If you want your dental care to get done in Ireland, then it will take long and will be expensive if you do not qualify for HSE services. However not all treatments are free for medical card holders and in a lot of cases (for example provision of dentures) your practitioner must require the approval of HSE before he/she proceeds so it slows down the process. Other complex treatments such as sinus lift, bone grafting and installing implants are very expensive. This is why roughly 12.000 Irish people come to Budapest for dental treatment yearly. This is a huge number compared to the number of residents of Ireland. There are a great deal of other countries whose residents prefer Budapest for dental care but Ireland is the second biggest country so Irish people cover 20% of all dental patients visiting Budapest for care.

A winter view on Budapest and the river Danube. A winter view on Budapest and the river Danube.

Why is it worth Irish people getting treated in Hungary by Budapest Top Dental?

First of all they can save up to 70% on dental costs

A full tooth restoration (including a titanium dental implant, titanium abutment and a porcelain fused to metal crown) in Ireland costs 2.000 – 2.600EUR. If you choose our dental in Budapest your costs will be below 1,000EUR for the same complete tooth replacement.

Similar savings can be made on bridges. A porcelain fused to metal crown costs around 500-600EUR in Ireland, but it is available in the same quality below 200EUR in Budapest. So if you need a 3 item dental bridge, it is roughly 1.500-1.800 EUR in Ireland, but it is less than 600EUR in Budapest. It takes 3 days to get this 3 item bridge done so if you add flight and accommodation costs then you can still save at least 50% on this care in Budapest at our clinic.

The average spending of an Irish patient in Budapest for treatment is around 5.000EUR.

If you want to know how much you can save with our clinic in Budapest, please, send us a panoramic x-ray in email and you will receive a quotation in one work day.

As our clinic employs highly professional English speaking dentists and oral surgeons whose work is perfect our clinic provides lifetime guarantee for screws (only material). If warranty treatments are still needed it is at no cost to you.

Secondly you can qualify for 20% more back, as after care you get 20% tax relief in Ireland based on treatment in Budapest

It is not only the low prices that, make economical dental treatment in Budapest for Irish citizens, but tax relief also adds to the savings. There is 20% tax relief available after dental treatment in Budapest. Tax relief is only possible in case of non-routine treatments, like crowns, bridges, implants and veneers. Routine dental care like cleaning, fillings and dentures are excluded from claim relief. But people usually travel to Budapest for dental care if they need major treatments that are part of claim relief. After treatment your dentist will fill in the Med2 form for you on the basis of care. In order to claim 20% relief you have to include dental costs in the Non-Routine heading. The Med2 form must be kept in your records, you will not be reimbursed on the grounds of it. But keep it, in case the tax office needs it to check the rightfulness of your claim.

Thirdly you get a five star treatment in Budapest you will be satisfied with

You are going to be treated in a state-of- the-art clinic in Budapest where top dental materials are used by highly qualified and skilled dentists. To top it all treatments are not time consuming, because even the most complex treatments can be carried out by 3 visits to Budapest. A visit usually takes 2 to 6 days, but we have busy patients who fly back to Ireland after each appointment in a visit. They can do it easily, as there are 3-4 flights in between Budapest and Dublin a day and our clinic is just a 30 minute drive from the Budapest airport. To make your whole treatment comfortable, transfer service is provided upon arrival and departure free of charge. Communication is in English because our whole team speaks fluent English, so you will not have communication difficulties at all.

Elizabeth bridge in Budapest over the Danube by night. Elizabeth bridge in Budapest over the Danube by night.

And last but not least, you can turn your dental treatment into a holiday in Budapest.

There are lots of attractions Irish patients enjoy in Budapest. There are a good deal of spas, historical sights, museums, summer festivals and of course Irish pubs in Budapest. So you can drink Guinness in Budapest before and after treatment while you are listening to Hungarian folk music. There are a lot of Hungarian styled restaurants where you can try the famous Hungarian meals such as Fisherman’s soup, Gulyás (goulash), meat stew with noodles, stuffed cabbage and wines such as Egri bikavér, Tokaji aszú (Aszú wine from Tokaj) and many more. We assist you in organizing your free time activity, so we can give you some tips on what is worth visiting and can give you a list of sights in Budapest and around Budapest. But if you want a real tourist guide who shows you around Budapest, we will arrange it for you as well.

How to make it to Budapest from Ireland?

Traveling from Ireland to Budapest is not such a big thing since low cost airlines are available. A return ticket from Ireland to Budapest costs around 100-180EUR depending on the time of travel and how soon you buy your ticket compared to the time of travel. For example if you fly from Dublin to Budapest then you can take the direct flights of Ryanair and Aerlingus. Flight time is around 3 – 3.5 hours in between Budapest and Dublin and there are at least two flights a day. One of them is due in the morning and the other one is in the evening.

But if you travel for dental treatment to Budapest from other Irish cities such as Cork, Kerry, Knock or Shannon you can fly to Budapest with one extra stop.

You can reduce your flight costs if you take the same flight company for both ways. The other possibility to reduce your costs is to book your flight tickets as soon as possible. If you buy your Budapest – Dublin flight ticket well in advance, say at least 2-3 months earlier then you can save up to 40-60% on ticket prices. Our dental always adjusts to your timing so you can pick the most suitable time for your care. If your treatment is not urgent try to choose low touristic seasons for treatment. High touristic seasons in Budapest are Christmas and New year’s eve, spring and autumn. During these periods Dublin-Budapest flight tickets are more expensive and so do hotel rates.

The same rule applies to hotel rates as it was mentioned concerning flight tickets. The earlier you book your hotel in Budapest the cheaper you can get it. It is an additional price reduction possibility if you only stay in Budapest during weekdays because your hotel rooms will be cheaper as they are more expensive on weekends independent of the touristic season.

A subway station in Budapest. Budapest has 4 metro lines. A subway station in Budapest. Budapest has 4 metro lines.

Getting around in Budapest

In Budapest nearly everyone speaks more or less English and everyone is very friendly. So if you are lost or you need some information you can go up to anyone in the street they will help you. Hungarians are very friendly and a welcoming nation. At hotels, spas, and restaurants staff speak fluent English so you have nothing to worry about. Public transport is very well organized and a travel pass for a week is just 18EUR. There are 4 metro lines and a lot of tram and bus lines that take you everywhere in the city of Budapest. If you prefer taxis feel free to take them as drivers know side roads and they are never stuck in traffic jams. As our dental clinic is in the center of Budapest it is easily accessible from any part of the city.