General Anesthesia for dental treatments

Some dental tourism patients before making a decision about getting treatment in Budapest want to make sure there will be no pain during treatment at all. Our dentists always ensure that patients feel comfortable and no pain at all in the course of treatment. Our clinic uses local anesthesia for total painless treatment. However there are some patients who dread from dentists and treatment to such an extent that a simple soothing tablet does not help them relax. General anesthesia can help them get through treatment without any problems.

The essence of sedation is to eliminate tension and fear of feeling in the whole body. During the whole treatment you are able to communicate with your dentist, there is no discomfort at all. Treatment feels pleasant and short, and afterwards you do not remember anything. When general anesthesia is applied there is an anesthesiologist also present in the surgery.

Not all treatments can be carried out with sedation but if you already have a quote from our clinic then we can inform you of the possibility of this intervention. General anesthesia is usually applied in case of placement of implants or multiple intervention in a session.

To make sure general anesthesia can be applied in your case we ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire that is needed to judge your request. The url of this form is available in the quote you receive and needs to be filled out before you finalize your travel to Budapest for treatment.

Some facts you need to know about general anesthesia:

  1. In the course of the treatment, anesthetic and sedative agents are introduced into the patient’s arteries (intravenously), resulting in a light, anxiety-free, superficial sleep condition.
  2. It is essential that you must not eat at least 5 hours and drink 2 hours prior to the intervention!
  3. During general anesthesia  the patient understands the dentist’s instructions, easily opens or closes his mouth, depending on the needs of treatment.
  4. The patient feels treatment much shorter as it really is.
  5. After surgery, consciousness clears up very quickly. However if you want treatment with sedation we kindly ask you to come to the clinic with an accompanying person.
  6. After sedation for 24 hours it is not allowed to drive a car, make important decisions and sign official documents.
  7. General anesthesia  is not possible if:
  • you are pregnant
  • you had a cardiac infarction in the last 3 months
  • you lack of accompanying home supervision
  • after all surgical treatments irrespective of the fact if sedation was or was not applied our patients get a free medication pack. It contains pain killers and ice pack in order to ease pain or discomfort after treatment.