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You can read the current process about entry into Hungary if you come for dental treatment below after the hungarian flag.

During the Covid crisis, there is a special rule about entry into Hungary. It is no matter if you come for a holiday or dental care, the same rule applies to everyone.

There are 3 regions identified by the Hungarian government and each is marked by colours. Citizens of green countries (for example Ireland, France, Switzerland and Germany) are allowed to enter Hungary without restrictions, yellow citizens can come with two negative PCR Covid tests and red citizens are not allowed to enter, except special permission is granted by the Hungarian police.

So, if you want to come for treatment from a yellow country, like the US or the UK or Canada, then you have to have two negative PCR covid tests which are not older than 5 days and there  are at least  two days (48 hours) between the two tests.

The country classification (reg, yellow, green) is rechecked every Wednesday by the Hungarian government.

If you come for dental care from a yellow country then it is possible to avoid quarantine two ways:

Having tests done before entering the country. The regulation is to

– have 2 tests done before entering the country (within 5 days before arriving, but 48 hours of a difference between the two tests, results must be in English language) or

– have both your tests done after arriving (in this case you have to go to quarantine first but can suspend it after the first negative result).

It is also possible to make one test in your country and the other one after arrival in Hungary, but the 5 day window and the 48 hours difference must be kept.

If you get the tests done in your country, then it must be a PCR Covid test, result in English language and a stamp on it of your doctor.

If you are planning on coming to Hungary for dental care from a red country, then it is not hopeless as there is a special regulation about cases of special appreciation. This must be requested prior to your travel and it is judged by the Hungarian police based on the documents submitted. As the request form can be submitted electronically only in Hungarian language your dental clinic will help you manage it. If entry permit is granted to Hungary for dental treatment, then you have to have two negative Covid tests just like patients from yellow countries.

It is safe to come to Hungary as the numbers of new cases is very low and there are strict special health and disinfection measures at the clinic to provide safe dental care during Covid as well for our valued patients and clinic staff.

In spite of strict safety measures our clinic provides its clients with full range of dental services and safe dental care during Covid let it be any type of oral surgery or aesthetic treatments. Dental treatments do not take longer recently than they were before Covid crisis.

The number of illnesses is very low in Hungary, there are only 10 to 30 new patients per day, here you can follow the daily number of new covid patients.

Hungarian national flag

Rules about entry into Hungary after the border is closed as of 1st September 2020.

Dental care is possible for foreign patients in Hungary after the border is closed

The Hungarian border is closed as of 1st of September but those who come for dental care there is an exception so they can enter Hungary under special rules.

After arrival you are quarantined.

You have to get two PCR tests done (19,500HUF/test ~55EUR/test) in Hungary with a time difference of 48 hours at least. If the PCR test results are negative then you can have exemption from quarantine from the local health authority.

If you are from a Schengen country or US and Canada, then the first PCR test can be done in your country

Plus there is a process fee for exemption from quarantine which is 3,000HUF  ~8EUR.

This process takes 3-4 workdays for non-Schengen citizens. For Schengen citizens it takes just one-two extra workday stay in Budapest. So, if you want to come to Hungary for dental care these extra days must be added to your stay.

And before all an entry permit must be requested from the Hungarian police. It must be in Hungarian, but our staff can arrange it for you if you let us know the data below.

We can also book you appointments for the PCR tests.

full name:

maiden name if different from the one above:

date of birth:

place of birth:

mother’s name:

phone number:


reason for coming, if any documents are available that proves the reason for staying should be attached (hotel confirmation, flight ticket, official invitation letter, dental treatment plan, list of appointments booked…etc.):

date of entry:

length of stay:

way of travel (flight, bus…):

home address:

address of accommodation in Budapest:

passport number:

driving licence number:

traveling alone or with partner? (if partner is also coming, all the same information is needed about him/her):

It is recommended to get tested in your country right before departure to make sure you have no covid disease.

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