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Dental tourists can achieve significant savings if they go for dental treatment abroad, because the price of the care is much more favorable in Hungary, and the quality of the treatments is first class. The length of dental treatment in Hungary is also a factor but it depends on the treatment type a patients needs.

It is no coincidence that Budapest is one of the capitals of dental tourism. But it is also a key factor to know how long care last in Hungary for dental tourists. One of the cornerstones of dental tourism is the affordable price, and the other one is the quick treatments done in a few days. Dental care can be performed during one or more visits. The length of dental treatment in Hungary depends on the treatment type a patients needs.

Dental treatments that require a visit to Hungary – length of dental treatment in Hungary

Generally, aesthetic or minor restorative treatments can be performed in a couple of days.

Teeth whitening and dental hygiene treatment can be carried out in one day in Budapest. Up to 4-8 pieces of dental fillings can be performed in one day, depending on how much time the patient is able to spend in the dental chair. Thus, these types of treatments also require a maximum of 2 days.

If someone needs veneers or crowns, it usually takes 5 working days to stay in Hungary, as these treatments require the assistance of a dental laboratory. These treatments usually require 3-4 appointments within 5 working days.

Each appointment is usually 45 to 180 minutes long, depending on how many teeth are affected by the treatment.

images of dental surgery and Budapest - length of dental treatment in Hungary
images of dental surgery and Budapest – length of dental treatment in Hungary

Dental treatments that require more visits to Hungary

Usually, you have to travel to Hungary several times for treatments that include oral surgery procedures. In the event that a treatment begins with extractions and/or placement of implants the first visit will take two or three business days.

During each appointment, the dentist inserts maximum 4 implants if general anesthesia is not applied. This takes about 2 hours. If more than 4  implants are needed, it will be scheduled for two consecutive days and a check-up is scheduled for the last day.

In case of extractions, the maximum time that a patient spends in the dental chair during an appointment is 2 hours and during this period usually 15 teeth will be extracted. In case of more than 15 extractions, the dentist will schedule the treatment for two days. Similarly to placement of implants, there is a check-up the day after the extractions.

Patients can fly home the day after oral surgery.

In some cases, it may not be possible to place implants right after extractions so 2-4 months of healing time will be needed and the treatment will be 3 visits long.

In case of oral surgery (placement of implants, bone grafting, sinus lift), treatment can be continued after a recovery period of 3-6 months, depending on the type of treatment. After placement of implants there must be sometime for the jawbone to grow around the screws, so implants can not be loaded immediately, this is why healing time is needed. After the healing time is over dental screws will be stable like real teeth roots, so they can be loaded.

During the last visit, patients will receive a crown, bridge, or a complete bridge attached to the implant, depending on the type of treatment. The duration of this treatment ranges from 5 to 8 working days. Single crowns or 3-8 unit long bridges are prepared in 5 workdays, but complete bridges for a whole arch or All-on-4 dentures are completed in 8-10 workdays.

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