Image of a traditional and All-on-4 denture

As time passes, the person ages, the teeth become worn just like every part of the body. There are teeth that can be treated and saved, but there are also teeth that cannot be saved and are extracted. Unfortunately, there are cases where the entire jaw will become toothless due to disease or other reasons. In such cases, either traditional removable dentures or implant retained dentures known as All-on-4, may be the solution.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each solution? All-on-4 or dentures?

Preparation time and comfort

The preparation time for a toothless mouth of an All-on-4 procedure in Budapest is 8-10 days in total. It takes two visist with a 4 month gap between them. During the first 2-day visit, the screws will be implanted, and after the healing period, during the second 6-8-day visit the implant supported denture is made. The denture attached to the implants, known as All-on-4, is much more comfortable and of much better quality. It stays in the mouth for the night, provides a chewing experience very similar to real teeth, does not interfere with speech, and the sense of taste is perfect. People wearing this solution can speak, smile and eat confidently as this solution is stable and fits perfectly into the jaw. No fixing glue is required and no slipping is ever experienced.

The removable denture in Budapest will be prepared in 7-8 days. Getting used to it can take longer, even weeks or months. Initially, it is uncomfortable because the mouth is „full of” the denture, the tongue does not fit, and cold and warm sensations change and speech is more difficult. You should practice speaking and chewing to avoid discomfort. The denture may slip in the mouth and should be fixed with adhesive every single morning. If it is for for upper dentures, there is also a cover for the roof of the mouth.

Images of before-after All-on-6 treatment
Images of before-after All-on-4 treatment

Health aspects

As the jawbone under the removable denture recedes over time, the facial profile changes and the face grows older as it really is. The denture does not fit perfectly into the gum. As time goes by the more the jaw bone recedes, the more the denture slides in the mouth and breaks the gum. After a while rebasing does not help fix this problem.

With the All-on-4 solution, the jaw bone does not recede, so the face does not age and even rejuvenates as cheeks and lips are supported.


All-on complete bridge vs traditional removable denture
All-on complete bridge vs traditional removable denture
On the left you see the traditional denture or temporary denture you need to wear after extractions until the final All-on solution is fitted.
This one is not implant retained.
On the right you see the All-on “denture” which is practically an implant retained complete bridge. On the top of it you see the abutments that attach the teeth to the implant screws.  This one on the image has 10 abutments, so this bridge will be reatined by 10 implant screws. The number of abutments matches the number of the implant screws you have in the jaw to support the All-on solution.
There is pink artificial gums above the teeth. The size of it depends on how much is needed of the gums for the aesthetic look. It can be either more or less as well.
The teeth are porcelain fused to metal ones, which means there is a metal frame and the teeth are covered by porcelain.The pink artificial gums are also made of porcelain.
But of course the complete bridge can be made of full zirconium.
The All-on-4 solution is perfect for full mouth dental restoration.

Life Span

The removable denture has a lifetime of 4-6 years, after which it will wear out, discolor and become unusable even after corrections.

An All-on-4 solution has two main parts, the denture and the implants to which the denture is attached. Implants have a lifetime of 50+ years, so there are no costs other than a single implant. While All-on-4 implant retained dentures are usually replaced every 10 to 15 years. This time is the same as the replacement time for crowns on individual implants.


Traditional denture is a cost-effective option and an All-on-4 in Hungary is more expensive, but it is a timeless solution that needs to be done once. You can read more about it here.


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