Teeth before and after dental crown treatment in Budapest, Hungary

Main reasons for UK dental tourism in Hungary

In England, like other Western European countries, the cost of dental treatment is very high. The NHS supports certain dental treatments, but not all. That is, extensive dental treatments have to be paid for. NHS support is only available for treatments that are medically justifiable. These treatments, where available, must be paid fully or partly in advance. This is why from the UK dental tourism in Hungary is booming.

The NHS does not support cosmetic dental treatments when it comes to improve your smile for only aesthetic reasons. There is no support for the most up-to-date dental implant treatment either. Teeth replacements with implant treatments receive support only in very rare cases. All in all, it is very difficult to get NHS-supported treatment in the UK, which is why many are forced to get treated at expensive private clinics, but because of the high costs, the average people usually are able to afford emergency treatments. Last but least waiting lists are very long, particularly in the era of Covid which also increases UK dental holiday in Hungary.

Some thoughts about dental implants in Hungary

The cost of implants in England is almost prohibitively high for the average person and seniors, so if they are treated in England for missing teeth, they will mostly have access to dentures or removable partial dentures.

As the price of dental implants in Hungary is much more competitive, if these patients are willing to travel abroad, implants will also be available for them at reasonable rates.

Budapest is accessible from many English cities by direct low cost flights within a few hours. These treatments require two visits to Budapest. During the first visit, the screws are inserted, and after the healing time, the crowns or bridges are fitted on the implant screws.

Prices are affordable in Hungary. Replacing a single tooth with an individual implant+abutment+crown costs ~ 830GBP+. If an implant retained bridge is required, then a 3-unit implant supported bridge on two implants is ~1800GBP+. This solution covers a 3 unit tooth gap.

A total of 7 to 10 working days (two visists) is required to be spent in Budapest if implant is to be placed in the jaw.

If more serious dental surgery is required beyond implant placement, it may be necessary to have 3 visits for treatment. Such cases may include bone replacement or sinus lift. In this case, the time spent in Hungary increases by 2 working days.

English patients travel to Budapest primarily for dental implants so this is the main segment of the UK dental vacation in Hungary.

All-on-4 packages in Hungary are a hit

For many Brits with missing or failing teeth, achieving a full smile again seems like a distant dream. Enter the 4 implant implant packages in Hungary – a solution that’s making waves across the English Channel. The All-on-4 concept offers a budget friendly implant based solution for a toothless mouth.

Here’s what’s driving this trend:

  • Cost Savings Galore: All-on-4 implant procedures in the UK can be a real burden on the wallet. Teeth implants in Hungary offer significant savings – often up to 50% for uk patients – making this advanced treatment much more affordable. The full arch implant restoration with 4 screws for one jaw in Budapest is available at a rate of 4500GBP+, which is affordable and prices include x-rays, CT scans. This price only includes the 4 implant posts, abutments and the complete bridge fitted on the screws.

  • Package Power: Clinics in Hungary often provide all-inclusive All-on-4 packages with high-quality impant posts. The screws come with lifetime guarantee. This takes the guesswork out of costs and includes everything from implants to the final fixed bridge, for a transparent and budget-friendly experience. Moreover in some cases accommodation and airport shuttle service is also included in case of full mouth (both jaws) restoration. This dental procedure takes two travels in Hungary.

  • Quality You Can Trust: Hungary boasts highly qualified dentists with extensive training, utilizing modern technology. EU regulations ensure high standards, so you get peace of mind without the hefty price tag.

  • Double Duty Trip: Getting your new smile can be a mini-adventure! Combine your treatment with a Budapest break. Explore the city’s rich history, indulge in delicious Hungarian cuisine, and soak in the famous thermal baths – all while recovering from your procedure.

So, if you’re in the UK and considering full mouth implants, Hungary’s all-inclusive packages offer a compelling combination of affordability, quality, and a chance to explore a new destination. It’s a win-win for your smile, your new teeth and your wallet! Treatment is carried out with the best dentists.

Dental implants abroad make dental holiday packages attractive.

Some thoughts about cosmetic dentistry in Hungary – UK dental treatment in Hungary

Crowns and veneers

Aesthetic dental treatments help people improve the appearance of their front teeth and smile. The traditional, less invasive way of doing this is the veneers, or application of crowns which involves more serious tooth material removal.

For minor problems, such as tooth shape or discoloration, when whitening does not help veneers can provide solution. An all ceramic E-max veneer is 280GBP+ in Hungary.

For major problems such as broken teeth or clenched, crowded front teeth, the dentist will usually recommend zirconium or possibly all ceramic dental crowns in Hungary. Budapest price for zirconium crowns is 260GBP+.

Generally it is enough to travel to Budapest one time for aesthetic treatments. Depending on the number of teeth to be treated, the dental work takes 5-10 workdays in Budapest which makes from the UK dental travel in Budapest attractive. So, treatment abroad for cosmetic dental care is worth it.

Teeth before-after with zirconium crowns - UK dental tourism in Hungary

Teeth before-after with zirconium crowns – UK dental tourism in Hungary

Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic treatments are also available in Hungary. These are the least invasive procedures because the treatment does not result in any loss of tooth material, but instead fixes teeth with barces and makes your smile more beautiful. The disadvantage of these treatments is that it may last up to for 9-24 months and requires frequent visits to Budapest, however the length of visits is just one hour so no night is needed to spend in Budapest as you can fly in and out the same day.

Recently there are orthodontic solutions that do not require the use of clearly visible braces. There are barces/aligners available in translucent material that can be removed at any time. These aesthetically pleasing braces/aligners can also be worn by adults, because when they are disturbing, these can simply be taken out (eg, during meals or major events). For example, an Invisalign orthodontic package for lower and upper denture costs ~3,700GBP+ which is an affordable price in Budapest. The advantage of Invisalign is, that you do not need to travel to so often as you get the whole set of aligners in advance. It is enough to come for check-ups every 3-4 months.

Some additional information about dental care in Hungary

Patients will receive an invoice for the treatments they have had or, if their private insurer pays a refund, the dental clinic will fill in the necessary paperwork if required.

Some clinics provide general anaesthesia which can be useful in case of extensive oral surgery like full mouth implantation with bone graft or bone covered wisdom tooth removal or just simply if you have dental phobia.

Dental clinics provide additional services that make your travel and stay in Hungary more comfortable and easy, just ask them the details.

Last but not least Hungary let alone Budapest has so many attractions that are worth visiting. You will also have enough sights if you have to travel to Budapest several times for treatment.

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