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When it comes to restoring lost teeth and regaining a confident smile, fixed dentures play a central role. These are, also known as fixd bridges, providing a long-term solution to help individuals overcome the challenges of tooth loss. In this article, we explore the different types of fixed dentures, their benefits and why they are a popular choice in modern dentistry.

What are fixed dentures?

A fixed denture is a non-removable device intended to replace one or more missing teeth. It is made up of artificial teeth, called pontics, that are firmly anchored to  adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. This anchor provides stability and ensures that the denture stays in place, functions, and looks like natural teeth.

Types of fixed dentures

Traditional fixed bridge:

Bridges are the most common type of fixed denture. It consists of one or more pontics  anchored to  adjacent natural teeth,  prepared by removing a portion of the tooth enamel to attach the crown. Crowns on  natural teeth  support  the medial pontic.

Cantilever bridge:

Cantilever bridges are similar to traditional dental bridges, but they are anchored to an adjacent natural tooth. This is a suitable option when there is only one adjacent tooth  to  support. It is often used on the back of the molar area.

Dental bridge on implant:

In this type of fixed restoration, the bridge is fixed to the implant instead of the natural tooth. Dental implants serve as solid support for the bridge, providing a safe and reliable foundation. This can be used even for a completely toothless mouth. The type is known as All-on-4.

all-on-4 full denture solution after extractions - Fixed dentures
all-on-4 fixed denture solution after extractions – Fixed dentures

Fixed temporary dentures

Another type of fixed prosthesis  is a temporary denture used after implant placement  to restore the ability to speak and chew during the healing period. This temporary prosthesis/prosthesis is attached to the implant screws.
Only  implant screws with sufficient initial stability should be loaded immediately. If the bone is weak or the dentist cannot tighten the implant with enough force, an implant retained temporary prosthesis should not be used as the surgeon does not want to risk the success of the implant treatment.
Implant-retained temporary dentures have a number of advantages over  removable dentures such as better bite, better bone healing and  more patient comfort.

Temporary implant prostheses are also fabricated in a dental laboratory and  can be used for a few months to up to a year. It is less aesthetically pleasing because it is made of acrylic material. Finally, a gum-supported removable denture can cause hypoxia, leading to slight jawbone recession.

Advantages of fixed dentures

Improve aesthetics:

Fixed dentures provide a natural look and enhance the aesthetics of the smile. Dentures are customized to match the shape, color and alignment of  remaining natural teeth.

Functional improvements:

With fixed dentures, patients can eat, chew and talk comfortably and effectively. Dentures restore proper biting and chewing function, providing a balanced diet and overall oral health.

Preserving neighboring teeth:

In a traditional fixed bridge, the adjacent teeth serve as support. This not only fills in the gaps in missing teeth but also helps maintain the alignment and integrity of neighboring teeth.

Sustainable solutions:

Fixed dentures are designed to be durable and long-lasting. With proper care and regular dental checkups, they can provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for missing teeth.

Why are fixed dentures chosen by plenty of people?

Fixed dentures are a popular choice for people looking for a permanent and aesthetically pleasing solution to replace missing teeth. Its stability, natural appearance and functional benefits make it a preferred choice for both patients and dentists. Additionally, advances in dental technology have further improved the design and manufacture of fixed dentures, ensuring a comfortable fit and optimal results.

In short, fixed dentures offer a reliable and long-lasting solution for people facing the challenges of tooth loss. Whether supported by natural teeth or dental implants, these prostheses offer the ability to restore a beautiful smile and enjoy the advantages of  fully functional  teeth. If you are considering  fixed dentures, consult  your dentist to determine the best option to suit your oral health needs and goals.

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