Getting dental treatment abroad

Have you ever thought of getting dental treatment abroad?

Dental tourism is a phenomenon that seems to be getting more popular. More and more people are willing to travel for dental implants, crowns, or bridges to Hungary, Budapest.

Should you do the same? Let’s see all the benefits that come with going abroad for your next dental treatment.

Dental treatment abroad – things to consider

Saving money at the dentist is many patients’ desire, but it’s really important to do thorough research before choosing your foreign dentist online.

There are some important requirements a good dental clinic abroad has to meet:

  • The patient must receive a clear and detailed estimate of all the expenses to be faced.
  • Affordable prices: patients expect to pay lower prices compared to the same dental treatment they would receive in the UK, Ireland, or other European countries.
  • Short waiting times: excluding the technical times of travel by plane and arrival at the clinic, patients should not wait long weeks or months to get their dental treatment abroad.
  • Simplicity in the procedures: paperwork, payments, etc. must take place as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Quality health care: saving is good, but certainly not at the expense of one’s health. The patient must find at least the same medical excellence, they also need to be assisted by professional and qualified specialists.
  • No problem with the language: if patients arrive from countries like the UK and Ireland, they will not know the local language. The majority of the staff needs to speak English fluently to provide guides and assistance.

Why choose dental treatment abroad

It’s just natural that dental patients are looking for quality dental services at lower prices than in their own country. In addition, there is the advantage of a holiday abroad. In this, they see greater benefits: they combine dental care with a pleasant trip.

Why is dental tourism becoming more and more popular?

Thousands of people travel abroad for dental treatment every year, so you’re certainly not alone in considering this.

The main reason why dental tourism is becoming more popular is to save money.

Patients who receive dental treatment in the appropriate foreign country can still save thousands of Euros or Pounds, if the costs of travel and accommodation are taken into account. In general, we can say that the more complex intervention is required, the greater the amount of savings.

Choosing Hungary for your next dental treatment abroad – Quality at great prices

Dentists providing dental treatment abroad know that the positive reviews and evaluations of their patients are vitally important to them. Further clients choose a certain dental clinic based on these recommendations and online evaluations.

Hungary has been famous for providing top quality dental treatment, and it’s not surprising at all.

Dental training in Hungary is of a very high standard. Dentists must be highly qualified and their knowledge must be constantly updated due to the high market demand.

Apart from this, dentists participating in dental tourism in Hungary are also expected to be fluent in at least 2-3 foreign languages, as they must be able to communicate effectively with foreign patients.

We can see that it requires a lot of diverse training on the part of a dentist to be employed by a well-known dental office serving foreign patients.

If you choose Hungary and our dental clinic in Budapest, you will definitely be in good hands professionally.

What happens if you have any problems after your dental treatment abroad?

Many people wonder what happens if they feel that something still needs to be adjusted on their new dentures while they are travelling home, or if they notice a problem after a few years.

Depending on the type of treatment, foreign dental clinics generally offer a guarantee from 1 year to a lifetime.

If you have any problems within the warranty period, you must contact the clinic and they will decide whether it is sufficient to carry out the correction at a local clinic, or whether it is necessary for you to travel abroad to see them again. In this case, too, they usually offer help in organizing your trip.

In case you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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