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Dental care abroad in lockdown

Life doesn’t stop at the time of the coronavirus, although it has slowed down a bit, especially in dental tourism. It is still possible to travel abroad from the UK for dental treatment even in the period of lockdown and restrictions.

The borders of Hungary are closed. Those who come for dental treatment can request a special entry permit from the Hungarian police and can enter the country. In the blog post below, we will show you what to do if you plan on getting dental care abroad in lockdown from the UK.

You can travel because of medical reasons there’s nothing stopping you if you do these things, as in the UK legally permitted reasons for international travel include medical care.

Things to do before you leave the UK

1., You must have an official certificate that you are coming to Hungary for dental treatment. Our Budapest clinic makes this certificate for you.

2., You have to complete the declaration for international travel form.

3., The airline will ask you for an antigen test or a negative PCR test that is done before travel within 72 hours. And you will need a fit to fly document to board the plane.

Please contact the flight company for details.

Things to do in Hungary

4., Upon arrival in Hungary, it is necessary to have 2 negative PCR tests with a minimum time difference of 48 hours in order to receive the quarantine exemption. The first PCR test can be taken immediately upon arrival at the airport, and our clinic will book an appointment for you for the second test.

5., If you have two negative test results, we will request the exemption from the quarantine. After the exemption is granted dental treatment can begin. The quarantine takes about 4 days, depending on the day and time of arrival in Budapest. So these days are added to the duration of dental treatment in Hungary. Most of the hotels in Budapest are closed. However we can recommend hotels close to the clinic, or you can book Airbnb accommodation freely.

6., Before returning to the UK, you will need a PCR test and fit to fly document to board the plane. We will book an appointment for you for this.

7., When you return to the UK you must stay in quarantine in accordance with current regulations.


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