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Are you sick and tired of your country’s soaring dental costs? We at Budapest Top Dental are here to help. Our cutting-edge facility, which is situated in the center of Budapest, Hungary, offers comprehensive dental care at affordable rates. Say goodbye to expensive bills and hello to high-quality, affordable dental care, because at our clinic, we offer affordable dentist prices in Hungary with top quality treatments.

Hungary – Why dental tourism patients love this country

Below you can read some reasons of dental tourism in Hungary in addition to the affordable dental prices.

Hungary has become a top destination for individuals looking for reasonably priced yet high-quality dental treatments as dental tourism has grown in popularity. You can have access to a number of advantages by picking Hungary as your destination for dental tourism, which makes the whole trip worthwhile.

Most importantly, the cost savings are astounding. Hungary offers dental services at a fraction of the expense of Western Europe or the United States. You may get expensive dental procedures like veneers, crowns, dental implants, and the ground-breaking All-on-4 method from us without blowing all of your savings. You will be able to maintain your financial stability and receive the same level of knowledge and care, if not better.

Refunds and tax relief is also valid in Hungary, which is a big advantage for patients in the EU. Patients from EU nations receive the same advantages and payments as if they were receiving treatment in their home country because Hungary is a member of the European Union. This makes getting dental care even more economical because you can benefit from low dentist prices in Hungary still getting all the reimbursements.

The outstanding caliber of dental services provided in Hungary is a vital additional point to take into account. At Budapest Top Dental, only German materials that are ISO certified are used for our patients for crowns, bridges and veneers. In addition to that top quality dental implant brands come with lifetime guarantee. This dedication to excellence ensures long-lasting outcomes and improves the treatments’ general safety and efficacy. Our staff of amiable and well-versed specialists is committed to provide the finest quality of care, utilizing the most recent dental innovations and methods to produce the best results for our patients.

In addition to cost savings, choosing Hungary for your dental care gives you the chance to see the charming city of Budapest. It is in fact in the top 10 most beautiful capitals in Europe. This thriving capital city is renowned for its extensive cultural holdings, gorgeous architecture and rich history. You can treat yourself to a dental holiday that combines your procedure with a special sightseeing adventure. Explore the mesmerizing splendor of Budapest’s sights, indulge in regional cuisine, and take in the distinctive spirit of the city.

View on roofs in Budapest from Basilica.

Hungary dentist prices vs the Western Europe and the US

Below we make you some price comparisons in between Western European vs dentist prices in Hungary so you can identify the saving options.

There are significant variations on cost, which region you are in whether it is a rural or urban, the type of the practice and the volume of the practice.

Hungary vs US dental rates

Dental implants are a well-known and successful method of replacing missing teeth. The average price of a single dental implant based tooth replacement (implant screw, abutment and crown) in the US is between $3,000 and $5,000. Dental implants including abutments and crowns in Hungary are much less expensive, typically costing between $1,100 and $1,600. Hungary is a desirable option for those looking for affordable dental implants without sacrificing quality due to this significant price difference.

If we look at the prices of a 3 unit implant retained bridge in the US, it is around $7,000+, still it is available in Hungary from $2,500 with aesthetic zirconium bridge units.

Veneers: To improve the appearance of the front teeth, thin shells like contact cells, called veneers are applied to the front surfaces. Porcelain E-max veneers always used for cosmetic dental care and can cost anywhere between $1,100 and $3,500 per tooth in the United States. In Hungary at our clinic E-max veneers are available at a rate of $400 to $550 per tooth, which is significantly cheaper. If you want a complete smile makeover or a recently popular Hollywood smile with porcelain E-max veneers, you can save a lot of money and still have a gorgeous smile. For such a smilemakeover treatment in Hungary your savings can be up to $25,000.

Crowns: When you have restorative needs to save a weakened or damaged tooth and fillings are not enough, dentists use dental crowns. A zirconium crown may cost between $1,800 and $2,500 per tooth in the United States. The price of a zirconium crown in Hungary generally ranges from $400 to $500 per tooth, so saving options are huge.

All-on-4 Dentures: These dentures are a cutting-edge approach to replacing all the teeth in a toothless arch. These solutions cost between $14,000 and $25,000 per arch in the United States. The same All-on-4 is significantly less expensive in Hungary, typically costing between $6,000 and $9,000 per arch. It is true for such a treatment the patient must fly overseas at least two times which can be costly, but if bookings are made well in advance flight cost can be kept low.

In the US if you have no dental insurance, then paying for dental care can be real challenging. Without insuarance it can be a significant investment into your health. This is why travelling to Hungary for dental care from the US is a real option which can easily get you including the cost of travel and accommodation a few tens of thousands of US dollars in savings.

Happy patient at Budapest dental clinic

Hungary vs German prices

Dental implants: In Germany, a single dental implant screw costs anywhere between €1,800 and €3,000 depending on the dental implant brand and the clinic. The price of a dental implant, (only the screw) however, in Hungary is much more affordable and ranges from €500 to €800. In Budapest at our clinic you can have the world’s no. 1. impant screw, Straumann, below €700. Hungary is a desirable option for patients looking for dental implants that are both affordable and of high quality so they can receive high-quality care at reasonable prices. There are multiple options for using implants. They can be single tooth replacements, or retain 3-4 unit bridges and full arch complete bridges.

Veneers: These are nice covers on the front surface of front teeth. Improving the appearance of front teeth with veneers is a common cosmetic procedure. Porcelain or zirconium veneers cost between €1,200 and €1,500 per tooth in Germany. The price of veneers is between €300 and €350 per tooth in Hungary. Patients can enjoy significant cost savings while receiving the desired aesthetic results by choosing Hungary for this kind of cosmetic treatment. Zirconium and full porcelain E-max veneers are dental lab made shells so sizes, shapes and colours can all be selected by the patients so they are completely tailor-made. Before they are glued to the front surface of the tooth a very thin 0,2-0,3mm layer is shaved off only of the front surface of the teeth for the perfect fit.

Dental crowns: Dentists frequently use them to restore teeth that have been damaged and fillings or inlays are not sufficient. Dental crown prices in Germany can range from €600 to €1,000 per tooth. The price of a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, which is durable and perfect for the molar region, in Hungary typically ranges €220 and €350 euros per tooth. Patients can save much money while receiving long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing restorations by getting dental crowns in Hungary.

All-on-4 solutions: This is a solution which provides an implant based solution for a toothless arch. The denture or a complete bridge is retained by 4 implant screws so it is a full-arch tooth replacement option. A complete All-on-4 solution costs between €15,000 and €30,000 per arch in Germany.

The price of a complete All-on-4 soluton is much affordable in Hungary. If you are happy with 4 mid-class Neodent implants and a complete bridge of 12 pieces of porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, it costs as low as €5,600. But  if you want a top quality All-on-4 solution with 4 pieces of Straumann implants which is the no. 1. implant brand and a complete bridge of zirconium crowns you still pay as low as €7,700. As both implant brands come with lifetime guarantee at our clinic without sacrificing the standard and quality of care, you can have  significant cost advantages in Budapest.

Public health insurance covers only very basic treatments in Germany so if you need extensive dental care it may be a real investment. But if you feel like traveling and visiting Budapest you can save thousands of EURs on dental care while exploring one of the most beautiful historical city of Europe.

Porcelain fused to metal All-on-4 teeth
Porcelain fused to metal All-on-4 teeth

Comparison of Hungarian and French dental prices

Dental implants: The average price in France for a single dental screw can be anywhere between €700 and €1,500. The same quality dental implants generally cost less in Hungary; they are available between €500 and €800. Dental implants at our Budapest clinic come with lifetime gurantee. Anyway, dental implants are the most sought treatments foreign patients are after.

Veneers: If you are not happy with your smile, but there are no medical problems with your front teeth you just want a brigher or healthier smile dentists use veneers in the frame of a cosmetic dental procedure. Porcelain veneers cost anywhere between €600 and €900 per tooth in France. Our clinic in Budapest only works with quality zirconium and porcelain E-max veneers  which cost €300 and €350 per tooth. Patients can get the smile makeover they want at a much reasonable cost by choosing veneer treatment in Hungary. If you want a complete smilemakeover with porcelain E-max venenrs you need to stay 10 workdays in Hungary as it takes a massive dental lab work. In order to achieve perfect aesthetic results lots of trials/test are necessary before the final fitting. It is rare you only need one piece of veneer, people minimun need 4 of them to improve the appearence of the front tooth area.

Dental crowns are often used to restore teeth if a simple cavity progressed and more serious treatment is necessary to save a damaged tooth. Dental crowns in France are between €500 and €1,000 per tooth. The price of a crown in Hungary typically ranges from €220 (porcelain-fused-to-metal) to €350 (full porcelain)  per tooth. If you need to cover missing teeth with a bridge you pay the same amount per unit for the bridge.

All-on-4, which is a perfct solution for a toothless mouth: The price for a complete All-on-4  with 4 implant screws and a complete bridge is  between €10,000 and €17,000 per arch in France. The price of All-on-4 is cheaper in Hungary, ranging from €5,600 to €7,700 per arch. This price includes the 4 screws and the complete bridge of 12 teeth. If you want it with Straumann implants and zirconium teeth you will not pay more than €7,700 extractions and temporary denture excluded. With the top version (Straumann implants and zirconium crowns) of All-on-4  patients still can take advantage of significant financial savings while getting top-notch dental care in Budapest.

It is worth taking into consideration that savings can be increased by the social security reimbursement as Hungary is part of the EU so the same refunds are provided as if treatment had been carried out in France.

Teeth before and after CAD/CAM zirconium crown treatment in Hungary
Teeth before and after CAD/CAM zirconium crown treatment in Hungary

Hungary vs. Scandinavia – dentist prices

Scandinavian region includes more countries and we will take one for each treatment type so you can have an idea of savings option for all of them.

Dental implants: The average price in Danmark for a single dental implant based tooth replacement including a screw, abutment and crown can be around 20,000 and 30,000 DKK depending on the geographic locatoin of the clinic and the materials. Dental implants with abutments and crowns are available in Hungary at a much affordable price typically between 7,500DKK and 11,000 DKK. Hungary is a perfect location for patients looking for affordable dental implants without sacrificing quality. The prices are so competitive in Hungary that patients travel here even for a single implant based tooth replacement. It is worth noting, that based on jawbone quality before placement of implant screws sinus lift or bone graft may be necessary. It may increase the price and the number of visits to Hungary.

Veneers: This treatment is genereally used to improve the smile of those where front teeth have minor problems, like colour, shape, size or misalignment but the tooth basically is in good condition and healthy. Porcelain veneers available at 9,000 – 11,000NOK in Norway. If you prefer cosmetic dental treatment with veneers in Budapest, it will cost around ~3,800NOK per veneer. Patients can obtain their desired new smile at a significantly lower cost in Budapest with veneers. If you practice proper oral hygiene veneers last 8-12 years.

Dental crowns can be used either for aesthetic or medical reasons. They can improve the appearence of the front teeth which are broken, yellowish, filled or root canal treated. Generally these crowns are made of zirconium or porcelain. Crowns are also used for those molar teeth as well, where inlays, onlays can not help to restore the teeth and these crowns are made of zirconium or porcelain-fused-to-metal.

Zirconium dental crown prices in Norway can range from 6,000 to 8,000 NOK per tooth. The price of a zirconium crown in Hungary is much lower, around 3,500 NOK per tooth. Patients who choose Hungary for crown treatment enjoy significant financial savings while receiving excellent care. It is no wonder Hungary is a tempting option for those looking for high-quality dental crown restorations at a fraction of the norwegian price due to this significant price difference.

As Hungary is a Europen Union member state, HELFO refunds are possible for Norwegian patients for dental care in Hungary.


There can be significant variations on prices in your home country and the final price depends on how extensive your needs are. Dentist prices in Hungary are very competitive and savings can be increased by state refunds. In addition to cost savings there are other benefits like, high qulaity dental care, holiday in a historical still modern city and treatment without waiting time.

After reading the compariosns you may wonder how much you can save inHungary. The only way to get an exact idea of possible cost savings is to ask for a quote. If you want a quotation please, send us a panormaic x-ray by email: If you need cosmetic dental care we need some pics of you teeth so the x-ray is not a must.


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