Dental treatment in Budapest with Budapest Top Dental

We can provide you with all kind of dental treatments in Budapest at our 7-chair state-of-the-art dental clinics in Budapest the fields of:

  1. dental hygiene
  2. professional teeth whitening
  3. aesthetic dentistry with crowns, bridges and veneers
  4. root canal treatments
  5. dental implants and other surgical procedures

If you watch the short movies, you can learn about the general process of the main dental treatments provided by our dental in Budapest. For more, please contact us.


Couronne sur implant dentaire

Fittingof crowns is one of the most frequently used treatment in today’s dentistry. The dental crown strengthens the tooth and gives back its original color and shape apart from providing complete chewing ability again. A crown totally covers a deeply damaged or decayed tooth. The crown is a “tooth-shaped cap”, which is placed on a decayed or discolored tooth. Before the crown is fitted the tooth is prepared and ground down. The tooth itself, if it is possible, is not devitalized.


Dental Bridges

A bridge can be applied if you have a tooth gap, but the adjacent teeth are healthy. In this case the teeth next to the gap are ground down and serve as pillars for the bridge. It is a 3 item bridge, made of 3 crowns and bridging one tooth gap. Bridges can be applied to bigger tooth gaps where two or even 3 teeth are missing. In this case the bridge can be 4 or 5 items long, but the number of pillars is always two. They are at both ends of the tooth gap and the bridges are fixed to the pillars. It is also possible to have bridges of 6 or more items, but in this case there must be a pillar, that is a tooth in the middle area of the tooth gap.


Dental implant procedure

The placement of dental implants is the most often required  treatment in Hungary by foreign patients.
The implant is practically an artificial tooth root (screw) that is surgically installed into the jaw, and then single crowns, bridges, overdentures are fitted to it. Our dentists only work with high quality teeth implants that have medical records of at least 20 years and are made of titanium.

Most implants are screw or cylindrical shaped and usually have a diameter of 3-6 mm and a length of 7 to 21 mm. Titanium implants do not cause any allergic reaction they are used for decades in human surgery not only in dentistry.
Screws perfectly fuse with your jawbone so they provide the best solution for tooth loss for decades or lifetime.


Composite Filling

If your tooth is decaying it must be treated as soon as possible to avoid any further problems. Fillings are needed to restore chewing ability and aesthetic reasons as well. The later you get your tooth treated the bigger problem and more possible pain you have to face. Little decays can be treated by white composite fillings but bigger wholes are rather treated by inlays and onlays depending on the recommendation of the dentist. Fillings and inlays are white they completely match your teeth colors.


Root Canal Procedure

The aim of root canal treatment is to save a largely damaged tooth. It is a retention dental procedure whereby a diseased or injured living tissue and tooth material is removed but the root canal is retained so that the outer structure of the tooth can be restored with filling or crown. The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove tissues and nerves causing complaints without removing the tooth.


Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are the most popular solutions for aesthetic issues of front teeth. They can be used in cases when teeth are healthy but they are a bit misaligned, or discolored or just they do not have perfect shapes. Placement of veneers is a very gentle treatment as it partly removes a very thin layer of the tooth enamel. Despite the gentle and not invasive intervention veneers make long term and very aesthetic solutions for those who want to improve their smiles.

A panoramic X-ray is always taken when there is a consultation to establish a treatment plan. X-rays are needed in case you need crowns or bridges fitted or sometimes fillings. This is needed even if an x-ray was taken a few months earlier. The condition of the teeth may change in 2-3 months, so it is important for the dentist to know the exact condition of the jaw and teeth of the patient. Upon completion of the treatment, a panoramic X-ray is prepared again. This is necessary in order for the clinic to be able to prove what treatments the dentist has performed on the patient. It is also needed because health insurance companies that ensure reimbursements for dental treatments in Budapest also ask for an X-ray taken before and after the treatment. If other document required for reimbursement it will be filled in by the clinic for you. X-rays are free of charge.

It is possible that during treatment  more x-rays are needed to be taken to ensure that the dental practitioner chooses the most appropriate treatment method. X-rays are free of charge.

If you need implants then a 3D scan will be needed in addition to the panoramic x-ray.