Process of getting a crown for a damaged tooth

Dental tourism is steadily booming and growing due to very high treatment costs in Western Europe. One of the central European destinations for dental tourism is Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Dental tourists come to Budapest for various treatments in addition to implant screws. The interest in dental crowns is constantly growing. Foreign patients mostly prefer zirconium crowns in Hungary especially because of the reasonable price, good quality and aesthetic appearance.

Let’s see what kind of dental crowns foreign patients can get in Hungary.

When will you need a dental crown?

There are basically two main cases where patients will have crowns.

The first case is the medical reason when the tooth is damaged, worn, broken or extensively carious. In such cases the tooth material is largely gone or needs to be removed (by drilling or grinding) but the tooth can still be saved, so no extraction is necessary.

The other case is when the tooth is healthy but the patient is not happy with the tooth appearance. For example, the tooth is heavily discolored and teeth whitening cannot fix it.

Your teeth may also be twisted or congested in the front region, they might be protruding or they can be too small or big. This is the case when patients usually select zirconium crowns in Hungary to improve the aesthetics.

Dental crowns are indirect teeth replacements because the dentist takes an impression of the tooth after  preparation and then the dental labmakes the definitive crown. Based on the impression, the dental laboratory makes the final crown, which is permanently glued by the dentist after several tests.

After filing down, the tooth receives a temporary crown that protects the tooth until the final crown is fitted.

Simply put, the crown is a small cap that the dentist attaches to a polished tooth above the gum line, so the tooth is completely covered by the crown.

There are basically three types of crowns made in Hungary: metal ceramic, zirconium, and all ceramic crowns.

Metal ceramic crowns– porcelain fused to metal crowns

In the case of metal ceramic crowns, the crown has a metal frame on which the white porcelain layer is placed. The metal frame can be made of gold or nickel-free anti-allergenic metal as well.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are very durable and have the best value for money. It is typically used to replace posterior, i.e. molar, teeth, but your dentist in Budapest, Hungary can also place it in the front region. It can be made into a solo crown or a bridge.

Its appearance is not as natural as of those of zirconia or all-ceramic crowns. Since it has a metal frame, your dentist cannot use it in case of metal allergies. This type of crown can also be placed on an implant.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal-crowns can also be used if the patient has a stronger bite, i.e., a greater chewing force. The great advantage of metal-ceramic bridges is that they are not only strong but also flexible. They do not break, so they can be used safely even for long bridges.

Image of teeth before and after dental crown treatment in Hungary
Image of teeth before and after dental crown treatment in Hungary

Zirconium crowns in Hungary

The zirconium crowns do not contain metal, the white porcelain layer is placed on the zircon frame. The material is strong, resistant and friendly to human tissue (bio friendly), so it is an excellent solution for those suffering from metal allergy.

It meets the highest aesthetic and functional requirements and is durable, so we can use it on both front and chewing teeth. It can also be used to make individual crowns or bridges.

Since it is made using CAD / CAM, a computer-aided manufacturing process, the edge closures are also perfect.

This solution avoids the gray discoloration that may develop between the gums and the edge of the crown. Thanks to the materials used and the manufacturing technology, we can create crowns with perfect natural tooth appearance.

This is why this kind of crown type is mainly placed in the front region. Another advantage is that it allows X-rays to pass through so the tooth area under the crown can be examined without removing the crown.

Zircon crowns can also be placed on dental implants.

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Zirconium crowns before and after

Teeth before and after dental crown treatment in Budapest, Hungary - zirconium crowns in Hungary
Teeth before and after dental crown treatment in Budapest, Hungary – zirconium crowns in Hungary

All ceramic crowns

A significant difference from the previous crowns is that in the case of all-ceramic crowns there is no frame, but the whole crown is carved from a ceramic block. As there is no frame, they are completely biocompatible as well as light passes through them. This provides a much more favorable aesthetic effect, so it is recommended for front teeth.

As all ceramic crowns are not suitable for higher loads, they are not recommended for back teeth.

They have such a lifelike effect that even when viewed closely, it is difficult to decide whether it is a real tooth or a crown. It is also an advantage that when preparing a tooth, very little tooth material is lost.

It is made with CAD / CAM technology, so a perfect fit and design is guaranteed, no gray stripe will form between the edge of the crown and the gums.

However, bridges and crowns for implants are not recommended with all-ceramic crowns.

Teeth before and after CAD/CAM zirconium crown treatment in Budapest
Teeth before and after CAD/CAM zirconium crown treatment in Budapest

Getting dental crowns in Hungary

Why not make a dental crown in 3 days if you want real quality and long lasting crowns?

Below we show in detail how the zirconium crown is made in Hungary.

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How zirconium crowns  in Hungary are made

Precise preparation and flawless impression taking are important initial steps in crown making. This is an essential part of the process. If the imprint is not correct, the finished crown will not be accurate either, it will not fit properly, the tooth may have cavities underneath and the crown may fall off.

The dentist under local anaesthesia first files down the tooth down and then takes an impression. This impression is transferred to the dental lab where a plaster sample is made.

A special laser scanner sample is taken from the imprint and this is recorded on the computer. The frame of the crown is made afterwards.

With the help of a computer, the edge of the prepared tooth can be seen in multiple magnifications and this ensures a perfect closure at the edges of the crown. This perfect closure makes sure a lifespan of even decades of the crowns.

The crown is manufactured with dental CNC milling machines.

During the first test, called frame test, the dentist checks for a perfect seal between the tooth edge and the crown. Several small errors may be revealed during this test.

If the first test is successful, then the dental lab will begin to make the tooth shape and color. In this process, the crown is built in layers using different ceramics. This ceramic is made from a mixture of powder and liquid and is fired together at a high temperature.

During the next, the matt test, the dentist and patient together check the size, height, shape and color. If this is also successful, the crown can be finalized in the lab, and the dentist will glue the crown in the course of the next appointment.

In short, this is the process of making zirconium crowns in Hungary. Thus, after preparation, at least two trials are required until the final handover.

Making perfect looking and fitting crowns is a time-consuming process, but it also requires the crown to be durable and to serve the patient for decades.

You can read more about choosing the best crown for your teeth here.

Some additional information about dental crowns made in Hungary

In general, we can say that a single dental crown is made in Hungary in 4 days, in case of several crowns or one bridge it is 4-6 working days. Complete bridges are completed in 8-10 working days.

We can say that on average, foreign patients save 40-70% on dental crowns in Hungary compared to Western European dental prices.

Zirconium crown price in Hungary

With our help, you pay around 360EUR for a zirconium crowns in HungaryThe crown is made from german ISO qualified materials. But if you need plenty of crowns you if you need smile makeover treatment you can have additional discount on zirconium crown price.

It may sound funny, but it is true – the more extensive treatment you will need, the more you can save in Hungary.

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