Dental travel to Budapest

Double savings in Budapest on dental care

If you are treated in Budapest you save on dental care up to 70%, because dental rates are much lower here than in other western countries.

Plus, after treatment in Budapest you receive reimbursement or tax relief in your country, because Hungary is part of the European Union. It applies to French and Irish patients. In other counties private health insurance companies may provide refund to you after dental treatment in Budapest. Our clinic prepares all documents that you need for any kind of reimbursements.

Decision making about dental treatment in Budapest

If you made a decision about your dental treatment in Budapest, we try to help you with some pieces of useful information. If you visit our beloved capital for dental treatment you will not only have a brand new smile but you will also have beautiful memories of your dental travel as most patients combine treatment and holiday in Hungary. If you want to know how much you can save in Budapest on dental costs you can request quotes from our Budapest clinic. If you have a recent panoramic x-ray or a 3D scan, it should be forwarded in email. But if these are not available some good quality pics or a treatment plan – with no prices – from your local dentist will also do for a rough estimation. Also, please do not forget to inform us about any special diseases like diabetes, hepatitis and allergy or whatever  that must be taken into consideration regarding your dental treatment. As each dental problem can be solved in several ways, please, let us know what dental treatment you are after.  For example missing teeth can be treated with dental implants or bridges. Based on your information provided you will have one or more treatment plans that make a good basis to make an informed decision about treatment in Budapest.

Preparation for dental travel to Budapest

If you are happy with our quote, the next step is to prepare for your travel. We tried to collect you the most important arrangements that should be done as early as possible before your travel.

As we have some partner hotels near the clinic we can book your accommodation there a bit below retail rates. But if you are not happy with any of these hotels, then you can book your hotel. Free transport services are provided in between hotel and airport upon arrival and departure independent of the arrival and departure hour of your plane and the fact if you are staying at a partner hotel or not.

  • Thanks to low cost airlines Budapest is accessible from any part of Europe in a couple of hours. But there are some patients who still come to Budapest by bus or car to save more on total dental costs.
  • There are lots of ways to book cheap accommodation like airbnb or apartment houses nearby the clinic. If you choose your accommodation, please make sure, that wifi is available so that our staff be in touch with you while in Budapest.
  • Also for the same reason, please, make sure, that your mobile phone is capable of receiving calls during your Budapest treatment. It is needed so that we could reach you any time regarding your treatment and appointments.
  • Before you leave for Budapest it is advised to check on map how to make it to the clinic from your accommodation and at what phone number you can contact our clinic.
  • Please, make sure you have sufficient cash with you or enough funds on your credit card to pay for treatment.
  • If you have recent medical reports or blood tests or take medications regularly, please, do not forget to bring them with you.
  • And the most important ones are boarding pass for the airplane and ID card or passport if you do not come from the EU.