If someone has beautiful white teeth, it’s a great gift because a perfect sparkling white smile will greatly boost self-confidence, others will find you nice and last but not least, aesthetic. There are a lot of people who, although their teeth are healthy, are not happy with the color, shape, or arrangement of their teeth. For them, there are several options to make their teeth more beautiful, even with the help of a professional smile design in Hungary.

How can you make your smile more beautiful?

The simplest situation is if our teeth are all right, but not white enough.

Tooth whitening

In this case, we recommend in-chair teeth whitening because it is very effective, it can make your teeth several shades lighter and whiter. Dental hygiene treatment is recommended prior to whitening to remove tartar so the entire front surface of the tooth could be whitened.

There are some worries and fears about teeth whitening:

“My teeth turn yellow quickly after whitening”

It is very important not to eat colored food and drink after bleaching, such as red wine, coffee, cola. If we drink it anyway it should be with a straw. It is not worth consuming these colored foods in the long run either, because the effects of bleaching are significantly reduced.

“My teeth are sensitive, teeth whitening is painful”

Home whitening gels can make your teeth sensitive, they can have this effect. Furthermore, sensitivity is also possible if enamel is thinned. More or less sensitivity during bleaching completely ordinary.

“My teeth didn’t turn white everywhere”

There may be several reasons for this. The tartar may not have been removed before bleaching. It is possible that there are older fillings in the tooth that are different in color from the tooth and they are more visible in this case, because only the tooth enamel whitens during whitening, not the filling or tartar.

“My teeth don’t whiten even after whitening”

Bleaching yields spectacular results at 80%, not at the remaining 20%. Such non-whitening teeth can be filled or root-canal treated teeth. There is another solution for these teeth.

What are the options if you want to make your smile not only whiter but also more beautiful by improving tooth shape and alignment. Let us see the steps to your perfect smile with the aid of smile design in Hungary.

Smile design in Hungary

With the aid of modern technology, there is a way to plan and see a patient’s new smile prior to treatment. So before starting the treatment, the patient can already see the expected end result, i.e. the new smile.

Two-dimensional smile design

In this case, a new smile can be designed using a computer application based on photos taken of the patient’s teeth and face. Here, the proportions and symmetry of the face will be taken into account and the new, ideal smile will be created based on these. This process takes place in collaboration with the dentist and the patient. A new smile plan approved by the patient is scaled and the dental technician creates the new smile images based on the plans.

This solution is also good for those who are just planning a new smile or want to know what is the most beautiful smile possible for them. With the aid of the smile design, several versions can be created and the patient can choose the solution he likes best.

Three-dimensional smile design

It includes everything that was presented during the two-dimensional smile design. In addition, a 3-dimensional scan is made about the denture, as well as an impression of the denture is taken using a digital scanner for greater accuracy. Furthermore the patient’s face is digitized.

The dentist sends the digital facial and denture impressions, with the photos and the new smile plan to the laboratory, where the patient’s new smile is created in 3D, ie. in a tangible form. So not only can you see the new smile on photos, but you can also hold it in your hand, see it from all sides. This solution is recommended for patients who need a complete reconstruction, or are in need of orthodontics, and the angle of the teeth should also be examined, which is no longer possible in 2D.

The result of smile design in Hungary can be realized with veneers and crowns.

E-max porcelain veneers

The veneers are very thin blades like our nails, which the dentist bonds to the front surface of the tooth after preparation. Bleaching can be performed in one appointment, while in the case of veneers more time is required. The dentist first shaves a few tenths of a millimeter away the front surface of the teeth and then takes an impression of them. Then places temporary veneers on the treated teeth to protect them until the final veneer is bonded. There are several trials, both in color and shape, while the final veneers the dentist bonds. In the case of foreign patients, the veneers are prepared in Budapest in 5 working days. During this period, 3-4 appointments occur with the dentist.

Veneers make your smile more beautiful in case of these problems:

If tooth whitening does not work for a tooth because the filling is too large, the tooth has been root canal treated before, or the tooth enamel is worn, then veneers will definitely help.

In addition to the color of the tooth, the veneers also help with the following problems:

– enamel defects, minor caries

– minor fractures, chipped tooth

– tooth protruding from dental arch

The dentist will not recommend veneers if you have severe biting problems or grind your teeth while sleeping. In such cases, dentists recommend aesthetic crowns.

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Gold crowns have the longest lifespan of all crow

Aesthetic zirconium and E-max porcelain crowns

Dentists recommend crowns if there are more serious aesthetic problems. Dental clinics in Hungary use 4 types of crowns. These types are gold, porcelain fused to metal and zirconium and full porcelain. For the most natural effect of aesthetic treatment, dentists always recommend zirconium or full porcelain crowns. In the case of front teeth, the dentist recommends crowns for aesthetic purposes if:

– the tooth broke

– old, poorly closing crowns need to be replaced, so there was already a crown on the tooth

– there are too many or too large fillings in the tooth

– the tooth sticks out from the dental arch

– the patient grinds teeth while sleeping

There are two types of aesthetic crowns, zirconium and full porcelain E-max crowns.

Zirconium and full porcelain crowns

During the preparation of the crowns, the dentist grinds approx. 30% down the tooth material. He then takes an impression of the tooth and covers it with a temporary crown. The dental laboratory prepares the crowns and the dentist tests them several times until the final design. During the tests, the dentist examines both the shape and the color. The crowns are made in an average of 5 working days in Budapest.

Both zircon and full porcelain E-max crowns are very aesthetic, giving a very similar effect to real teeth. It is true for both crown types that it is completely metal-free and very durable.

The design of the zirconium crown is such that the porcelain crown is placed on a zircon frame, while the full porcelain crown is carved from a block, so there is no frame.

The result of this design is that the zircon crown is somewhat more durable and less fractured, while the full porcelain crown is a bit more like a natural tooth.

An important difference is that a bridge cannot be made from a ceramic crown, it is really just a crown so no tooth gap can be bridged with is. In case of bite problems, only the zirconium crown can be used.

If veneers or crowns are placed on all visible teeth, the patient can choose their shape and color. If, on the other hand, only a few front teeth get veneers or crowns, it is recommended to do a teeth whitening first. And then adjust the color of the veneers and crowns to the color of the whitened teeth. In this case, the color of the crowns and veneers should be as close as possible to the color of the natural teeth for the aesthetic effect.

Unfortunately, in the case of teeth whitening, it is not possible to determine how whiten the teeth will be. For whitening a full denture the tooth color will usually be 3-5 shades lighter and whiter.

If you want to improve your smile, please contact us at and we will be back with a treatment plan. Smile design in Hungary is possible for everyone including those who need full mouth restoration as well.


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