Belina had all-on-6 in Budapest

This is the story of my All-on-6 in Hungary for my top and bottom teeth to restore perfectly my chewing and speaking abilities. Review of a satisfied Belgian dental tourism patient who had her new teeth in Hungary.

My review in detail:

“First, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the clinic specifically to my two major dentists – Andrea and Adam – for their efficiency & skills……. for their loving kindness in handling me, during the process of my implants – which was a great success. I felt safe with them.

Also my  thanks to  the efficiency of  my dentist who performed  the  drilling  in my upper & lower jaws, prior to Dr. Andrea and to all the assistants of my dentists – thanks to their efficiency and kindness.

The last doctor who made the final check-up after the implant was done, was so nice and very professional- my thanks to him.

As far as organization from Budapest airport  driving us to our hotel and back upon departure  and booking the hotel itself everything was excellent……. Thanks to the clinic driver who was so nice and kind to me.

I am really happy to get rid of my removable dentures and live normal life with my fixed teeth! I am happy that I followed my husband who also had had extensive dental care with this clinic in Budapest. It was really worth it.

More power to management and staff.”

Belina Hipolito


Some comments about Belina’s treatment:

We are happy that you are satisfied with everything Belina. Belina planned an All-on-4 system to top and bottom jaw. After analyzing the 3d scan the dentist recommended an All-on-6 system to both arches because her jawbone was in good condition. All-on-6 has some advantages over All-on-4. As this solution is with 6 implants per jaw, the dentist places a complete bridge on screws not a denture. Also, as more screws are included, chewing pressure is more evenly distributed on teeth and the whole structure is more stable and more durable. So the whole solution more resembles your real teeth. Some patients do not want implant retained dentures either, which is All-on-4, they want the solution that is more similar to real teeth. For them All-on-6 is the ideal solution. In case of All-on-6 patients receive a complete bridge, which is a fix solution. It can not be removed, they work like real teeth. All-on-4 dentures can be removed by the dentist. Belina received 12 implants in the first 2 day visit and after the recovery time, which was 6 months she was back to Hungary and the dentist fitted the complete All-on-6 bridges  for both arches.

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