Why quality dental implants in Hungary are cheaper

As you may have heard Hungary is very famous for being the capital of dental tourism. The reason for this significant recognition is rather two fold. The highlighted things about dental treatments in Hungary are quality dental care and affordable prices. Most dental tourism patients, even from overseas, visiting Hungary, want tooth replacement with dental implants. Let us see the reasons briefly why Hungary is specialized in dental implant treatments.

When are dental implants effective?

The main theme of  dental care in Hungary is to provide patients with a new smile and restore chewing and speech ability. If teeth are seriously damaged they can not be treated so they are replaced by dental implants after extraction. Dental implants fitted with crowns work like real teeth. If they are properly maintained and clean they work for a lifetime. One time cost of implants is higher than for example a 3 unit bridge that covers a one tooth gap.  But for an implant treatment you only pay once in a lifetime, while bridges must be changed every 5-15 years. In addition, implant treatment has no effect on healthy teeth, but bridges do have. Placement of dental implants are totally pain free, but nervous patients can have treatment under general anesthesia.

Why dental treatment is cheaper in Hungary

The price of   dental care in Hungary varies practice by practice due to used materials, guarantee conditions and implant types, but you can be sure all dental treatments are cheaper in Hungary than in any other Western European country or Canada and USA. Some reasons for cheaper prices:

  • The average rental price of offices and dental surgeries
  • General lower level of wages and salaries
  • The affordable rate charged by the dental supplier to clinics
  • Treatment is free of tax (VAT) for foreigners in Hungary

Advantages of Dental implants

There are so  many disadvantages of losing your teeth. It causes aesthetic problems, chewing and speaking difficulties let alone other health issues. But these problems can be counterbalanced or solved by implants.  Some advantages of dental implants are listed below.

  • Natural appearance of teeth
  • Perfect-fitting implant retained dentures (All-on-4 or All-on-6)
  • Eliminates the discomfort of missed teeth
  • Possibility of eating of all kinds of food without worrying about damages
  • Improves your smile and confidence
  • Younger look as jawbone structure is kept healthy
  • Long durability as it is integrated with jawbone
  • Prevents jawbone loss that is due to lack of chewing at places with no teeth in the jaw
  • Easy to clean and fix it
  • No treatment is needed to healthy adjacent teeth to cover a tooth gap

The success rate of placement of dental implants in Hungary is among the best ones all over the world, moreover implants go with lifetime guarantee at a very competitive rate. Proper care of your dental implant will ensure 50+ years lifespan.

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