Today, Hungary is the number one destination for dental tourists in Europe, and Budapest has become the dental capital of Europe.

Dental tourism in Hungary is booming.

The prices of typical dental treatments such as dental implants are a fraction of the Western European prices.

In addition to the attractive prices, the quality of Hungarian medical education ranks high in the world.

The outstanding training of the professionals is also associated with a high-level technology background. In Hungary, 99.5% of the doctors have some kind of specialist exam, while in France, for example, this is around 5% and in Germany around 9%.

In addition to all these advantages, Hungary is also a great tourist destination, as it has beautiful historical sights, nature and spas. In this way, dental patients will leave with a pleasant experience.

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Why the English come to Hungary for cosmetic and dental implant treatments

Main reasons for UK dental tourism in Hungary In England, like other Western European countries, the cost of dental treatment is very high. The NHS supports certain dental treatments, but not all. That is, extensive dental treatments have to be paid for. NHS support is only available for treatments that are medically justifiable. These treatments,…

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All-on-4 in Hungary with Straumann implants for a quarter of the US dental rates

All-on-4 in Hungary – The review of US dental tourism patient about dental care in Hungary I started an earnest search for the best All-on-4 treatment and found some were cheaper than what they want in the USA.  Comparing the quality of education and training of various dentists, with their success rates and experience with implants,…

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All-on-6 in Hungary – the story of my smile makeover in Budapest

This is the story of my All-on-6 in Hungary for my top and bottom teeth to restore perfectly my chewing and speaking abilities. Review of a satisfied Belgian dental tourism patient who had her new teeth in Hungary. My review in detail: “First, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the clinic specifically…

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