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Every year, hundreds of thousands of people leave Canada to visit Europe, and some of them decide to combine their vacation with getting a well-deserved dental treatment. Whether it’s teeth implants, crowns, or veneers, Budapest has been a popular destination for many Canadians for dental vacation. Let’s see the reasons why Hungary is a preferred Canada dental tourism destination.

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism means when people leave their home country to get their dental work abroad.

Dental tourism is currently a very popular phenomenon that is growing more and more every day due to the excellent quality of the treatments offered abroad, including Europe Hungary.

Likewise, the prices of the treatments are quite affordable, and many countries have the latest technologies that provide the best services.

Often many tourists from Canada decide to combine ‘dental business’ with pleasure and choose dental practices in countries that are a tourist destination and offer many things to see and do.

However, clearly at the basis of medical tourism there is the idea of saving and accessing fairly affordable prices and an excellent quality of service.

The fact that many treatments cost less does not mean that they are less effective. It is no coincidence that thousands of people decide to experience dental tourism first-hand every year and choose a Budapest dentist as their destination to have dental work done.

It’s important to note that dental tourism brings benefits not only to patients but also to the economy of the chosen country so they do everything they can to offer the best service possible.

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Why patients from Canada come to Hungary for dental care?

For many Canadians travelling abroad is not (only) a vacation but a medical necessity. Patients in Canada often face financial barriers or have no dental coverage and other barriers to access when it comes to expensive teeth work.

There are many factors which resulted in pushing patients getting treatment abroad to get their teeth done:

  • the country has long waiting lists
  • some extensive dental services are not available in the country
  • cost of teeth work is simlpy too high
  • some procedures are not covered by healthcare plans on dental insurance

Patients from Canada are happy to get their dental treatments in Hungary, since the costs are a fraction of what they would pay at home. They are drawn to Budapest not only because of the beauty of the city, but also because of the excellence of dental clinics.

Budapest dentist with patient from Canada

Hungary – the best Canada low-cost dentistry location

Hungary began to become a popular dental destination for foreign patients in the 1980s. This was primarily due to the lower costs and the fast turnaround time of the clinics. As a result, dentists and labs quickly equipped themselves for dental tourism.

Budapest got on the dental map of Europe with the appearance of low-cost airlines, and by the early 2000s, it had clearly become the most important overseas dental treatment location in Europe.

Shortly after, dental patients from the United States and Canada also discovered Hungary as a destination for dental tourism.

There are many dental clinics specializing in the care of foreign patients. Some dentists help patients travel abroad for dental with travel arrangements, accommodation reservations, airport transfers, and interpreters.

The most attractive for foreign patients are, of course, the Hungarian affordable dental prices, or more precisely, price-value ratios. After all, you can get the same high-quality care or often even higher quality here for 60-70 percent of the prices abroad. So the cost of dental is as low in Hungary as the cost of living. This makes Hungary attarctive for canadian patients as well.

Based on the experience of the past years we can say that foreigners mostly need more serious and complex treatment when they come to our dentistry in Budapest.

This can mean extensive cosmetic dentistry intervention, aesthetic crowns, dental veneers or implant posts.

For example, the so-called All-on-4 teeth replacements, when four dental screws are inserted in the jawbone, has been very popular in recent years among dental patients coming from countries like Canada, the United Kingdom or the United States.

High quality treatment

Hungary is famous for its state-of-the-art technology, advanced techniques, and latest equipment. Also, dental tourism would not have been able to develop in this way and develop to such an extent in recent decades if dental education in Hungary was not of exceptionally high standard.

High standards are kept up in dental offices as well. Surgeries in Hungary work with quality materials from western manufacturers and clinics have ISO 9001 certifications. Clinic staff speak fluent English, so there will be no communication problems.

Happy Canadian patient at Budapest Top Dental - Canada Dental Tourism Destination

Happy Canadian patient at Budapest Top Dental – Canada Dental Tourism Destination

Why choose Budapest for your next dental treatment?

The number of dental tourists visiting Hungary for dental treatment exceeds 72,000-75,000 today. The reasons are the same: to have the best possible dental care  – in the shortest possible time – guaranteed and for acceptable prices abroad.

If you are from Canada and would like to smile confidently again, call Budapest Top Dental and book an appointment at our clinic.

With our prices, you can save up to 70% or more on dental costs compared to canadian dental centers. So it is definitely worth the trip and combine an european vacation with cost effective dental work.

The economic situation we face today requires forethought and planning costs even more! Many times, people keep avoiding getting their teeth done to save, however, eventually they end up getting through a more extensive dental treatment.

This doesn’t have to be like this. Our smile, healthy, and perfect teeth give us a different life, a better-quality life. This is the opportunity offered by the dentists and colleagues of Budapest Top Dental.

The most popular dental treatments Canadians have in Budapest

Patients from Canada usually come to Hungary to get:

Dental screws are necessary when you have one or more missing teeth, but you don’t want to (or can’t) have dentures, crowns or bridges. They act as your natural teeth, they are durable, and support your overall health.

A dental cap is placed over a tooth to protect it if it’s weak, to restore a broken tooth, to cover dental implants, to support and cover a tooth with a large filling when there’s not enough tooth left, and to hold a dental bridge in place.

Dental veneers are great if your teeth are cracked, chipped, or broken and you need cosmetic dental procedures. If your teeth are too stained or discoloured, veneers will also help. Some people also choose veneers when they want to cover gaps between their teeth.

If you also want to come to Hungary for quality oral health care and receive treatment at an affordable price, contact us here to get all the necessary information.


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