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Dental tourism has many drivers, reasons of patients for getting dental care in Hungary are never the same. However, one is sure to receive dental treatment in Hungary in high quality and much cheaper than domestic (UK, Irish, US or Canadian) dental prices. In this article, we show how much medical tourists from each country save on dental in Hungary.

1. Price as the most important aspect in dental tourism

Dental prices in Hungary are very favorable, much lower than in Western Europe and overseas. In general, we can say that the more extensive dental treatment you will have, the more you save if treatment is done in Hungary. The question arises as to how dental treatment in Budapest can be cheaper than in Western Europe, if Hungarian dentists also work with excellent dental materials.

The general price level in Hungary is much lower than in Western Europe. Wages, rents for offices and surgeries are lower, and taxes are also lower. These items significantly reduce the cost of treatment.

1.1 Dental treatment saving options in Hungary for US and Canadian citizens

American and Canadian dental patients save the most in Hungary. Whether they come for aesthetic (veneers, zircon crowns or all ceramic crowns) or restorative treatments (implants, bridges, crowns), dental care can be 80-85% cheaper, although travel costs are the highest for them. In other words, if the patient still gets treatment in the US or Canada, one pays four or five times more for the same treatment than if he had done it in Hungary.

1.2 Dental treatment saving options in Hungary for UK and Irish and Scandinavian citizens – How much you can save on dental in Hungary

English or Irish patients save an average of 60-80% on dental treatments in Hungary, as dental prices are somewhat lower in those countries than in the US or Canada. As the travel costs are very low due to the low-cost airlines, it is not uncommon for them to fly to Hungary for a single dental implant or a couple of crowns.

Save on dental in Hungary
Save on dental in Hungary

1.3 Dental treatment saving options in Hungary for French and Belgian citizens

As the price of dental treatments is “lower” in these two countries than in the above countries, these patients save on average 40-70% on dental in Hungary.

In general, patients from these countries prefer implant-based treatments, such as e.g. All-on-4 or implant retained bridges, or smile makeovers, aesthetic treatments with porcelain veneers and zircon or ceramic crowns.

1.4 Further price reduction possibilities in connection with dental treatments in Hungary

As Hungary is a member of the European Union, after the treatments performed here, the French and Irish patients receive the same reimbursement and tax refund as if the treatment had taken place in their home country. There are other countries which are interested in dental tourism, ie. carry out treatment of foreign patients, but they are not members of the European Union, so these additional benefits cannot be enforced there, only in Hungary.

Furthermore, if dental tourism patients have private health insurances, they receive the same refund for dental care in Hungary as if treatment had been received in their home countries.

Our dental clinic fills in the documents required for a refund or tax reimbursement upon request.

2. Attractive reasons for dental tourism in Hungary in addition to favorable prices

2.1 Quick treatment

The second most important aspect of dental tourism is that dentists carry out treatments in a very short time. An average dental treatment in Hungary takes 4-5 days, which is remarkably short time, considering that a treatment in France can take up to 8-12 weeks. Usually, an appointment in Budapest takes 1.5-2.5 hours. In all cases, the treatments are completely painless, because they are performed under local anesthesia, but complex treatments can also be performed under general anesthesia if required.

2.2 Combination of dental care and holiday – Extras in addition to save on dental in Hungary

As there are many sights in Hungary, especially in Budapest, the treatment can be turned into a summer vacation. As the dental care only takes a few hours a day, there is a lot of free time left that can also be used for sight seeing. The spas, museums and even the Opera House in Budapest are especially popular. The world-famous Buda Castle offers a beautiful panorama of the Danube, the Parliament and other parts of Budapest.

2.3 Extra services in addition to dental care

Clinics specializing in the treatment of dental tourists provide a number of additional services to their foreign patients in order to facilitate treatment in Hungary. These services include hotel reservation, airport transfer and Budapest sight seeing program organization on request. All in all, the clinics specializing in the treatment of dental tourists offer their patients a complex package of services, which, in addition to dental treatment, include lots of services that make the stay in Budapest more relaxing and easier.

So getting your teeth fixed in Budapest is not only bout save on dental in Hungary but you can enjoy the sights of a beautiful city as well.

It is important that the patient is informed of all conditions before finalizing the treatment in Budapest, so that one can make an informed decision.

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