Are you seriously considering getting dental treatment in Hungary?

Are you tired of reading and watching foreign people’s experience? Would it be good to have some first-hand experinece?

If you are right before decision making we will put you in touch with some of our former patients if you like.

This is your chance to ask as many questions as possible of someone who already went through the treatmenat you only still plan. So you can feel safe and confident in your decision.

Mohamed went through a thorough treatment. Some of his teeth were extracted and then to repalce lost jaw bone sinus lift was carried out. The next step was the placement of implants and finally he received crowns on implants.
Elena received a full set of zirconium crowns for her top and bottom teeth. Zirconium crowns for smile makeover are the best as they are made with CAD/CAM technology and they perfectly match the colour of your real teeth.


The Danards are dental tourism patients who visited many times the Budapest Top Dental clinc in Hungary to complete their treatment. They are leaving the clinic smiling as the aesthetic result of their treatments is very beautiful. They received a full ceramic bridge on dental implants as an all on 4 solution.
Mr. Mingault was determined to restore his smile inspite of his age. During his visits to Budapest, Hungary he received 11 dental implants and a 12 unit porcelain fused to metal bridge to top and bottom jaw. He is very happy with his new smile and says it was well worth it.
Manuel has to visit Budapest for completing his dental treatment. During the first visit Dr. Bodnár did sinus lift and bone grafting in order to have enough bone to receive implants. After a half year of healing time he will be back for getting dental implants and after a 3 – 6 month period he will be back for crowns…
Alison and Nadine are friends and they came together to Budapest for treatment. They received single porcelaine fused to metal crowns to molars and zirconium bridges for front teeth to have a perfect smile.
Astrit came to Budapest for getting some dental implants. His treatment began with extractions and getting partial temporary dentures. Once the healing time is over he will receive dental implants and crowns to fully restore his chewing ability.
Roland received new zirconium crowns to his front and top teeth and porcelain fused to metal crowns to the molars. Now he can smile with confidence again as before. Just like other patients he really liked to be treated by Dr. Manolakis.
Jean travelled to Budapest from Canad for his new smile. He needed zirconium crowns for the upper and lower teeth. He is very satisfied with the work of Dr. Gotai.
Jason chose Budapest Top Dental dental services after a long investigation as he was assured he recevies the best services here. He needed to come to Budapest twice, as some of his molars were repalced by implants and in the second visit he received zirconium crowns on all of his teeth. He received zirconium crowns made of the best german materials giving a perfect look to his teeth. Hollywood movie stars can not have better smile than this.
Erica spent a week in Budapest to get zirconium crowns fitted to her top jaw and a dental implant to replace a lost tooth. It was her first visit to Hungary and after the proper healing time she will be back to get a crown to her implant. As you can see as per the pic she is extremely satisfied with the result of dental work.
It was Nicole’s second vist to Budapest Top Dental for dental tretament. In her first visit she received 4 implants to her bottom jaw, and now in the course of the second visit she had an all on 4 solution to the implants and 6 porcelain fused to metal crowns on the top jaw to improve her chewing ability.
Rob only needed cosmetic dental treatment so crowns were fitted to his upper and lower jaw. To get crowns it is enough to fly to Budapest once for a 3-7 day visit depending on the number of crowns you need. Other cosmetic dental treatment like veneers, aesthetic white fillings, or teeth whitening take one visit to Budapest.
Ismahel arrived to Budapest for a 5 day treatment to her upper front teeth. She was not satisfied with her smile and after the free consultation and medical examination the dentist proposed her 7 zirconium crowns. She is very satisfied with the work of her dentist and the result.
It took ten workdays for Dr Orbán to carry out a smile makover for Mario with porcelain fused to metal crowns. After the preparation of teeth the patient received temporary crowns in order to protect teeth until the final corwns were fitted.
George had a 3 visit dental treatment in Budapest. During the first visit a couple of his teeth were extracted. After the proper healing time he returned to Budapest for the placement of dental implants and int he last visit he received his porcelain fused to metal crown. It was a long process with short visits in Budapest but looking at his new smile it was well worth it.
Nadine needed to come two times to Budapest Top Dental for treatment. In the first visit teeth that could not be saved were extracted and replaced by a partial temporary denture. When a patient receives a temporary denture or teeth after extarctions it is to help her/him speak, eat and drink as normal in the healing period. After the healing time was over she received her new zirconium crowns in the second visit. Zirconium crowns for perfect and natural look are prepared by the latest CAD-CAM technology. Now, she smiles confidentally again.
Harry is more than satisfied with the result of his treatment. His upper and lower arch was treated at Budapest Top Dental clinic. During treatments he received porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges. With his new teeth he is ready to smile again.



“I’m really happy with everything and will highly recommend to anyone. Organization, clinic, the dentist, treatment and price are all excellent. Thank you very much.”

Jason W.


The clinic’s answer: Jason needed two visits to Budapest for dental treatment as he had a smile makeover. During his first visit he received an implant to the molar region and 27 seven teeth were prepared for crowns. After the healing time was over he received 12 zirconium CAD/CAM crowns for the front teeth and 15 crowns for molar teeth and one more crown for the implant. He was so happy with treatment that next time when he came for free annual check-up one of his relatives came with him and was also treated. We are glad, that Jason was happy with treatment and recommended our clinic. He wanted the new smile so much that he flew to Budapest in a couple of days after receiving the quote. There are 7 dental chairs operating 12 hours at the clinic so there are short waiting lists of patients. If there is any it is not longer than 10-14 days but we do our best to book your appointments for the period that suits you the most.

“Would just like to say thanks to everyone I saw in Budapest. The service provided was very good and better than I expected.”

James O.


The clinic’s answer: James had a simpler treatment in Budapest. In the course of the first visit an implant was placed in the jaw and 4 months later the crown was fitted. Both visits only needed two nights in Budapest. Placement of implants, usullay also takes 3 days in Budapest. If a patient only needs 1-2 crowns it is enough to stay 3 days in Budapest.

“I would definitely recommend Budapest Top Dental for all of your dental needs. They are very professional, high quality services at affordable prices, and have a great team of friendly dentists and staff. Overall, it was a great experience. I’ve already recommended my friends and family to visit them.”

Mike M.


The clinic’s answer: Mike needed only a one visit treatment as he only needed crowns. He received zirconium CAD/CAM crowns and porcelain fused to metal crowns. As he sometimes grind his teeth while sleeping he was also given a night guard to save his new teeth and make his new crowns last long. His insuarance company needed a medical document about treatment to provide refund to Mike. It was certainly provided along with the invoice of treatment. Our clinic is happy to prepare all documents our patients need in their home countries for refund or tax relief.

“The staff was friendly and helpful, we are very happy with the organization and services provided. My Mom is especially grateful to Dr Adam Bodnár, he is an excellent doctor, really professional and calm, which helped the process to go much easier on my Mom throughout her treatment. Overall very pleased with our choice of your clinic, and we are recommending Budapest Top Dental to all our friends. :)”

– Roxana I.


The clinic’s answer: Roxana brought her mom first to a free and no-obligation consultation in Budapest. During this visit they received free airport-hotel transfers and their hotel was booked at a partner hotel at discounted rates. Her mom was so happy with everything that they made a go ahead decision and treatment started soon. As no teeth repalcement was needed her treatment could be carried out in 8 workdays in Budapest. Hotel-airport transfers and hotel bookings are free services for our valued patients, no matter if they come for treatment, annual check-up or just a free no-obligation consultation.

“Dr Poncz is an excellent dentist (possibly the best I ever have had) with remarkable attention to my comfort at all times. All dental procedures were completed with no infections and the highest standards of dental hygiene were noted – sterile instruments in packs etc. Facilities at the clinic is excellent with very modern equipment and English speaking staff. In general all travel was very easy and the arrangements made on my behalf were excellent. As Budapest is a lovely city well worth exploring in its own right, it is easy to make the dental trips into an enjoyable holiday. The price is approx 35% of UK prices. The dental plan was agreed on my first visit and, professionally executed with no surprise extra charges.”

Paul B.


The clinic’s answer: Before Paul made a final decision about treatment in Budapest there was a lenghty harmonization process with him. He visited his local dentist in Englad and received a quote there and he knew what treatment he needed, so he asked for the same quote of our clinic so that he could compare prices. He wanted to know all details of treatments, quality of materials and so on, which is totally understandable before making such a decision. Since his questions were completely answered and that put his mind at peace he decided to come to Hungary for treatment. We called Paul’s attention to the fact that the quote is just a rough estimation as no panoramic x-ray was provided to establish a treatment plan. He visited Budapest twice as he needed implants. In the first visit his implants were installed and after the healing time was over he returned for crowns. We are happy that Paul could save up to 70% on treatment with the Budapest Top Dental.

“The patient is not only a set of teeth. The clinic is perfect if your dentist is perfect. The first part of my treatment is finished. The second part is coming soon.”

D. V.


The clinic’s answer: D. V. received a couple of treatment plans as per the panoramic x-ray he sent us in email. As treatment plans were complex and quite different he wanted a phone call with his dentist to discuss everything in detail and choose a tretament that best fits him. He was very satisfied, as after treatment was completed he could whistle, chew and taste flavours, again. Our clinic provides free phone call opportunity for patients with dentists to discuss questions about proposed treatments. If our would be patients send us a panoramic x-ray in email then we make them a quote in one workday. The quote includes all treatments needed, number and length of visist, materials used, warranty conditions and payment terms.

“In comparison with dental care in Belgium everything is as good in Hungary as it is there. The staff is competent, scehdule and treatment is precise and everything met my high expectations.”



The clinic’s answer: M.S. had a three visit dental treatment in Budapest. In the first visit some of his teeth were extracted and replaced by a partial denture so that he can chew until crowns can be fitted to implants. In those cases when decayed teeth must be extracted before implantation it sometimes needs healing time until jaw bone recovers. In the second visit not only placement of implants, but bone grafting was also needed so the healing time was 6 months. In 6 months’ time the jaw bone can grow around implants and it provides stability so that you chew with your implants like real teeth. In the last visit he received porcelain fused to metal corwns to implants. M.S. was so happy with the result of dental treatment that he invited his dentist for a dinner in a 5 star restaurant.

“Very professional and friendly service”

Robert C.


The clinic’s answer: Robert only had a minor treatment such as teeth whitening but we are happy to carry out these kind of treatments to our valued patients not only complex ones like placement of dental impalnts or crowns. We are happy that Robert found everything ok. during treatment.

“Thank you so much for your help I’m really happy with everything the dentist was great I will highly recommend your company and the dentist.”

Jason W.


The clinic’s answer: Thanks Jason for your kind words and recommendation of our clinic.

“I was two times in Budapest for treatment. I was always afraid of the dentists especially if I am abroad. I was supported by Mrs. Novak before, during and after my treatment. Welcome was great, I got a lot of valuable advice. All dentists are very attentive. There was no pain at all which I was afraid of during the operation. I had the pleasure during my two visits to Budapest to combine dental care and tourism. The most important thing is that the price I had to pay made it possuible for me a very significant saving compared to swiss dental rates. A BIG BRAVO TO BUDAPEST TOP DENTAL, a clinic that I highly recommend ”

N. Ch.


The clinic’s answer: N. missed some teeth that needed to be replaced. In spite of his young age he prefered partial dentures to implants. So after extractions in the first visit he received temporary dentures for restoring chewing ability. After the healing time was over he returned to Budapest to complete treatment.

“Treatment was a perfect solution to my dental problem as it was fast, effective and painless (I could even sleep and snore during treatment). Dr. Gyorgyey made a perfect smile makeover for me in 2 ½ months (only 25 days spent in Budapest). I am able to taste again when eating. I am able to eat everything without worrying and I do not have to remove my denture over the night. I have no problem with speaking at all and it is incredible but I am able to whistle again. Thanks to Dr. Gyorgyey, Janos and Ferenc for their help.”

Didier V.


The clinic’s answer: Didier was so happy with his two phase treatment in Budapest that he recommended our clinic to his friends who also came for treatment. Thanks Didier!

“Perfect service and perfect care. The value for money is excellent.”

S. B.


“Very professional. Welcome and care is very good. The clinic is a state-of-the-art one and the staff is really competent.”



“Great welcome and kindness and politeness throughout the stay from the entire staff.”



“Excellent dental care and competent staff.”

Dr. Michel S.


“Excellent value for money + Budapest is a lovely city”

Sifan M.


The clinic’s answer: Sifan came with her husband to Budapest for treatment. They sent us panoramic x-rays so quotations were simply to make. They needed crowns so in the five days they spent in Budapest they could make some time to explore the capital of dental tourism.

« Upcoming testimonial.»

Upcoming patient.


“I have no regrets. Staff is very nice and professional. I received high quality care in a very clean and state-of-the art clinic. Everything was in top quality! I will return for further treatment.”

Catherine O.


The clinic’s answer: Catherine needed crowns to top and bottom jaw, so it was a 5 day treatment in Budapest. She was so happy with treatment, that after returning to France, she got a bunch of wonderful flowers sent to her dentist! Sometimes customer service agents of the clinic also get little presents of patients as they are very grateful for support services of the whole staff.

“Simple – Quick – Effective – Professional”

D. Curzon


“To date medical treatment has been excellent”

Paul B.


“Very polite staff. I would definitely come back”

Leendert V. N.


“We would not hesitate to repeat the experience and would also recommend to others, the combination of results and cost cannot be matched anywhere in the UK.”

M. E.


The clinic’s answer: M.E. came to Budapest for treatment with his wife. He got a prelimanary quote as per pics sent in email. He understood that it is just a rough estimation beacuse a panormaic x-ray would be needed for a quote, but he was happy with unit prices. His treatment could be carried out in one 5 day visit as he needed porcelain fused to metal crowns and root canal treatmnets. After treatment he is happy to smile broadly again.

“The Budapest Top Dental provided me with a fast and clear service: I am happy with the treatment received and surely I come back again. I was also impressed by the cleanliness of the clinic, staff was gentle and available. On top of all, they sent me a taxi to pick me up and return to the airport which made me very glad.”

Rob Leo


The clinic’s answer: A friend who was a satisfied patient referred our clinic to Rob. He sent us a panoramic x-ray and explained what treatment he really wants. As a dental problem can be solved in different ways it always helps if a patient knows what treatment he would prefer as the quote can be made accordingly. Our dentists are happy to make more treatment plans to patients and revise them in order to accommodate to patients’ requests and budget. Rob needed porcelain fused to metal crowns and fillings so his treatment could be carried out in 5 workdays. Thanks for your kind words Rob.

“I had a very positive experience at your Clinic in Budapest and that the way in which you undertook my dental treatment was indeed very professional. Thank you for that. I am already looking to plan the second phase of my treatment.”

Michael McGill


The clinic’s answer: Michael needs three visits to Budapest for dental treatment because he wants an all on 6 solution for his upper jaw. Before the first visit was finalized we asked him to fill in the medical questionnaire. It turned out that he takes a special medication that should be stopped a couple of days prior to treatment. This is why we ask all our would-be patients to fill in this form so that our dentists be aware of the health conditions of people they treat and can take care of them the best way. Michael did not prefer payment by bankcard or cash at the clinic so he transferred the cost of treatment before treatment began. Our patients can pay in cash, bankcard or bank transfer. Details of each type of payment are available in the quote.

You can read some more testimonials from English and Irish patients on the home page.



Why choose Budapest Top Dental

We know that it is not an easy decesion to get dental treatment in Budapest. So we chose our partner clinic with great care. The peace of your mind is as important to us as the peace of our mind.

Our dental in Budapest (Hungary) provides the very best service, consultation and aftercare through our London, Manchester and Dublin facilities, however major treatments are carried out in our ‘state of the art’ clinic in Budapest, Hungary, using the latest high tech equipment.

Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary, but it is also no. 1. destination of dental tourism.

Finding a dentist you’re comfortable with is one of the most important health care decisions you’ll ever make. According to the American Dental Association, there is a connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. So choosing the right dentist is an intensely personal decision. That’s why from the moment you walk into Budapest Top Dental clinic in Budapest, you’ll know you’re in a unique dentistry. Budapet Top Dental is:

  1. A warm and welcoming environment in which your comfort, quality dental care and convenience come first.
  2. A highly professional dental surgery in which you receive superlative dental care from our expert, caring and gentle english speaking staff.
  3. An environmentally conscious office in which your oral health will be enhanced by our state-of-the-art dental technology.
  4. An office that provides solutions to all of your dental needs: general, cosmetic, dental implants, bridges, crowns and veeners.

Citadella - Budapest view

At Budapest Top Dental you are guaranteed:

  1. The least hassle – we can take care of everything, includingflights, chauffeurs and hotels.
  2. The highest standard of aftercare and ongoing support.
  3. While you are staying in Budapest, you will be provided with a mobile phone set that you can use it in order to reach us, should you have any problems at any time.
  4. The level of aftercare support is unsurpassed and beyond that of any other dental practice that we know of in Hungary or the UK, as we have own clinics in Dublin, London and Budapest.
  5. The most experienced dentistry practice in Hungary has been providing dental treatments for foreign patients for more than 9 years.
  6. If it is about guarantee, we will not only meet the expenses of treatment but also those of flights and accommodation too.
  7. When you enter our clinic, you will feel as if you were in a hotel….and so you will be treated.
  8. During your treatment, as each tooth is worked on photos are taken at the key stages. This is to record every step of the process. All of these images are available for you to take back, so your regular dentist will know exactly what was done, why and how.
  9. The success rate of complex treatments is as high as 99.50%. which is much higher than industry average. It means that guarantee treatment is needed in 1 case out of 200. (Industry average is 97%.)
  10. More than 500 highly satisfied foreign patients annually, coming to receive complex treatment.
  11. High-quality dental care and highly qualified dentists in Budapest.
  12. If you are right before decision making we will willingly put you in touch with some of our former patients so you can receive some first-hand experience.
  13. Affordable pricing, excellence
  14. Out of 10 new patients 6 arrive as a result of referrals… which reflects on the fact that our patients are extremely satisfied with our dental services


Why get your dental treatment in Hungary

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When it comes to any treatment more complex than an extraction or a simple filling, usually you would be given a heart stopping quote of several thousand euro by your dentist in Ireland or UK or in any other western european country. While the same treatment would cost up to 70% less in Hungary, the quality and efficiency of the service is the same if not of a higher standard than the one provided at your home country.

Hungary is known and respected the in the world as being one of the most advanced countries in dentistry and medicine in general.

Hungarian dentists are known for their professional skill, state of the art clinics and Hungarian dentistry. More than half of Austrians who need dental work have it done in Hungary. Citizens of Germany, Switzerland, Britain, France and Ireland visit by the hundreds every day.

Another fact worth noting is that Hungarian dentists have to accrue a number of points annually by attending seminars and lectures in order to retain their licence.

Now, you can have the same quality and reasonable price on dental procedures, while visiting a country with a 1,000-year history, fascinating culture and warmly welcoming people.