The story of a Hollywood smile in Budapest

“I’m confident now with my smile and I get a lot of compliments about my beautiful white teeth, if im having a conversation with someone ❤️ I can express my self a lot better than before.. So I’d like to thank you for bringing back the confidence and most importantly my real smile that has been gone for years, thank you. It was worth coming to your clinic and your services are excellent, the way they handle my case was very professional and they take good care of me, through my entire session. The dentists that handle me are skilled and they made feel comfortable every time  on the hot seat😉.. They did their very best to fix my dental problems and meet my needs and wants when it comes to achieve a “Hollywood Smile”..  We searched and approached a lot of dental clinics for my dental issues and you’re the only clinic who sent me the whole dental treatment plan that fits to what we wished for my teeth,.. I appreciate the effort and the dentist adjusted his time to make it done before we leave and back to my country, I’m picky and skeptical but you earned my trust 😊🙏 thank you again and to all entire team kudos! .. What you did to me is a life changing experience .. More power to you and God bless”

Jocelle Verbo

Faroe Islands

The clinic’s answer: Thanks Jocelle for your review. She had a complete smile makeover and the result is a “Hollywood smile”. Jocelle’s treatment  took two visits. In the first visit she received an implant and some of her teeth were root canal treated and finally she received long term temporary crowns. In the second visit after the proper healing time she received zirconium crowns to all teeth for the perfect natural look. When there is a complete smile makeover a night guard is always recommended so that teeth/crowns be protected in case you grind your teeth while sleeping. It is also good to know, if you have a smile makeover it might take up to some weeks until you get used to your new teeth. You can see above Jocelle’s new smile.

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