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If you are considering getting treatment in Budapest, but you do not know how to start and do your own research, please, fill in the form so that we could keep you informed. With our information package we assist you in informed decision making.

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If you ask for the info package of Budapest Top Dental, you can read in detail about the following issues:

  1. Why foreign patients can save up to 70% on dental care in Budapest.
  2. How can you minimize costs of travel, accommodation and getting around in Budapest if you fly to Hungary for a dental holiday.
  3. How long does a dental tourism patient have to be away from home in the case of treatment in Budapest?
  4. The main reasons and benefits of getting dental care in Budapest.
  5. The strongest fears of dental tourism patients who come to Hungary for treatment and how to overcome these concerns.
  6. You can receive information about our latest special offers.

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