How to improve your smile – solutions of cosmetic dentistry

Recently cosmetic dental treatments are very popular because they can achieve very spectacular results on your smile. A nice smile brings you a lot of benefits. It gives you confidence, you smile more often and others find you more likeable just to name a few advantages.

The cosmetic dentist has a number of treatment options available to make your smile more beautiful. The treatment he will propose you will depend on your financial capabilities and the problem of your teeth.

Tooth discoloration:

If you smoke or drink coffee or red wine, your teeth will get discolored faster. These color problems can be eliminated by a 60-75 minute in chair teeth whitening and the teeth will become white again for a couple of months or longer if you refrain from smoking and drinking and eating colored food. It is important to know that removal of tartar is recommended before bleaching because tartar does not whiten, only teeth and you may be dissatisfied with the result. If the base color of your teeth is rather yellowish and not white, then veneers will rather help, because whitening may prove ineffective.

Poorly shaped, permanently discolored, slightly chipped teeth:

If you have such problems, dental veneers is the right solution. If veneers are applied it is a very gentle, hardly invasive dental treatment. The cosmetic dentist shaves off a few tenths of millimeters from the front enamel of the tooth and then takes an impression of these teeth. Based on the imprint, the dental lab makes your definitive  veneers, which are glued onto your teeth. Until the final veneers are prepared, the dentist will apply temporary veneers to cover the teeth. Application of temporary veneers has two reasons: It keeps the tooth from being sensitive and avoids damaging after the impression is taken. Veneers are recommended to replace after a period of 6-10 years.

Worn, broken or weak teeth:

In case of broken or weak teeth the solution can be crowns at some places it is called caps. This procedure is more invasive than preparation of veneers. The dentists prepare the whole tooth, which means 20-30% of the tooth material, so not only enamel is lost. After preparation, similarly to veneers, the dentist takes impressions of teeth and crowns are prepared on the grounds of moulds by the dental lab. Until the final crowns are delivered and fitted, temporary crowns will cover your teeth. Before the final crowns are fitted, there are several tests in order to get the best aesthetic results. The lifespan of crowns is around for 10-15 years if proper oral hygiene is maintained.

For crowns and veneers, the color can be individually selected. In fact, it is possible to have crowns placed on some teeth and veneers on other teeth, and there will be no color and shape difference of your smile. The crowns can also be replaced if they are worn, but once someone has a crown on one of his teeth, they cannot be replaced by veneers afterwards on the same tooth. However, it is possible if someone initially had a veneer on her tooth, it could later be replaced by a crown. Both veneer and crown treatment can be carried out in a single 5 day visit in Budapest. In order to increase lifespan of veneers and crowns wearing of night guards is recommended.

Lost teeth:

There are two options for missing teeth. The lost tooth can replaced by an implant, and after the healing time has elapsed, a crown is fitted on the implant. In this case, the teeth around the tooth gap are not treated.

Alternatively, a bridge is placed in an area where there is tooth deficiency, thus covering the tooth gap. In this case, the teeth around the missing teeth are also prepared, as they serve as bridge pillars. From the health point of view, the implant is the ideal solution because it has a lifetime of at least 50+ years and the adjacent teeth are not damaged. True, this is more expensive treatment because a one implant treatment (screw+abutment+crown) to cover a one tooth gap is more expensive than a 3 item bridge, that covers the same one tooth gap. Implant treatment requires two visits to Budapest due to healing time after inserting the implant. Bridges are cheaper, but like crowns, they need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years and healthy teeth are also damaged.

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