better.
  • In a nutshell, implants help you feel, live and look much better.

dental implant

Check which are best dental implants here.

All-on-4 and All-on-6 techniques (dental implants) – Implant Centre Budapest

Conventional dentistry can offer patients solution to all kind of dental problems. The dental prosthesis nowadays regarded as extremely outdated but it was the only solution for those who had no their own teeth any longer. This was the only way for a patient to restore the masticatory function the articulation and last but not least aesthetic appearance.

However, modern dentistry offers new opportunities and with the appearance of dental implants the circle of possibilities are extended. The so-called All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implant solutions meant a kind of salvation, because despite all the advantages, the removable prostheses were unpleasant, uncomfortable to wear for many patients.

The All-on-4 dental implant technique can be applied to patients who have lost molar teeth and do not have sufficient jaw bone to place implants to the place of lost molar teeth, but the amount of jaw bone is still sufficient for the front teeth implantation. In this case, the oral surgeon places the implants with a special technique to the front region: the two middle ones straight and the other two slightly slanted. For the healing phase, a perfectly functioning fixed prosthesis is made.

Before-after images of All-on-6 treatment
Before-after images of All-on-6 treatment

The All-on-6 dental implant technique is based on the same principle, but in this case the denture is not on 4 but 6 dental implants (artificial roots) for greater stability; so this solution can be applied in cases when a greater amount of jaw bone is available, or it can be substituted in certain cases with bone grafting.

After the healing period of 3-6 months the first step will be to expose the implants and placing healing screws in the dental implants to form the gums. 10 days later abutments are placed in the place of healing screws and the impression is taken. The dental laboratory prepares the fixed prosthesis based on this impression that is placed by the dentist on the artificial roots. The denture consists of 12 or 14 teeth, that are stable and durable enough so that it serves its owner in the long term. The overdentures give a beautiful and aesthetic smile to the patient and his quality of life is improved significantly, still he/she does not have to worry that the new denture has a negative impact on chewing or speaking. The aim of the All-on-4 and All-on-6 solutions is to achieve the best effect in patients with tooth loss, who can be self-confident and happy again. At our clinic in Hungary all types of dental implant treatments can be performed.

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Advantages of All-on-4 and All-on-6 dental implant solutions:

  1. All-on-4 and All-on-6 implants are permanent teeth that are brushed and cleaned like natural teeth
  2. The denture attached to implants do not have to be taken out
  3. Are comfortable because they do not press down on your gums
  4. Allow you to experience the hot and cold of your food, as well as the taste because they do not cover your palate
  5. Allow you to bite with increased force (up to 70% more), so you can eat all of your favorite foods again
  6. Prevent bone deterioration
  7. Restore your facial features

All on 4 dental implant

All-on-4 and All-on-6 dentures in Hungary – Implant Centre Budapest

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English, Irish, or other foreign patients who have very few or no teeth at all, or that they have are in poor condition and cannot be saved,  usually seek All-on-4 or All-on-6 dentures. Foreign patients are mostly looking for All-on solutions as a full mouth restoration, so they travel to Hungary to our impllant centre in Budapest for this kind of dental treatment.

All-on-4 denture types

The All-on-4 solution can be used for completely toothless mouths. A minimum of 4 implant screws are required per jaw, but it can be managed with five or six screws for better stability. The more screws the dentist attaches the denture to, the more stable it will be and the more similar to the original teeth in terms of chewing, biting and speaking abilities.

The first All-on-4 solution was developed by Nobel for bone deficient patients so that they too could get a stable, implant-based denture without a sinus lift and bone replacement procedure. In this case, the implants are placed in the front teeth and premolar part. However, in cases where this is possible, the dentist may recommend the placement of one or two more screws. If five or six screws are placed in a jaw it is possible that replacement of the bone with a sinus lift is needed in the molar regions for the most stable design possible.

For All-on-4 dentures, there are two basic types. In one case, the denture is attached to the implants with screws, this can only be removed by the dentist in the office. In this case, the patient cleans the teeth the same way as natural teeth. In the other case, the patient can take out the denture himself. For each type of denture, the color, size, and shape of the teeth can be selected by the patient. There are 12 teeth per jaw on the denture.

All-on-4 hybrid denture

In this case, the denture is made of plastic is placed on a metal frame. The artificial gum that is attached to the denture is also made of plastic.

All-on-4 metallic denture with ceramic cover

In this type of solution, the artificial gum is made of pink porcelain and the porcelain teeth are held by a metal frame.

All-on-4 zircon denture with ceramic cover

In this type of solution, the artificial gum is made of pink porcelain. The zirco

n teeth are held by a zircon frame. This denture is the most aesthetic. Porcelain teeth do not discolor as easily as plastic teeth, so this denture is the most beautiful and durable.

All-on-4 overdenture on implant bar

This is the solution that the patient can take out and clean  himself. This type of denture should be taken out two to three times a day and thoroughly cleaned.

Images of before-after All-on-4 treatment
Images of before-after All-on-4 treatment

Patients at our implant centre in Budapest often ask if there are any restrictions on food consumption after the new All-on-4 denture is finalized. There are no restrictions, they can consume anything from day one, so hard, crispy… etc. However, some habituation time should be expected. This varies from 1-2 weeks to 1-2 months per patient.

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Bridges or dental implants

Before you come to Budapest for dental implants it is good to know your possibilities. If you only have one or two teeth missing in a row, you might wonder if you should have teeth implants or a three or four unit bridge? Implants are beneficial, because no treatments are needed to the teeth next to the tooth gap. In case of dental bridges 40-60% of healthy teeth adjacent to the missing teeth, must be filed down. It is needed in order to make it be able to make the supportive pillars of the bridges. It is possible to get bridges without getting the pillar teeth filed down but this solution is not so stable and usually it must be changed in 4-5 years. This is why people with healthy teeth next to the tooth gap do not really prefer bridges.

But there are still some cases when teeth implants are not preferred and dental bridges are rather recommended.

  1. If you are a stressful person and grind your teeth over the night. This is not good for your teeth implants. If you still prefer implants night guards should be worn.
  2. If you have immune system diseases.
  3. If you suffer from cancer of any type.
  4. If you have serious bite disorders.
  5. If you smoke. It is true that smoking is not grounds for refusal, but can decrease the chances of successful placement.

Dental implants are beneficial in the following cases

    1. It is not needed to file down the teeth next to the dental implant. (If a tooth is filed down 40-60% of the tooth is lost.)
    2. If you do not want to wear dentures or it is uncomfortable for you then teeth implants are definitely recommended to you.
    3. The condition of your current teeth does not make it possible to place bridge pillars on them.
    4. If you want to bite as hard as you did with your natural teeth.
    5. If you want to have a perfect smile. Because teeth implants look like real teeth.
    6. If you do not want bad breath. Because food leftovers might stick under the abutment tooth of the bridge and it can not be taken out from there. This problem may result in bad breath.

healthy teeth

As you grow older more and more dental problems may arise causing teeth loss and resulting in jaw bone thinning or absorption. This causes in your elderly ages thinner and sunken cheeks. Teeth/Dental implants mixed with bone grafting can stop this process in a very effective way.

Implant Centre Budapest, Hungary – Let us see the benefits of dental implants in detail:

  1. Dental implants help you have a healthy jawbone

It is a common mistake that after loosing your tooth you wait for years before seeing your dentist again. This can lead jaw bone deterioration, because jaw bones need constant stimulation to keep their size and density. This stimulation is provided by chewing. While chewing there is a force on jaw bone but when this force ceases as a result of tooth loss your jawbone begins to deteriorate. This is why it is very important to see your dentist as soon as possible after you lost your tooth. Please, note, that in some cases a three month healing time is needed after tooth extractions to place a new dental implant.

  1. Dental implants rejuvenate you

At a young age when all your teeth and jawbone are in place develops your individual face feature. But when one or more teeth are lost the structure of your face begins to change because bone structure changes under the face. Dental implants are perfect solutions against this problem because it prevents jawbone deterioration and deformation and with teeth implants your face shape can recover. And if you can smile with no problem you will be as confident as you were before.

  1. Dental implants work better than a traditional denture

Besides dental implants are more durable than traditional dentures they are more comfortable to wear. They improve the quality of life dental patients right away.

  1. You can speak more clearly with teeth implants

Elderly people often choose partly or fully removable dentures. However it turns out soon that they are not happy with it, because sometimes it is hard to speak with dentures as they can move in the mouth and go loose or wobbly. As dental implants work like original teeth these problems can be eliminated.

  1. Dental implants help maintain facial muscle tone

As we have loads of muscles on the face there is a close connection in between face muscles and cheek bones. After loosing your teeth the process of jaw bone deterioration affects the work of face muscles. As there is no constant stimulation to facial muscles, so the size and the tension of muscles gradually changes resulting in changing your lineament.

  1. Teeth implants provide long term solutions

More than 90% of dental implants work perfectly for more than 20 years. In contrast, dental bridges must be changed in 8 years due to decay and wear. These days dental implants have the longest possible lifetime compared to other dental solutions.

  1. Dental implants prevent locomotion of teeth and bite disorders

Originally every teeth has its own function, but when we loose one or more teeth, your remaining teeth must provide more functions. Your remaining teeth might be rearranged due to lack of force and stimulation by the area with no teeth. This might lead to bite disorders or it might cause more tooth loss.

  1. Dental implants help in pressure sensing

While chewing teeth press jawbone that makes it possible for us to detect precisely. But when we lose a tooth that part is not stimulated at all. This is why while chewing you do not feel that given part of your jaw that is uncomfortable. Dental implants solve this problem as well because they work as real teeth and press the jaw what gives you the feeling of natural chewing.

  1. Dental implants make your smile brilliant

As we all know a smile is worth a thousand words so if you can not smile you can miss many beautiful moments. It is very uncomfortable and you can live through very unpleasant moments if you can not smile. Therefore, dental implants are in addition to the preservation of health can help you regain self-confidence.

How to keep clean your dental implants

Bacteria can easily adhere to the dental implant and the crown surface (especially at the gum line) from which first a thin film layer (plaque) and tartar forms. These bacteria under the gums and at the bone surrounding the implant may cause tissue inflammation, resulting in weakening the artificial root. Plus it might irritate the adhesive used for fixing the prosthesis on the dental implant.

Dental implants budapest Hungary

Tools to keep your dental implants clean:

  1. Toothbrush (electrical or manual toothbrush)
  2. Dental floss or inter dental toothbrush
  3. Mouthwash

Which one you have to use determines the use of dental implants in your mouth because dental screws can have more functions in your mouth.

Single dental implants

If one of our teeth was replaced with dental implants, then brush your teeth twice a day at least for two minutes and then use an interdental brush. The interdental brush will help you clean your teeth properly and it will not push accumulated deposits under your gums. Do it very thoroughly around your dental implant. If we use a manual toothbrush to clean our teeth be very careful at the dental screws – especially at the gum line.

Bridges on dental implants

When a 3 or 4 item crown is placed on screws, it is not only the implanted artificial root area that must be cleaned but the free-standing crown items must be cleaned as well. To do this – use a special toothbrush after the traditional tooth cleaning. A special single brushed toothbrush can be the most effective way of cleaning the space under the free standing crown item. As an extra you may use a mouthwash as well.

Full dentures on dental implants

If you received implant retained full dentures (All-on-4 or All-on-6 dentures)  this should not be taken out every night and put back every morning. Your dentist is able to remove dentures but you do not have to do so.  You just apply traditional teeth cleaning such as a single tooth brush, interdental brush and dental floss to ensure a long life. You may also use mouthwash and mouth water to disinfect and boost immunity against bacterias in the mouth.

Before-after images of All-on-6 treatment in Hungary
Before-after images of All-on-6 treatment in Hungary

How to minimize dental implant failure rates?

During dental implantation a screw is placed in the jaw. The material of the screw is either titanium or titanium alloy that stimulates jaw bone to grow around the implant. To get better results the surface of the screw is specially designed. It takes 3-6 months for the jawbone to grow around the dental implant and by the end of the process the screw is as stable in the jaw as your real teeth.

If the jawbone is weak or structurally damaged, the oral surgeon may suggest a variety of bone grafting procedures by which appropriate quality and quantity of bone can be made. Unfortunately, it is rarely possible that the dental implant specialists will not advise dental implantation.

Therefore, it is important that the implantologist gets an accurate picture of the state of the bone. Before any dental implant treatment a 3D scan is made, as two-dimensional panoramic x-rays can not provide 100% accurate information about the condition of the bone tissue, density, texture, etc. for such a surgery.

If cutting-edge materials and advanced dental technology is used by highly qualified dental implant specialists then it is highly possible that implantation will be successful. However 100% success can not be guaranteed! Just like in any other field of medicine the human body can produce sometimes unpredictable reactions in dentistry as well.

Can periodontal disease be cured?

Yes, it can be treated, but it is true that not in every case. To make the whole process simple the bottom line is that inflammation of the gums gradually spread towards the bone tissue and when the bone gets any of inflammatory symptoms, then you have periodontal disease.

Incureable misconception stems from the fact that while only the gums are inflamed, the process is likely to be stopped and even reversed. However, when the jawbone itself is damaged, in most cases the damage can not be fully restored. Of course, multiple stages of the healing process is possible, and if it is not possible to reverse the process, it is also a good result if you manage to stop the damage of bone and gums.

Anyway, if you notice that your gums are redder, swollen and more sensitive than usual, and / or there is a tendency to bleed, then consult your dentist as soon as possible! The vast majority of gum diseases can be treated successfully at initial stages, but if neglected, it can cause a lot more trouble than you think.

dental implants in hungary

Are dental implants expensive? – Dental implants Hungary

There is no doubt that dental implants are more expensive than other prosthetic procedures. This investment in dental health returns on the long-run. If you get dental implants in Hungary at our implant centre in Budapest you can save up to 50-60% on treatment including hotel and flight costs. The more implants you go for the more savings you can have as you will have higher discounts from Budapest Top Dental. If implants are properly cleaned their lifespan lasts lifetime, unlike other methods that require replacement periodically. If we add these additional maintenance expenses, and inconvenience of periodical treatments then the one-time cost of dental implants proves a cost-effective solution.

A view on the Budapest parlament from the other side of the Danube. A view on the Budapest parliament from the other side of the Danube.

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Implant centre Budapest  – dental implant prices

It is obvious that top quality dental implants are much cheaper in Budapest than in USA. If you get your implants in your own country the price of a basic full tooth replacement, that includes a dental implant, an abutment and a crown is about 1950 – 3500USD depending on the region of the country and the implant and crown you choose.

Additional costs like sinus lift and bone grafting materials are not included in this price. It is worth knowing that the price of bone grafting material is more expensive than gold gram to gram.

If you choose our implant centre Budapest for treatment you will be amazed at how low prices you will be charged for a single implant. Our clinic only places high quality dental implants with lifetime warranty. The price of a single Alpha Bio implant is 490USD and a Nobel Biocare Replace implant costs 860USD.

If you load these implants, that is you receive an abutment and and a porcelain fused to metal crown you pay an additional 590USD. So, the total price of a dental implant with Alpha-Bio in Budapest is as low as 1100USD, this is why not rarely patients fly to Budapest for a single implant. It is true this price above excludes travel and accommodation costs, but in case of a more extensive work you can still save on Budapest dental care.

If you prefer a zirconium crown to your Straumann implant, which is the no. 1. brand in the world of dentistry then the total cost of it with a zirconium crown is as low as 1355USD in Budapest.

Before your implant is loaded, that is an abutment and a crown is placed a 3-6 month healing time is needed for the implant, this is why it takes two visits in Budapest.
But if you not only need a single implant but more teeth need to be replaced maybe a whole arch the total costs can escalate up to 25,000 – 37,000USD in your country.

On the grounds of dental implant prices above it is clear, that it is a deal to fly to Budapest even for a single implant. But how much can you save if you need a full mouth restoration when you have a couple or no teeth at all? When you only have a couple of teeth left it is not worth saving them, but it is better to get them extracted. After extractions it is advised to a get fix implant supported complete bridge or denture called All-on-6 and All-on-4.

If you want an All-on-4 for one arch, then it only costs 5770USD with Neodent implants and porcelain-fused-to-metal teeth. The same srructure for one arc with Straumann implants and zirconium teeth is available from 7400USD.

All on 6 solutions are rather used in the upper arch since it is more important to have stronger chewing ability there than in the lower jaw. The total cost of an All-on-6 solution with a 12 unit complete bridge for one arch is 7300USD with Neodent teeth screws and porcelain-fused-to-metal complete bridge. If you want a top quality of All-on-6, then you will have it with zirconium teeth and Strauman implant screws. The price of it is 9700USD.

All on 6 solutions are rather used in the upper arch since it is more important to have stronger chewing ability there than in the lower jaw.  If you opt for All-on-6 and All-on-4 solutions then you should calculate with higher accommodation costs as the second visit of your treatment will be longer in Budapest.

If you only need to replace one or more teeth gaps and you need single dental implants or 3-5 unit implant retained bridges then you should spend only 6-8 days in Budapest (visit 1. 3days + visit 2. 3 to 5 days). But if you need an all on 6 solution then you should spend 13-15 days in Budapest (visit 1. 3days + visit 2. 10 to 12 days). So travel and accommodation costs in case of all on 6 and all on 4are higher. The earlier you book your flight and hotel the less you will be charged.

If you get All-on-6 procedure then you might need additional treatments like sinus lift  and  bone grafting in the upper jaw that changes the price of treatment. It might change travel and accommodation costs as well as it is not sure that sinus lift and bone grafting can be carried out along with the placement of dental implants, so an additional visit can be needed to Budapest.

If you wore a prothesis to date and you are unsatisfied with it, your chewing ability can be restored by the placement of All-on-4 procedures. Generally neither bone grafting nor sinus lift list is needed so the total costs in 99% of th ecases will not be increased with those surgeries. So no surprise costs.

a dental tourism patient from Ireland
a dental tourism patient from Ireland

Please, note, all prices above are only for information. If you send us a panoramic x-ray or you attend a free consultation you can have a tailor-made quotation. Prices above do not include the cost of a 3d scan, that is 100USD independent of the number of implants you will need.

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An alternative to dental implants is bridges. If your teeth adjacent to the tooth gap are healthy then these teeth can act as pillars for the bridge. If you only need to bridge one tooth gap then it can be solved with a 3 item bridge, that is 3 crowns bonded. The price of a 3 item porcelain fused to metal bridge is lower than the cost of a dental implant as it is 3*270USD, that is 810USD and you do not need two visits to Budapest unlike in case of implants. Bridges can be made of 4 or even 5 items, so two or three missing teeth can be bridged.

If you miss one or more front teeth then these can be bridged with CAD/CAM zirconium crowns. The unit price of zirconium crowns is 400USD. So, if you need to bridge one tooth gap the price of a 3 item zirconium bridge, which is 990USD is lower than the price of a dental implant with zirconium crown on top. If you prefer bridges then one visit is enough to Budapest. However, bridges do not provide lifetime solutions as they wore in 5-15 years, but dental implants usually last lifetime.
You can read more here about crowns and bridges HERE.

Please, note these prices are only to inform you about saving options. If you want an accurate quote and treatment plan we are happy to prepare you one on the grounds of a digital panoramic x-ray forwarded to us by email. Outside of lower dental prices we help you increase your savings by special offers that vary time to time. You can find our special offers here:
In case you need a total smile makeover you will be offered increased discounts like higher amount of flight ticket reimbursements and free hotel or any other special discounts.

Metal free bio-compatible tooth replacement: BIO HPP (High Performance Polymer) a new technology in dentistry for All-on-4 dentures

Dental crowns have been used for over 100 years to repair damaged teeth but first crowns were not really aesthetic. They were gray and metallic colored until the 1950s as no coating was used to hide its artificial nature. It was not only the color of metal crowns that caused problems but those patients who suffered from metal allergy could not have these crowns at all.

Later different porcelain and zirconium materials were used to give a more natural white look to these teeth replacements. These solutions are really aesthetic, however there was some room for improvement to be more strong and durable.

BIO HPP can be the solution for really aesthetic and elegant dental demands. In dentistry it is already used for individual crowns for dental implants and fixed dentures on All-on-4 procedures.

BIO HPP is also used in other fields of medicine like finger and hip prothesis.

BIO HPP makes your smile more beautiful as it is allergy-free and amazingly elegant: a real bio solution that has unique properties and can be used in many ways.

1., The material itself is white, therefore, the metallic color is not shown at all so patients do not have to worry about greyish gums, either.

2.,The material is almost as flexible as natural bone so it can be placed on any tooth let it be a molar or a front one. It is an obvious advantage over zirconium crowns, as zirconium is less flexible, so it can not be applied to molar teeth at all and front teeth if the patient has a strong bite. This flexibility of BIO HPP provides less stress on implants and the jawbone.

3., Its chewing surface keeps its shape permanently and does not cause discomfort while chewing and biting. To top it all it is comfortable to wear it. This is why our dentists always use this solution for All-on-4 as it is a perfect choice for high quality implant fixed dentures. The mechanical properties of BIO HPP is very similar to human skeleton.

4., Due to its homogeneous composition it does not get discolored and prevents plaque formation.

5., The solid material made of tiny ceramic particles has a very good polishability therefore it is easy for dentist to prepare.

6., It can be used nearly in all fields of dentistry where tooth replacements are needed like individual crowns, crowns on implants, bridges, complete bridges but it is most preferred in case of implant based fixed dentures like All-on-6 and All-on-4.

dental implants budapest

Some interesting facts about dental implants

Dental implants are one of the most up to date and most efficient means of prosthetic art. It provides numerous advantages not only for aesthetics but for health and comfort as well. But as usual, in parallel with the increasing popularity of placement of dental implants, the number of misconceptions have spread in public mind discouraging some patients from treatment. Below you can read the five most common misconceptions!

Is placement of implants painful?

Placement of dental implants requires oral surgery, so pain indeed occurs, but this is not as bad as we think at first sight. Most patients report that the procedure is not worse than a simple tooth extraction. Thanks to the intervention of local anesthesia treatment itself is almost completely pain-free. For post-procedure discomfort and pain relief some medication is sufficient. Recovery is fast and the next day after check-up dental tourism patients can fly home and return to work. However, each case is different so reactions to interventions and healing time can vary person to person.

Implants are often rejected by the body

Retrospective of 50 years of clinical researches have shown that dental implants have an average of 96% success rate worldwide. To top it all as time is passing by and dental assets and implants get better and better this ratio keeps improving. For example at Budapest Top Dental clinic the failure rate of implants is about 0,5%. In other words there is only one failure out of 200 patients.

This is due to the fact that implants are made of bio-compatible bone-friendly titanium that can be easily integrated into the surrounding tissue. Therefore, the problem of rejection rarely occurs, no need to be afraid of it if proper oral hygiene is maintained and regular annual check-up is performed!

Implants just for the elderly

A common misconception is that dental implants can only be a solution for older ages. In fact, implants can not be placed for patients whose jawbone growth has not been finished, yet. After a complete jawbone dental implantation is a possible solution for anyone who is suffering from tooth loss. Diseases like, active gum disease, untreated diabetes, severe heart disease, alcohol or drug abuse or hypertension are also barriers to dental implantation.

Is implantation possible right after extractions and is it possible to receive crowns right away on implants?

It is necessary to do implantation in three stages because after extraction of the teeth it is strictly necessary to wait three months for the bone healing. Over this 3 month period the inflammation surrounding the extracted teeth also resorbs. It is not possible to immediately place implants in the jaw because right after the extractions the dentist could overload the bone which is forbidden by dental protocols. After the indicated healing period, the jawbone grows around the implants and will be stable during the lifetime.

The first stage involves extraction of the teeth and the patient will obtain a temporary denture (no implants) for the first 3 month healing period. To place an immediate temporary denture is necessary for functional and of course aesthetic reasons. The technique is very simple: the dentist takes an impression of the two arches before the extractions. You have to bite on a thick sheet of softened wax to record the occlusion. On the day of extractions, the dentist will already have this denture, and he will finish adjusting it in the mouth.

The second stage involves placement of screws and after the patient will continue to wear his temporary denture during the second bone healing (this is 4 months in this case).
During the 3rd stage, the patient will obtain the final porcelain fused to metal or zirconium crowns fitted on the implants.

dental implant cheaper in budapest

This is the best solution for our dental surgeon who already has a lot of international experience in this field.

Dental treatments and placement of dental implants are always painful

Most dentists define pain as a minor discomfort. Patients are not afraid of minor discomfort. What they are afraid of is pain and this keeps them away from dentists.

At Budapest Top Dental you will experience no pain at all as each stage of your treatment is carried out by anesthesia. We can not guarantee that treatment will not cause any inconvenience, but we want to reassure you, after treatment you will feel that it was far less obnoxious than he expected.

If it is necessary, more effective and stronger pain killers are used or if it is needed sedation can also be applied at some cases.

One or two teeth should not be replaced

The lack of one tooth can upset the balance of dentures. A tooth next to the tooth gap might tilt toward the gap that over time will lead to tooth loss because of the wrong-way load. The tooth opposite the tooth gap due to lack of contact at the opposite side gradually emerges (grows). For this reason, over time this tooth grows towards the place of the missing tooth and gets too big and loose.

In other cases, upper and lower teeth can not be properly closed due to small gaps formed after tooth loss. We recommend that every missing tooth should be replaced by a dental implant within 3-6 months.

Preparation of crowns and bridges are more practical solutions than implants

The advantages of dental implants over traditional tooth replacement techniques are:

By placement of implants it can be avoided that healthy tooth material is removed.

It is not necessary to get neighboring teeth filed down when preparing a bridge.

Many people are reluctant to wear removable dentures. For them a fixed denture is the solution by using dental implants.

The success rate of dental implants at Budapest Top Dental is 99,5%.

What is the dental implant made of?

The implants are made of pure titanium-alloy. Titanium due to its special biological properties is capable of integrating with bone tissue. This material is fully accepted by the patients’ body. Clinical experience has shown that allergic reactions have been very rarely reported.

In the last 50 years the material is widely used in medical operations. It is used for hip prostheses or to unify broken bones and of course for dental implantation. The recent period has proved that titanium does not cause any damage to your body (very rare allergic reactions are reported). As a result, a couple of million times titanium is used for implantation worldwide with a success rate over 96%.

Thanks to its high quality dental implants are getting more and more spread.

With good implantation techniques and properly executed treatment implants/screws can last for a lifetime.

Why is it worth having a full set teeth?

Worldwide it is very common to have an incomplete set of teeth. Unfortunately, it is a tendency that people will spend more on electronic gadgets than on the health of their teeth. But a missing tooth can cause a lot of problem. In addition to aesthetic problems, a tooth gap is shown as you speak. Either in work or personal life situation, lack of teeth is synonymous with slovenliness.

The incomplete set of teeth may be involved in the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or memory impairment. Moreover, if the missing tooth is not replaced, the surrounding teeth shift, so later it is much more difficult to replace the missing tooth properly. In case of a toothless jaw, there is a solution for fixed prosthesis, which is called All-on-4. The point is that due to periodontal disease, teeth are removed and at the same time implants are inserted. In a few months of healing time a denture can be placed on the implants.

One more reason: Over time missing teeth cause deterioration of jawbone. It is a long procedure under the gums, but it has an impact not only on teeth and jaws but on the structure and shape of people’s face. This is why people with missing teeth often look older than they are. So dentures and bridges seem to help for a while, until  jaw deterioration is seen on the faces but in many cases only other cosmetic treatments are needed to help one’s face shape.

Dental implants not only restore chewing ability but they also integrate with the jawbone and stimulate it to grow. This is why dental implants are not only useful for your dental health but they also improve your face shape, ie. they do not let you look older than you really are because jawbone remains healthy.

Time saving, inexpensive new method

The All-on-4 procedure is different in several respects to traditional dental implantation. You can save up to 30% on costs. The reason for the price difference among other things is, that no need of bone augmentation procedure at the back teeth.

It is important to get professional dental technical background
It is important to know that for the success of dental restoration works there is a significant role of dental labs not only oral surgeons.

High variance in prices
Getting implants is actually like buying a new car. You can choose between the upper and lower categories. The Budapest Top Dental only uses top quality implants with lifetime warranty putting its patients’ mind at peace.

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Bridge vs. dental implant?

Implantation is a way of replacing lost teeth. For a traditional bridge two or more pillars are needed to bridge the tooth gap. In case of implantation, there is no need for such a thing, because to hold a crown a screw-shaped titanium implant is inserted. Let us see the details of the oral surgical procedure.

Of course, there are situations when a traditional bridge replacement is the right choice, especially if the implantation is not advised. This could be:

  • Immune system disorders
  • Blood disorders
  • Certain chronic diseases
  • Untreated diabetes
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Severe bite disorders
  • Cancer

Relative contraindications include smoking, which is not a reason for exclusion, but it can reduce the chances of success.
If there is no exclusion criteria, the implant has several advantages:

– It is not needed to file down neighboring healthy teeth. Filing down involves loss of healthy bone material although there is a variety of techniques causing different degrees of loss. Today if common zirconium crowns are placed often 40-60% of the tooth material will be filed down.
– If you replace a missing tooth with a bridge food leftovers might remain underneath. If it is not professionally cleaned, it can cause bad breath.
– If you do not want to wear removable dentures or find the existing prosthesis uncomfortable there is a solution for you. If the existing teeth no longer make it possible the preparation of fixed bridges, placement of implants can help avoid a removable prosthesis.

Steps of placement of implants

Prior to implantation

After a medical examination it is required a thorough oral hygienic treatment like tartar and plaque etc. removal. Later digital x-rays and three-dimensional CT scans are used for making an accurate treatment plan.

A three dimensional CT scan shows more than a dental X-ray. The 3D scan images can be sliced and every single detail in the jawbone can be measured separately millimeter by millimeter. Before the patient accepts the treatment plan he receives comprehensive information on all treatment options and potential risks.

The implantation procedure

Although implantation is a surgery it is still a gentle dental surgical procedure that is done under local anesthesia. First the oral surgeon gently pushes the gum aside and then marks the planned location of the screw in the jaw (single or multiple implantation is possible). The drilling carried out by a special device, which has adjustable parameters, and causes a slight vibrating sensation.

The diameter of the pure titanium screw is larger than the diameter of the hole so it can easily and securely be screwed into the bone. According to the treatment plan additional bone replacement could be needed to replace the missing jaw bone.

The duration of the operation depends on the number of implants to be inserted or other complicating conditions. It happens that it only takes ten minutes and sometimes it can take up to three hours. After the titanium screw is inserted the implant is sutured over the gums. In the period of two to three days after implantation your face may be swollen, and rarely can experience pain.

One week after the operation stitches can be removed, if necessary, however the Budapest Top Dental uses absorbable stitches, so you do not have to see your local dentist, stitches will disappear. One week after the surgery you can wear your temporary denture

What does template navigated dental implantation mean and what is it good for?

There can be situations when the dentist need to insert the implant in the jaw with the maximum possible precision. It is the case for example when a front tooth is replaced and due to aesthetics the position of the implant does matter so that crown can be fitted really perfectly or you need to have a lot of implants in one jaw.

In this situation a template guided implantation technique is applied.

The first step of the process is that an impression is taken of your jaw where implants are planned to be placed. A 3D scan is also prepared.

The second step is that with the aid of a special software the oral surgeon designs very precisely the place of the screw along with the crown in the jaw. Using this method neither vein and nerve nor other teeth or the sinus will be damaged, moreover the aesthetics will be perfect of the tooth replacement.

This special software virtually displays the position of the screw and fitted crown in the mouth including other teeth so your new smile can be seen before anything happens in your mouth.

The third step is, that the dental laboratory using the impression taken of your jaw and the position of your implant set by the software fabricates a drilling template for your oral surgeon. Before placement of implants this template is placed on your jaw. With the help of this drilling/dental implant navigation template the implant will be inserted to the very place where it was virtually planned. This method is generally applied at our clinic when All-on-4 solutions are needed.

Advantages of implantation with this reliable planning are:

  • The intervention of placement of implantation is quicker
  • Healing time after treatment is shorter
  • Bone grafting is not always needed so the whole process of tooth replacement is less expensive and quicker
  • Long term stability of implants can be easily achieved
  • Perfect aesthetic results

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What dental implant brands does our clinic apply?

Our clinic only provides the best quality treatment to its valued patients, so we apply high quality dental screws. Our dentists place Alpha Bio and Nobel Biocare and Replace and Starumann implants.

  • All dental implant brands are of top and medium quality. Lifetime guarantee (only material) comes with them.
  • All implants are bio-compatible, made of titanium, so patients suffering from metal allergy can even have it.
  • All brands have a medical record over 20 years.

The Swiss-owned company is headquartered in Basel and has been manufacturing and developing dental instruments since 1974. It has a total of 6 factory units in Europe and the USA. Like Nobel, it is  widespread worldwide, with dentists working in more than 70 countries, including Hungary.

By 2017, dentists implanted a total of more than 17 million implant screws of Straumann. Straumann dental implants represent the same quality among implants as the Ferrari, the absolute top category, among cars.

Straumann dental implants

Straumann implants are constantly being clinically tested and developed, with an average of 100 scientific articles published each year about their results and developments.

Two main types of implants are manufactured, which are bone level and gum level types.

Thanks to the implants’ special screwing solutions, the implant can be inserted immediately after tooth extraction, and in some cases it can be loaded a few weeks atfer extraction. Loading of an implant is the process when  crowns are fitted so tooth replacement is completed.

If these implants are used for an All-on-4 solution, the implant can be loaded immediately after placement, meaning the denture will be attached to the implants right away!

The special material on the surface of the implant screw helps the bone cells to grow and thus the screw to be incorporated as soon as possible. However, due to the special material, if the implant has been removed from the sterile package, it must be implanted within 30 minutes.

The special 4mm long implant screw  connects to the bones so stable and tight that teeth replacements can be ensured even without bone replacement in the case of bone-deficient jaws. It makes treatments less invasive in lots of cases.

Around the gums, like the Nobel implants, it provides a very aesthetic connection. Therefore, for even more perfect and aesthetic appearance, zircon crowns are often recommended by dentists for this type of screws.

Nobel Biocare dental implants

Nobel Biocare is identified as the world’s number one and most respected dental implant manufacturer and distributor. You can be sure that implants inserted in your jaw had decades of research and development work, this is why the ratio of complaints regarding Nobel Biocare implants is practically zero.

The Nobel Biocare implants are top-line products across the globe. Nobel Biocare already had the first screws when dental implantology was still in its infancy. The result of half a century of research and development is the high quality of dental implants, which is available for millions of satisfied patients around the world.

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Nobel Biocare (Sweden), made the first dental implant prototype half a century ago. Since then, they have a 35% share in the dental implant manufacturing worldwide. This fact also proves that the company is the market leader in production of dental implants. This is mainly due to the excellence of products and satisfaction of patients.

Alpha Bio dental implants

The company’s stable background is provided by the Nobel Biocare company, the world’s leading dental implant manufacturer as Alpha Bio was bought by Nobel in 2008. In addition to dental implant manufacturing technologies all background services are provided by Nobel Biocare including the quality assurance system  and research development. The company has gained popularity among dentists and patients, thanks to its pioneering solutions, quality and the favorable price of its products. In addition, thanks to the continuous development, they have new products in the market every year.

The Alpha-Bio implant family has many different length and diameter screws so dentists can choose the ideal size in every position. Due to their shape, good stability can be achieved immediately after the removal of the teeth, so there is not always needed healing time after extractions. The average healing time is case-specific, usually 10 to 12 weeks.

Alpha Bio implants naturally incorporate into the jaw bone with short healing time, their insertion is fast and free of complication, and they provide long-term durability.
This type of implant ensures high stability, high quality and last but not least cost-effective.

Straumann, Nobel Biocare and Alpha Bio are the implant brands that our dentists in Budapest place in your jaw. But if you have other implant brands in your mouth like Dio or Zimmer or others we need all information about your implants if you want our clinic to treat those implants like loading them, or changing crowns.

It is needed, because each implant brand has its own dental tools, they are not compatible with each other. You can have all information about the implants in the implant passport you received from the clinic where your screws were inserted. If the implant passport is not available, then, please, contact your dental clinic for information.

It is worth briefly talking about the importance of vitamin C for your dental health

We talk about it in this section, because if your dental health is not proper, then you lose teeth that can be replaced by implants. We are sure you know, that in the past seafarers received scurvy due to vitamin C deficiency, causing their teeth to fall. These days it very rarely happens but vitamin C takes a very significant role in your health. Scientists say you can take thousands of mg of Vitamin C, because your body needs it and is able to utilize it.

Vitamin C is very important for the health of the gums and teeth. Research shows that vitamin C has a role in preventing periodontitis. Periodontitis is a very serious disease, it if it is not treated at the early stages, then your teeth begin to get loose and wobbly and you lose them. It is quite common, that patients having serious untreated periodontitis must get their teeth extracted and replaced by implants supported denture.

Vitamin C is involved in controlling the bacteria that cause periodontitis. It also helps regenerate the gums. Vitamin C is found in fresh fruits and vegetables. You can find especially high vitamin C content in strawberry, lemon, orange, kiwi, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet cumin, turnip, paprika, brussels sprouts and cabbage. However, be careful with lemon, orange and grapefruit, do not overdo it! Lots of citric acids can attack the tooth enamel, which may cause it to break down. Also, it is not recommended to clean your teeth within 30 minutes after having a fruit with high acid content, because citric acid softens teeth enamel and your toothbrush is wearing the softened enamel.

Some thoughts about possible problems with implants

The most important thing to avoid any problems of dental implants is to maintain good oral hygiene and clean the teeth and implants 2-3 times a day.

Our dentists use screw-retained crowns on implants, however the most common used way of fitting crowns is cement-retained. With the screw-retained solution crowns can be removed easily for hygienic reasons and repairs. However a possible downside is that crowns may go loose on implants. This is only possible with single implants, but not in the case of implant retained bridges.

If your crown went loose you may think that your implant is loose but in the 99.9% of all cases it is only the crown that is loose. As you have the implant passport from our clinic you know all details of your implant, so you can see your local dentist and ask him to fix the loose crown. It can be done at a minimum charge or even free it is such a simple treatment.

There might be more serious problems like inflammation around the screw. Bone inflammation can occur at any time and the cause of it neither the clinic nor the patient. Efforts should be made to ensure good oral hygiene so that problems do not develop or have less chance of developing.

This problem can be treated in many ways ranging from a couple of simple steps, like inflamed tissue removal around the implant to complete screw removal. If your implant needs to be removed then it will be inserted again free of charge one time after treatment and the healing period.

In the unlikely event of experiencing any kind of problems with your implant do not hesitate to contact us and explain your problem in detail so that the necessary steps could be made.

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Screw retained vs. cement retained crowns on implants

The abutment and the crown/bridge can be fitted to the implant in two ways. One solution is screwing, while the other is gluing with cement.

In the case of the screw-retained solution, the abutment and the final crown or bridge are assembled by the dental technician. Thus, in the case of screw-retained crown the tooth replacement practically consists of two components: implant/screw and an abutment and crown which is put together.

In the case of cement-retained solution, an intermediate piece, an abutment in between screw and crown is screwed to the implant and the crown is cemented to the abutment. In this procedure, the tooth replacement is made up of three components: implant/screw, abutment and cemented crown or bridge.

Advantage of screw-retained crowns on implants

The advantage of screw-retained procedure is that it provides a soluble connection between the implant and the crown or bridge.

The importance of this is to make it easier for the dental professional to clean it every six months. Those parts of the tooth replacement that come into direct contact with the gums, are more difficult to be accessed for everyday dental care. As a result of it plaque and tartar adheres to these areas.

Cleaning of this area is much simpler after  unscrewing and removing the abutment and crown which is assembled. However this cleaning and removal process is only possible in a dental office by a dentist. After cleaning the crown with abutment is screwed back onto the implants.

Another advantageous feature is that, if additional tooth replacement is needed as a result of further tooth loss, screw-retained solution can be easily converted by unscrewing the existing old crown/bridge and then insert a new extended bridge.

The ability to unscrew and then screw back the crown offers the possibility of professional cleaning, as no adhesive remains between the gums and the implant, as opposed to adhesive cement-retained fastening.

Fastening with screws will also provide any possible correction needs, as it can be easily unscrewed and re-fixed.

Clinical studies prove, that in the long-run screw-retained solutions show significantly less complications.

The only drawback of a screw-retained crown solution compared to a cemented solution is that it is not as aesthetic as the cemented solution. Although this aesthetic issue is more likely to occur on bridges than on solo crowns. Considering the fact that most of the dental implant is required in the molar region, this disadvantage is negligible.

Some idea about payment for dental care

There are lots of health-conscious people who decide to combine medical care and a relaxing vacation. In the list of medical tourism destinations, Hungary tends to be the most popular for dentistry plans. Checking the necessary things before undergoing treatment is a smart idea to be safe while traveling. One of the things you must prepare for a journey is ways of payment for your dental care. Even though dental treatments in Hungary are affordable you have to study on how to pay for treatments.

How to pay for dental work?

Most of the dental clinics in Hungary are specialized in providing high-quality implant treatments. Dental implant treatment costs in Hungary will differ from clinic to clinic based on the implant type and the warranty period.

You can pay for your treatment by cash, bank card, or bank transfer. Be aware of the fact that bank transfers and payments by bank cards will have additional costs on your accounts, but the amount depends on the policy of your own bank. Also, if you pay by bank card, make sure that there is enough funds in your account and the payment limit set will also make payment possible.

It is worth investigating possible ways of payments of clinics so that you could pick the one that suits you the most as complex treatments like  placement of dental implants in Hungary can cost  a lot and bank costs may also be significant.

Additional saving option is that private health insurances provide reimbursement after extensive dental care like crowns, bridges or dental implants in Hungary.

Budapest dental implants – Testimonials of patients with dental implants

“I’m 67 years old and am afraid of dentists. Unfortunately I am missing several teeth but I want beautiful new teeth. A friend of mine recommended me dental implants. The quote was worked out in detail. Then treatment was done professionally as well so I am satisfied and am happy with my new teeth, which I can chew very well with and I dare smile again”

“I am very happy that I did not have to get my teeth filed down. Dental implants gave a solution to the problem of my missing teeth.”

“Since my parents lost their teeth at an early age consequently their jaw bone deteriorated as well and they could only wear a traditional denture. This is what I wanted to avoid so I chose dental implants with lifetime warranty.”

“Since I have dental implants there are no cavities in my mouth. To top it all the daily dental care and oral hygiene is much simpler.”

“I precisely calculated that the price of dental implants is cheaper in the long run than dental bridges because dental implants work for a longer period of time and have no harmful effects on other adjoining teeth.”

“With the help of dental implants my removable dentures finally became stable and the surgery was absolutely pain free.”

“I have worn removable dentures but I was not happy with it. I felt them moving in the mouth when I chewed but I hated to use denture adhesive and never managed to get used to the palate section … My financial opportunities were limited, so a complete bridge on dental implants did not come into play.

I thought, I would try an all on 4 solution with dental implants as one of my friends wears it and she is satisfied with it. I have to say, this denture greatly facilitated my life it is a lot easier to deal with it and is very stable in my mouth.”

Traditional removable denture
Traditional removable denture

If you want to know how much you can save on dental implants at our implant centre Budapest with Budapest Top Dental do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

Our dentists at the Budapest dental will make you more than one quote based on your panoramic x-ray

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