Some typical questions that dental tourists ask before coming to dental care to Hungary

Traveling to Hungary for dental treatment requires some preparation. Patients request a treatment plan or quotations from several dental clinics so they can compare prices, warranty conditions, material used…etc. Some people even travel to Hungary before making a decision and see the clinic in person and consult a dentist. This is all entirely appropriate, as the price of a full mouth restoration can even rival the price of a smaller car. Once the global picture has emerged about the expected treatment, there are some minor, but important general questions about the details which are good to know.  We have  collected some of these questions below so we can assist you with preparation for dental care in Hungary:

Is it possible to insert the implants immediately after the extractions?

There are times when this is possible, there are times when it is not. Each situation is unique and is decided by the dentist based on the 3d scan. In general, it can be said that if a dentist removes inflamed teeth, it is not possible to insert the implant screws immediately afterwards, but a healing time of 2-4 months is required. In other cases it is likely it is possible.

Is it possible to load the implant right after it is inserted?

Loading the implant means fitting the crown or attaching a denture to it.

In the vast majority of cases, this cannot be resolved. Because the inserted implant screw must get stable, the jaw bone must grow around it to stabilize it, to be able to behave like a real tooth root. The inserted implant heals under the gums for 3-6 months.

If one can return to Budapest to continue treatment only later than the proper recovery time is over, it is not a problem, the implant screw may stay in the jaw bone under the gums for years, it can be loaded at any time after the healing time.

If someone receives an All-on-4 solution with Straumann implants, there is a chance that the implant can be loaded immediately after insertion. True, in this case, not the final, but the temporary denture is attached to the implants, but the implants keep the denture stable from the beginning of the treatment.

What is the lifetime of temporary crowns and veneers?

We distinguish two types of temporary solutions.

There is a short-term temporary solution that can be used for 5-10 days. It is not made in a dental lab. These are needed when the patient receives crowns and veneers. At this point, after preparation, the dentist covers the teeth so that they are not damaged or sensitive until the final crowns are fitted.

Long-term temporary crowns. They can be used for up to 2-4 months. These are prepared by the dental laboratory after tooth preparation and taking impressions by the dentist. These are usually needed in case of  bite lifting so the entire denture receives crowns and the patient must get used to the new bite. Long-term temporary crowns are made of better material and are more aesthetic than short-term temporary crowns. As they are made by the dental lab, they also perfectly fit.

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