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Everyone wants to find the perfect dentist. Today, Hungary is one of the main destinations when it comes to dental tourism. As a result, many people in the UK and Ireland try to find the best dentist in Budapest.

They are looking for a dental clinic with extremely empathetic dentists, who are available when needed, who provide a professional solution to their dental problems, and who, of course, never cause pain.

Once you find it, you remain loyal to it because you trust it. Let’s take a look at a few factors to consider when trying to find the best dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary.

Why is it essential to find a reliable dentist?

Our mouth is a very sensitive area. It’s just natural that if someone causes us pain or doesn’t make us comfortable enough, we don’t want to deal with them anymore.

Not all dentists are created equal. We want a dentist who provides a professional and at the same time personalized approach.

It’s really important to find a reliable dentist for the following reasons:

  • Low-quality dental work can have a negative effect on our health
  • In case a dental clinic doesn’t use the latest technology, certain dental issues may remain undetected
  • Patients from abroad want to make sure that they get the best dental treatment when it comes to dental implants, crowns, or dental veneers in Hungary.
a dental tourism patient from Ireland
a dental tourism patient from Ireland

How to find the best dentist in Budapest? 

The best dental clinic provides a supportive and comfortable environment 

Going to the dentist is usually a nerve-wracking experience for many.

Often, additional stress is added when we talk about going to a dentist abroad. Some patients are worried about the slightly different culture, the different language, and the fact that after a procedure they need to rest in a hotel room instead of their home.

However, finding the best dentist in Budapest means that the staff at the dental clinic goes the extra mile to make sure that you have the most comfortable experience. They want to assure you that they truly care about your dental health and they understand the difficulties that you face in a foreign country.

That’s why at Budapest Top Dental we are happy to answer all your questions and advise you on all the details. To have the first glimpse, we’ve put together a guide regarding the preparation for your dental travel.


Though it’s practical for a dentist to be located near us and is easily accessible, significant savings can be made by having dental treatment in another country.

That’s why Budapest is an excellent choice when it comes to dental treatment abroad.

Of course, it’s better to find a dental clinic in Budapest that is in the heart of the city, a short walk from underground stations or your accommodation.

The best dentist in Budapest
The best dentist in Budapest

Equipment and specialization 

Hungary has great experience when it comes to treating foreign patients. You will find many dental clinics with state-of-the-art technologies and advanced materials.

Innovations are there to make our lives easier.

And modern dental equipment has many advantages as well. They ensure our patients will get the desired outcomes, and they can enjoy long-lasting results with fewer appointments. As a result, you can feel even more comfortable during the treatments.

Since dentistry is developing extremely dynamically, it is becoming more and more specialized and, as a result, dental clinics are divided into separate specialties. For this reason, there are more and more specialists who primarily gain experience and up-to-date knowledge in their own field.

If you want to find the best dental clinic and the best dentist in Budapest specializing in dental implants, dental crowns, and dental veneers, our dental clinic will help you every step of the way. Please contact us here for further information.


If you travel abroad from countries like the UK, France, or Ireland to get your dental treatment, it’s just natural to expect that your dental clinic will be flexible when it comes to working hours.

If you’ve found several clinics that you like, choose one with a schedule that will align with yours.

You can come to our dental clinic in Budapest between 8:00-20:00, from Monday to Friday.

Detailed information 

Dental treatments seem so scary because we don’t know what will happen to us.

In our practice, we consider it important to provide our patients with comprehensive, detailed information about the expected intervention and its price, and to explain the course of treatment step by step, while answering all your questions.

Choosing a more extensive treatment, such as dental implants in Budapest, is always the result of a joint consideration and decision with the patient.

Happy dental patient in Budapest

Prices of dental treatments

When going for dental treatment abroad, there can be huge differences between the pricing of dental clinics.

Of course, you pick another country because you want to make sure that all the services suit your budget.

However, it’s very important to find a clinic that offers an exceptional quality of service and not only affordable rates.

Low-quality materials, lack of proper training, and the lack of optimal attention to your treatment can end up in unsuccessful treatments in the long run.

That’s why a dental clinic in Hungary is an excellent choice. Dental clinics in Budapest have very high standards and advanced medical procedures. For dental tourists, there’s no shortage of quality dental work.

Check patient reviews

When you are looking for a top dental clinic, it’s essential to read reviews from former patients. Their comments will help you make the right decision.

A dental clinic cannot have good reviews without very good service. They can give you a very good insight into how the clinic works, whether patients are satisfied with the result in the long run, and how helpful the staff is with foreign patients.

Closing thoughts

We hope our guide will help you when it comes to the question of how to find the best dentist in Budapest.

We know that dental specialists, their professionalism, the aesthetic outcome, guarantees, and costs involved are all major concerns for dental tourism patients.

If we can help you with our dental treatments, feel free to contact our clinic.

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