Dental care in Hungary – Cost is 55% lower than the quote of my local dentist

“When I wanted to take care of my teeth seriously, I went to the university dental clinic in the city where I live. After a price request, that was about  25,000 euros, I decided to inquire about other possibilities in Europe.

I also found a clinic which I heard of earlier, called “Budapest Top Dental”.

On the other hand Hungary was known to me and I had a good memory of its renowned gastronomy and wines.

Having contacted Budapest Top Dental, I received a quick answer from Hungary and I began to plan my treatment at this clinic.

Why I chose Hungary, it was obvious for practical reasons: I could go there by car if necessary.

The staff is not only friendly but also very competent and all exchanges by email have clearly indicated the prices and conditions as well as the care that I would have. So I accepted this quote and

flew to Budapest. The dentists we met were not only helpful and friendly but seemed to me very competent, and my family experience – my brother was a dentist in Belgium over 35 years – made me appreciate it even more acutely.

The accommodation was very good. I chose to go in a Apart-hotel that suited me more than a typical hotel. During each travel upon arrival a taxi waited for me at the airport and upon departure drove me back to the airport, which is only located 20 km from the city of Budapest where the clinic is.

I was so happy with the result, that I decided to get my wife treated here, whose care is currently in progress. I also advertised the clinic among my acquaintances and one of them decided to go to Budapest for treatment.

Basically, with transportation costs, flight tickets, food, etc., I estimate that the cost of my treatment in Budapest was at  least 55% lower than the quote of my local dentist, so it was well worth going there let alone the fact that I met people and a city that you should know and discover.”

Michel Sokoloff


The clinic’s Answer: Thanks Michel for your kind words. We are really happy to read your long review. Michel had a very extensive, three visit treatment. In the first visit some teeth were extracted and then after the healing time bone grafting and implants were placed. In the last visit his crowns and bridges were fitted. Since then Michel has been back every year for the annual check-up and due to the fact he is extremely happy with his new teeth he recommended our clinic to some of his friends and relatives who already received treatment in Budapest.

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