Teeth after smile makeover with zirconium crowns in Hungary with Budapest Top Dental

How I got a perfect smile in Hungary

First of all the process, even during corona and having such strict requirements for even entering the country, especially being from the UK and it’s currently bad reputation, was made a breeze for me by Janos who for my first trip helped me to fill in all the Hungarian forms and get the permissions I needed for medical exemption to be granted.

The same was done again the second time and this time I didn’t need to arrange anything, just had to send Janos the required details and again permission was granted.

Both times I was in Hungary for treatments and even a surgery, I was treated exceptionally well and the staff and dental team were super helpful, spoke exceptional English so no communication issues ever arose and made sure I was comfortable at all times, they are truly amazing at what they do and I had no doubts about their dental care. 

Every time I sat in the dental chair dentists were precise and perfectionists taking time to make sure everything was perfect for me and the final product I would be left with. 

I am so so happy with my new teeth, not only do they look more amazing than my own ever could have, they feel great and I have no pain or issues with eating, I’m able to smile without feeling insecure about the quality of my teeth when visible and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Thank you so much for all the help the whole team have given me so far (I will be back for more work on the bottom teeth so it probably won’t be the last time you help me either).

Thank you for all your help so far János, you have been super helpful the entire process, your customer service has been exceptional, ill be in touch in the near future regarding work for my father :).

Emma Stewart


The clinic’s answer: Thank you so much for your review Emma. It is our pleasure to read your testimonial. We know it is difficult to travel to Hungary for dental care during Covid so we support our patients in everything. It includes organizing the trip to Budapest and obtaining entry permits into Hungary in addition to PCR testing and free airport transport services upon arrival and departure.

Emma needed some oral surgery as she needed bone replacement and dental implants in the top molar region. Also, she wanted to improve her smile so finally she had a complete smile makeover for the top teeth.

In the course of the first visit implant screws were inserted and zirconium crowns were fitted on the top teeth for a perfect smile. You can see the result on the image as it is Emma’s new perfect smile.

In the second visit she received crowns on the implants. Emma received a night guard splint to prevent her new teeth from grinding while sleeping. It is always recommended in case of smile makeover.

A perfect smile in Hungary can be achieved in one or two visits depending on the condition of the teeth. If you are interested in a smile makeover our Budapest clinic can make you a treatment plan if send us by email some good quality pics of your teeth.

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